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The Casual Smart’s WWE Awards (Dec.30)


After a rollercoaster year, we’ve finally come to the end. While the WWE has had its fair share of lows, I’d like to remember this year for its highs.

PPV/Network Special of the Year : Wrestlemania 31

Like myself, many fans weren’t looking forward to Wrestlemania 31, as the build wasn’t quite strong. After the event, the fans of the WWE had a lot to look forward to moving on. Apart from Triple H and Sting, every star that was showcased came out looking good.

Runner Up : HIAC

Newcomer of the Year: Kevin Owens

There’s been many call ups to the main roster this year, but nobody was as good as Kevin Owens. Upon his arrival he’s showed the WWE he could hang with the best and steal the show on a nightly basis. Expect him to enter the WWE World Heavyweight Title picture in 2016.

Runner Up: Neville

Tag Team of the Year: The New Day

Do I even have to explain why I chose the New Day? The tag team champs came from being despised by fans to being beloved. Every night they appear on television, they have new promo material, and find a way to get the crowd laughing. Along with this, they’ve been superb in the ring.

Runner Up: Tyson Kid & Cesaro

Diva of the Year: Nikki Bella

Hardcore fans had a tough time dealing with her as champion, but there’s no denying she did great with the booking she was given. Along with this, she performed well in every most title defenses. People may have looked down on her reign, but it’s been the most memorable within the past few years.

Runner Up: Paige

Superstar of the Year: Seth Rollins

They took a chance on him, and they reaped the rewards. Rollins has made a great heel champ, and he fit the role of coward perfectly. Not only was he on point with his character, he delivered in every single match he competed in. When considering my choices for match of the year, Rollins was in the majority of my contenders.

Runner Up: John Cena

Feud of the Year: John Cena vs Kevin Owens

I think this feud alone is a testament to how talented Owens is. Considering how this was Kevin’s first feud, he did an amazing job at making the crowd like/dislike him. The feud turned into a trilogy of matches, and never once did it become stale. Hopefully after sometime apart, these two can meet once again.

Runner Up:Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins

Match of the Year: Seth Rollins vs John Cena vs Brock Lesnar

Going into this match, an argument could have been made for each competitor leaving as champ. This type of unpredictability made the match extremely intense. If that wasn’t exciting enough, these three gave the crowd everything they had, in terms of in ring work. As it stands, this may arguably be the best triple threat match in the history of WWE.

Runner Up: Kevin Owens vs John Cena 1


2015 turned out to be quite the polarizing year for the WWE, but after reviewing the top moments I was satisfied with most of the year. I like to think of the past year as a transition period for the WWE, in order for them to prepare the new stars of the company.

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