Raw Rollup – “HE’S ROFLING!” Edition (Dec.29)


We’ve finally come to the last Raw of the year, and with two key appearances, the WWE is pushing for this episode to be huge. It may not have been the Raw of the year, but it didn’t exactly disappoint.

Opening Segment

I was hoping to see a more vengeful Vince, because I assumed he’d be a lot more angry when he saw Roman. When he brought up how Reigns knocked him out two weeks ago, he seemed quite relaxed about it. I was planning on vocalizing my frustration with this Brooklyn audience, but then I changed my mind. This segment went nowhere! That had all the right to start chanting whatever they wanted. The police involvement was dragged out far too long, and it didn’t add much to any kind of story. Also, this wasn’t Roman’s fault, his lines were fine, I’d say this promo failed because of Vince’s lack of substance.

Neville vs Kevin Owens

I absolutely loved the new camera angle on Neville’s entrance. Simple things like that can make a big difference for the viewer watching at home. Honestly, I was getting ready to type a long review on this match, and I didn’t predict Neville getting the win within seconds. This was a brilliant way of giving both men something positive heading into next week. Neville gets a win, and Owens gets to destroy somebody. It’s a win-win. Plus by giving Ambrose the chance to make the save, they furthered the feud.

Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks

Was it just me, or did this particular episode have more commercial breaks than normal?

Since TLC we’ve seen Sasha vs Becky three times, which is far too many. The two have amazing chemistry and they know how to steal the show, but overexposure can hurt them severely. Even if they did put on good match, which they did, what does it mean? There should have at least been a stipulation here. However, I did mark out for the finishing sequence.

Kofi Kingston vs Kalisto/ Big E vs Sin Cara

The New Day promo was excellent, and there’s no other words for it. I especially loved Kofi’s line about fighting children. It was smart for them to book these matches on last night’s show, as I feel singles matches are better for promoting tag team feuds.

While Kalisto and Kofi did a great job with their three minute match, I couldn’t get over how they transitioned into the second match. I’ll admit, Xavier Woods worked me, because I thought he would actually wrestle Sin Cara. The second match didn’t move as fast, but it still contained enough theatrics to keep my eyes glued to the screen. You wouldn’t expect an injury angle to occur in a mid card match, but Sin Cara utilized well, as it added more drama for the finish.

Miz TV – Year in Review

I didn’t know what to expect initially, but this promo gave me a few solid laughs. Everything was highly entertaining until the Big Show came out, because it ruined the vibe. They could have found a more appropriate way to book his return. However, Truth’s self knock out was hilarious.

Big Show vs Ryback

It’s nothing against Show as a performer, but I was slightly soured with the way they brought him back, so I didn’t care to see him wrestle right after.

The League of Nations vs The Usos & Dean Ambrose

How has Sheamus not requested a championship rematch yet? I find it odd that his character has gone this long without bringing it up. Believe it or not, I was looking forward to this match when they announced it earlier in the show. Unfortunately, it was utterly boring and I completely agreed with the crowd’s reaction. The best thing to come from this match was Owens attacking Ambrose directly after and putting him through the announce table. That spot had me marking out.

Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena

Did the WWE purposely book Del Rio as a bad champ so that fans could get behind Cena upon his return? I for one was excited for Cena’s return, and he did not disappoint. The promo from the doctor of thuganomics was truly passionate, as it got me riled up for the match.

I found the early part of the match to move slow, but the pace picked up after the commercial break. The only thing that was stopping me from being fully invested in this match was the possibility of interference. For this reason, my eyes were always at the corner of the screen. I couldn’t be the only one that burst into laughter after Cena knocked over the ref, since it was such an oversell. In the past I’ve complained about Roman taking out the entire league of nations at once, but after the way they’ve been booked lately, I was completely fine with Cena doing it. Once all of the shenanigans took place, I became fairly certain the title wouldn’t switch hands, but that was okay. The planned finish for the show was great, as it was an awesome way to setup next week’s main event.


As the last Raw of the year, I was content with the episode we were given last night. I was happy with the story growth, but put off by the amount of filler. One thing we must keep in mind is that most Raws from now until the Rumble will only feature two to three prominent feuds, with more filler. The low point of the show was Big Show vs Ryback, while the high point was the New Day’s matches and the main event. Overall, I give this show a 6.9/10.






3 thoughts on “Raw Rollup – “HE’S ROFLING!” Edition (Dec.29)

  1. I guess I was affected more by the botches and mediocre matches for the most part. The Vince angle I didn’t like at all, but it was something new. This was all about of opening doors for the next year, on that they succeeded.

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    1. I thought Sin Cara was using the injury as an angle, turns out he was actually hurt. That sucks to know, considering how well the Lucha Dragons have been. I think this show was hurt by the house show in Allentown.

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