Raw Rollup – Slammys Edition (Dec.22)


For the most part, I enjoyed this entire show, it really went well with my rum and eggnog. The matches weren’t anything special, but the Slammy awards are always a blast to watch.

Opening Segment

Stephanie’s dislike of Roman was displayed perfectly, because it set her up for the right facial expression the second his music hit. It wasn’t just Philly that caught the Reigns bug, as Minnesota was clearly in favor of him. Along with this, his promo was well done; it didn’t feel as scripted as usual. I was a fan of this promo up until Roman turned his back and Stephanie changed her mind about him leaving, because the idea behind it didn’t translate well on screen. She could have easily told Roman about the different matches with him still in the ring.

Bray Wyatt vs Kane/Wyatt Family vs Team ECW & Kane

This match up came to me as a surprise, but it was pleasant. I’m also glad that the commentators mentioned the history between both parties involved. Honestly, I expected at least a 5-10 minute match before any interference occurred.

I would have preferred a brawl to break out and have the match end there, instead of them giving us the 10th consecutive variation of Wyatts vs Dudleys. The moment they came back from commercial, I had lost all interest. However, it did seem like a good way to keep the crowd excited.

Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler

Having the break between this match and the last felt great. Normally I hate big breaks, but with this show we were given some entertaining segments for the Slammys. This match starting the second hour was a brilliant idea, because it was a guaranteed way to keep fans tuned in .Similar to the one last Thursday, this contest was given some context early in the show. I loved the match on Smackdown, and I was okay with seeing the rematch on this show. The main difference between this match and the last was that this one moved slower until the latter half.

Superstar of the Year

There was nobody more deserving of this award than Seth Rollins.

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger

I was not enthused about seeing this match again. In a short amount of time, it’s become extremely stale, and boring. Along with this, the outcome was too predictable.

The Usos vs The New Day

I liked how the New Day kept their promo short, yet culturally relevant with the use of spoiling Star Wars. To be honest, I’m shocked most fans voted the Usos as the tag team of the year. I was convinced smarks and marks alike loved the New Day.

These two teams never fail to entertain me when facing against one another, so I was happy to say the least. While most of the contest was formulaic, it turned out to be the second best one at this point in the show. I didn’t expect the New Day to lose, and it was a great surprise. Considering that the Usos won a Slammy, I thought it was only fitting for them to win the match.

Diva of the Year

I’m happy to see that the WWE took advantage of the Miss Universe controversy.

Rusev vs Neville

These two men are actually a perfect blend simply based on their styles, and they showcased it as well. Also, the two competitors were given a decent amount of time to compete without any shenanigans, which only translated into a solid match. I’m not sure where the Neville-Miz story is going, but it’s great to see some consistency with it. I’m glad Rusev picked up the clean win, and I actually believe he needed it more than Neville.

Becky Lynch vs Brie Bella

This was the third rematch in the show, and just like the other two, it was rather pointless. Why not give Becky a match with Fox instead?

Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose

When was the last time the IC champ was the focal point of the main event on Raw? The WWE is clearly doing their best to make sure the holder of that title is someone with credibility. I loved how it began, and I thought the intensity was carried throughout the rest of the match. The spot of the contest was Ambrose’s elbow drop from the top of the cage, it was absolutely graceful. After that, this match became complete chaos, and I loved every bit of it. Roman’s interference was taken well by the live crowd and my living room. Having the babyfaces stand tall was the right way to end a show like this, and it left me happy.


After watching this show, I realized everything was meant to be light hearted. There wasn’t meant to be any serious story line progression, but it was meant to be fun. The WWE was smart to promote Smackdown with the few story lines they have going on, and they left me excited for the live edition. The low point of the show was the divas match, while the high point was the main event. Overall, I give this show a 7.5/10.

3 thoughts on “Raw Rollup – Slammys Edition (Dec.22)

  1. You were too soft. I didn’t even attempted to rate this show. Matches we’ve seen too often in the last 2 weeks. The slammys took too much time. Next year they should just move the ceremony to a Network exclusive after RAW or something.

    5/10 at best on my mind. Not disrespecting your analysis, just mine.

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