TLC Predictions (Dec.13)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

Regardless of how bad the product has been, I’m still pumped for TLC, because I know the superstars will show up to work. With the disappointment that was Survivor Series, I’m predicting this PPV to be overall better.

Triple Threat Tag Team Ladder Match (Tag Team Championship)

This is my pick for match of the night. Big E is the one that can provide power spots, while the rest can provide high flying/high risk spots. The teams have also meshed quite well in the past. With that being said, I predict the New Day to retain, because they’ll have an extra man advantage. If the WWE is smart, this would be the perfect opening match.

Team ECW vs The Wyatt Family

Similar to the tag title match, expect this one to be full of chaos. Of course the Dudleys are familiar with elimination table matches, but Bray and Harper also know how to work these types of contests. There’s no way the Wyatt Family takes a second consecutive loss, so I predict them to win.

Rusev vs Ryback

Even when Rusev was involved with Dolph Ziggler in that horrible feud, I was still interested in his character, I can’t say that now. His feud with Ryback has felt meaningless. I predict Rusev to win by cheating.

Paige vs Charlotte (Divas Championship)

I’m interested in this feud more than ever, mainly because of the unexpected attitude change in Charlotte. If she continue’s this, I wouldn’t even mind seeing her win. I can see Becky Lynch getting involved, and I predict she’ll screw Charlotte out of winning this match. This way, they can be setup for a triple threat feud at the Rumble. This means Paige walks out as champ.

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger (US Championship)

Their encounters in the past have been entertaining, but at the same time, so were the feuds. This current feud feels extremely dull, and it’s one that I’m not excited for. I predict Del Rio to pin Swagger clean.

Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens (Intercontinental Championship)

This is another match of the night contender. Ambrose has a great history with working matches that involve chaos, and Owens has proven he knows his way around a ladder. They showcased their amazing chemistry at Survivor Series, and I’m predicting they’ll take it to the next level in this contest. However, I predict Owens to retain his title.

Roman Reigns vs Sheamus (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

After watching Raw, I was convinced that Sheamus would get the last laugh in this match. Then I realized that if Sheamus won, Roman can’t challenge him in a rematch, meaning there’s no championship feud for the Rumble. Based on this theory, I’m predicting Roman to overcome a ton of obstacles during the match, and talking the title off Sheamus. Also, the fans can only watch Reigns chase the title for so long until it becomes boring.

4 thoughts on “TLC Predictions (Dec.13)

  1. I think we only disagreed in the main event. You have a valid reason for it tough. I still believe is better for everyone to push this into the Rumble. They’ll figure out a way.


      1. I’m glad they did. Not perfect, but they did great! Got my faith back on them. Now with new writers this can be the beginning of something big. Roman vs. HHH at Wrestlemania?


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