Black and Blue – “Roman the Ruiner” Edition (Dec.4)


I haven’t been a fan of the current WWE product, but this episode of Smackdown showed me how the worst stories can booked to look good at times. Clearly, it takes time for new programs to settle in for fans, and it showed here.

Opening Segment

I discussed the lack of story line continuity on Smackdown for this week’s Wednesday Wrap Around, but my complaints were answered with this promo. I thought Roman did a phenomenal job at leading this promo, which is a surprise because long promos aren’t his strong suit. What made this a strong promo for Reigns was how he used it to push his story further, instead of recapping what’s already happened. I initially enjoyed the back and forth between Sheamus and Reigns, but it started to drag. The New Day could have made their entrance earlier, while the proposed match could have been announced when Sheamus made his way out. While it did go on for too long, I found this an effective way to kick off the show.

Tyler Breeze vs Neville

Even if this match didn’t go well, I loved how fresh it was. Considering that the two worked in NXT together, I was sure they’d put on a clinic. These two men were hungry to put on a great match, and they did. At no point did they slow down; the two had me marking out after most moves. Not only was the match fun, Ziggler was dynamite on commentary. I couldn’t have asked for a better opening match, and they set the bar quite high for the rest of the show.

Divas Backstage Segment/ Becky Lynch vs Brie Bella

Apart from the terrible insults and confusion of Brie’s character (babyface or heel?), I thought Charlotte was great. Her character had more charisma and confidence on the mic, hopefully she can continue this new found attitude.

Usually I can’t stand Brie, but I thought she worked well with Becky in this contest. While Bella’s offense is terrible, she showcased her ability to sell here. This match didn’t last very long, and I liked how the finish was booked. I’m glad they chose to progress their story on this show.

The New Day vs The Usos & Dean Ambrose

I’m still puzzled as to why Ambrose wasn’t involved with Owens on this episode of Smackdown. Maybe KO has taken some time off this week, but that’s just my speculation.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the New Day and the Usos look great together in the ring. The Usos explosive in ring style mixed with the new Day’s cowardly style makes for entertaining television. At first Dean felt like the odd one out, but he did a good job blending in with the rest. Along with this, he did a superb job at selling the beat down from the New Day. Jimmy Uso’s hot tag was executed perfectly, and it lead to a solid finish. It allowed for New Day to look strong, but maintain their heel persona. In my opinion, it was just as fun as the opening match.

Bray Wyatt vs D-Von Dudley

A week ago I wasn’t a fan of this feud, but ever since Monday’s segment, these superstars have my full attention. I personally liked how Bray finished Dudley quickly, as it showed how strong he’s become within the past few months. Without playing too dirty, the Wyatts came across very strong in the post match beat down. This was a great follow up to Raw.

The League of Nations vs Roman Reigns

I didn’t think this was the best idea for the main event, because at times it made the League look too weak. What made matters worse was how they still tried to cheat, even though Reigns was outnumbered. As most of you know, I’m a huge mark for Reigns, but the early part to this contest was ridiculous. This wasn’t terribly worked, but watching the League beat down on Reigns became boring. However, it was mildly fun watching Roman’s comeback (his spots are fun). I wasn’t a fan of the finish, as it made the newly formed heel stable look extremely weak. Even though it ended in a count out, I still took it as the single babyface taking out three heels (including the champ) badly enough that they couldn’t roll into the ring before the count. This wasn’t the worst match ever, but it wasn’t the greatest way to end a strong show.


I found this to be an extremely strong episode of Smackdown. Essentially, the WWE used the same stories as they did on Raw, but they finally found a way to make them click. This goes to show how much of a difference good booking makes. The low point of the show was the main event, while the high point was the six man tag and the opening match. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.


6 thoughts on “Black and Blue – “Roman the Ruiner” Edition (Dec.4)

  1. Owens was sick this week and was told to stay home. Or at least that’s what I’ve seen around.

    It was surprisingly a better show than expected. The fans seems to be buying Reigns story now. Might be now or never for him.

    Way better booking decisions compared to RAW which suffered in the score due to a couple bad ones.

    I’m glad to see a way better product this week overall. Shows how important booking/story telling is, the talent is abundant in the roster, just has to be used.

    My score was a bit lower as I saw all matches as solid but nothing extraordinary.


    1. Just like you, I was in complete shock that the show was this strong. Reigns is slowly getting over, meaning I think it’s safe for them to put the strap on him come TLC. A friend of mine was watching with me and noticed how Smackdown cuts out a lot of filler, which Raw relies on. He’s not even a big wrestling fan. Hopefully this is them getting prepared for the switch to USA.


      1. There wasn’t that many matches either. Proves that squash and/or rushed matches are not worth the time. If you have no time, move them to the next show, even Main Event. They should use social media instead for promos, etc. and leave wrestling for the show.


      2. With this support, I wouldn’t mind them stretching this until the Rumble at all. The League of Nations seems to be working. Finally there’s enough material to stretch it. If Reigns losses at TLC it might work against them.


      3. I wouldn’t mind them stretching it until the Rumble, as long as they can keep it entertaining. It would also make it even more interesting to see who wins the rumble match that night, and how it plays out for Roman. Can you possibly see a Wrestlemania rematch with Lesnar vs Reigns? Maybe Reigns being the heel this time?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. It could be the best scenario right now given the circumstances. Lesnar returning at the Rumble and winning it.


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