On to the NXT One – #Allblueeverything Edition (Dec.3)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

I’m aware that NXT is one of the hottest products in pro wrestling, but this show was a perfect example of too much ruing the viewing experience. With two weeks away from Takeover, I shocked that they didn’t add much to certain stories.

Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger

I didn’t expect Tye to get in much offense against Corbin. Heading into Takeover: London, Baron need to looks stronger than ever, because he’s heading into the biggest match of his NXT career. I’m just glad this didn’t turn into a typical squash match, as it allowed for Corbin to do a lot more than hit the End of Days.

Nia Jax vs Blue Pants

Why did they change Blue Pants’ theme, I loved her previous one that was done by Colin Cassidy. If Jax was going to have any kind of challenge early in her run, I think Blue Pants would have been the perfect pick. Apparently the bookers of NXT didn’t think so.

James Storm vs Adam Rose

I really enjoyed Rose’s entrance, because it  through me off at first. For a moment I had thought he dropped the “party pooper” gimmick. I actually like seeing fresh faces such as these two on NXT programming, as it’s a switch from the normal programming, but did they need to work a third consecutive squash match?

The Vaudevillians vs Jason Jordan & Chad Gable

I knew for a fact this wasn’t another squash match, and I was grateful. This match up was as fresh as they could get, and the teams clicked against one another. Jordan and English in particular made this contest fun for me. In the past few weeks I’ve been sick of the Vaudevillians and they’re stale gimmick, but by giving them a new opponent made them entertaining once again. After delivering an exciting match, I’m curious to see where they take Gable and Jordan for NXT. At this point I wouldn’t mind a rematch that gave the winner a tag title shot.

Liv Morgan vs Emma 

Did we really need another squash match? Even though Morgan landed a few shots, she spent about 90% of the match selling for Emma. By the time this one was over, it was probably the best fitting squash, simply because it advanced the story between Emma and Asuka.

Bayley Interview

Apart for tag match earlier in the show, this was my favorite part to the show. It only lasted two minutes, but was effective for pushing Nia as a threat to Bayley.The way Bayley was rag-dolled into that door, sold Jax as a legitimate contender.

Samoa Joe vs Tomasso Ciampa

By the time this had started, my brain was fried. There were five matches that occurred before this in less than 50 minutes, that’s way too much wrestling in that amount of time. It was at this point I realized how terribly produced this episode of NXT was. Regardless of what I thought,I did my best to focus on this glorified squash. I thought I would zone out, but Joe looked amazing here. The man makes a tremendous monster heel, and it was best showcased here.


I’ve already mentioned this, but this show had too much packed into it. Six matches simply cannot be done within a span of an hour, especially when most of them didn’t advance any kind of story. I have no idea what inspired them to produce a show with this much content. The low point was Jax vs Blue Pants, while the high point was the tag team match. Overall, this show deserves a 5.8/10.

3 thoughts on “On to the NXT One – #Allblueeverything Edition (Dec.3)

  1. It was a great show spoiled with so many squash matches. Still the main event and the tag team matches was worthy of going thru all those squash matches.


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