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The Casual Smart’s WWE Awards (Dec.30)

After a rollercoaster year, we’ve finally come to the end. While the WWE has had its fair share of lows, I’d like to remember this year for its highs. PPV/Network Special of the Year : Wrestlemania 31 Like myself, many fans weren’t looking forward to Wrestlemania 31, as the build wasn’t quite strong. After the… Continue reading The Casual Smart’s WWE Awards (Dec.30)


Raw Rollup – “HE’S ROFLING!” Edition (Dec.29)

We’ve finally come to the last Raw of the year, and with two key appearances, the WWE is pushing for this episode to be huge. It may not have been the Raw of the year, but it didn’t exactly disappoint. Opening Segment I was hoping to see a more vengeful Vince, because I assumed he’d… Continue reading Raw Rollup – “HE’S ROFLING!” Edition (Dec.29)


On to the NXT One – London Edition (Dec.24)

This was the show that was taped right before Takeover started, and I surprised to see that the crowd was that loud all night long. It wasn’t a special episode, but it was an entertaining one. The Vaudevillians vs The Hypes Bros vs Chad Gable & Jason Jordan vs Blake and Murphy Of the four… Continue reading On to the NXT One – London Edition (Dec.24)


Black and Blue – “It’s Lit” Edition (Dec.23)

Watching Smackdown on a Tuesday night was a treat, and I’d love to see more of these throughout the year. Since it was airing the night after Raw, I felt as if there was more to look forward to. While parts of the show fell flat, there were was enough to keep me hooked. The New… Continue reading Black and Blue – “It’s Lit” Edition (Dec.23)


Raw Rollup – Slammys Edition (Dec.22)

For the most part, I enjoyed this entire show, it really went well with my rum and eggnog. The matches weren’t anything special, but the Slammy awards are always a blast to watch. Opening Segment Stephanie’s dislike of Roman was displayed perfectly, because it set her up for the right facial expression the second his… Continue reading Raw Rollup – Slammys Edition (Dec.22)