Black and Blue – Power of Poultry Edition (Nov.27)


Like I mentioned in my review of NXT, the bar was set extremely low by the WWE, and the only way was up. It’s not like Smackdown was a home run, but it certainly didn’t fall as flat as Raw.

Opening Segment

The first thing I noticed when Smackdown opened was how small the venue was. I’m surprised they managed to fit the tron into that arena. Most of Roman’s promos turn into recaps, and that’s exactly what happened here. He did do a good job at disguising it by giving us his childhood story. Sheamus started off decent, but progressively became less interesting. The entire promo was simply a recap of this past week, and it also showcased that there is no chemistry between the two. Also, this segment went on far too long.

Wyatt Family vs The Dudley Boyz

With the way the Wyatt Family has dismantled the Dudleys, is this even a fair feud? Even in a kayfabe perspective, I can’t see the Dudleys being a credible threat to Bray Wyatt and his family. I’m aware this contest ended in a DQ, but the post match antics didn’t help the cause of the former tag champs.

Paige vs Becky Lynch

The best part about this match was when Paige was hiding behind the ring post but still shouted “this is my house!”. This match went close to seven minutes, but for some reason it felt shorter. If anything, this match could have gone longer, as the two were working at an awesome pace. Their in ring chemistry is evident, and I hope they get to work a feud together in the near future. Unfortunately they botched quite badly towards the end, when they couldn’t complete the cheap pin.

The New Day Potluck 

This segment was all sorts of funny. I even think they could have pulled this off in the ring with wrestlers continuing to come out and contributing to the potluck.

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger

Swagger received some decent mic time on Raw and was positioned as someone that could hang with Del Rio. The complete opposite happened in this match, as Swagger took a beating until the finish. I just didn’t understand why Del Rio was trying to run away at one point. Along with this, I didn’t understand what Jack’s intent was when he walked towards Zeb. This contest became all to confusing for me when the chair got involved. These two haven’t feuded enough for them to hate each other that much. It just seemed unnecessary.

The New Day vs The Lucha Dragons

Is the New Day hot enough to get the Gobledy Gooker over? That’s what it looked like to me, as the Gooker’s presence made this viewing experience more pleasant. It also gave Jerry Lawler a chance to make a ton of turkey based jokes. The spot of the match was Sin Cara’s suicide dive that conected with Big E, mainly because of how E sold it by bending on to the announce desk. It was a decent match, but the swerve at the end made this match worth watching. While it was goofy, it was a nice distraction from everything else on the main roster.

Dean Ambrose vs Tyler Breeze vs Dolph Ziggler

There was no way this match would flop, because these performers are too good to let that happen. To make matters better, Owens was an absolute beast on the announce team. The IC champ could make multiple jokes yet still come across as a serious person. That’s what I call an all around performer. Like all triple threat matches, I thought this one got better when the three were in the ring at the same time. For a while, they went on a streak of hitting their signature moves, and it had me marking out. However, I wasn’t a fan of Breeze taking the pin. Ziggler should have taken the dirty deeds since he can actually afford to take the clean loss. Nitpicking aside, I enjoyed how the main event of this show was based around a secondary title.


This episode wasn’t good, but it wasn’t entirely bad. For the most part, it was slightly below average. Somehow, this show came across better than Monday’s, and it’s probably because of how they positioned certain talent. It was a wise move to put the New Day and the IC title as the focal points .The low point of the show was the opening segment, while the high point was everything the New Day did. Overall, I give this edition of Smackdown a 5/10.

3 thoughts on “Black and Blue – Power of Poultry Edition (Nov.27)

  1. It had less matches and more videos, but in the ring it did way better than RAW. I would probably had Goldust/Stardust getting involved somehow.

    We’re running out of time for TLC PPV, they’ll regret wasting this time of potential story telling. I think the little story telling they did was decent.


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