On to the NXT One – “Championship title” Edition (Nov.26)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

After the past four days of main roster mayhem, I couldn’t be more excited to see what would happen on NXT. Just about anything would beat what we were given on Sunday and Monday, so the bar wasn’t set very high.

Contract Signing

Having Michael Cole host the contract signing made this feel more important. He wasn’t being outright smug, but he knew how to work this Full Sail crowd to his advantage. Say what you want about Cole, but sometimes this man just knows how to deliver his lines.

Since his debut, Balor hasn’t truly been in a grudge type feud. His program with Owens was strong, but the hatred is more present here. With emotions running high between the two, I thought Balor cut a short but awesome promo. Their post segment brawl was effectively used to further this feud. Even better, Joe came out on top with putting Balor to sleep. This way he’s been positioned to look like Finn’s biggest threat yet.

The Vaudevillians vs Dash & Dawson

After seeing the contract signing, and eagerly anticipating the main event, this tag title rematch didn’t feel important. I’m aware that the Vaudevillians deserve a rematch in a kayfabe sense, but from a booking perspective, I can’t buy into them. After losing in a convincing fashion, I hope the Vaudevillians make their way up to the main roster.

The best part about this match was watching the return of Enzo & Cass. With their reemergence into the tag division, fans should be going crazy for their chase of the tag titles.

Asuka vs Dana Brooke

While I was somewhat expecting this type of ambush, I was still excited to see how it would play out. Instead of seeing a Asuka-Dana match at Takeover, I’d love to see a tag team contest instead. If Asuka could find a surprise a partner for Takeover: London, the build for their match would be entertaining.

Apollo Crews vs Jesse Sorensen 

Yup, this match didn’t last long, but it was a decent way to keep Crews and his rivalry fresh in our minds.

Eva Marie vs Bayley

I’m sure most fans of NXT were excited for this match. I never thought Eva would come out on top, but I was more curious to see how she’d lose. With Bayley being beloved and Eva being loathed by the fans, it was nice to hear a lot of boos and cheers during the match. It’s not normal for babyfaces and heels to generate those types of reactions these days .I was actually pleased with the match that was put forth. Considering Eva can’t wrestle as well as Bayley, they did a great job of covering it up with all the added drama. Not every match has to be Sasha-Bayley from Takeover. In fact sometimes the addition of smoke and mirrors makes pro wrestling fun. I’m glad this contest told the story of how strong of a competitor Bayley was compared to Marie. Overall, fun match, and great way to end the show.


I absolutely loved this episode of NXT. The in ring wasn’t amazing, but it was still extremely entertaining. Along with this, every story line was advanced and given more substance. The low point of the show was the tag title match (excluding the Enzo/Cass return), while the high point was the main event. Overall, this show deserves a 8.7/10.


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