The Raw Rollup – “Who looks stupid now?” Edition (Nov.24)


Honestly, I thought the WWE would prove to the fans why they made the choices they did at Survivor Series. Instead they made me feel like a complete idiot for thinking this. I can’t recall the last time Raw was this terribly booked, because it felt like the entire writing team took the night off.

Opening Segment

Say what you want about Sunday’s result, I’m sure most fans were curious to see how this opening would play out. What didn’t make any sense about Hunter and Stephanie’s promo was how they acted as if Roman being pinned by Sheamus was because of them. The way I see it, Sheamus could have cashed in even if Reigns did shake Hunter’s hand. As much as I’ve disliked Sheamus’ character, I thought he did a decent job at cutting his promo. His “who looks stupid now?” line had me laughing pretty hard. The reaction from this crowd and the reaction from the Atlanta crowd just proves how polarizing Roman’s character is. Reigns was also well spoken on the mic, because he had very few lines, which were impactful. This entire promo was going wonderful until Rusev came out of nowhere. I thought they had a great chance to get Roman over by having him destroy Sheamus in a brawl. It would have made the opening more explosive, but instead it just fell flat.

The Dudleys vs The Wyatt Family

After that first segment was over, I had lost quite a bit of interest in this show. Other than Sheamus-Reigns, there wasn’t any other program to look forward to. This means it was up to the rest of the episode to act as a catalyst for new feuds.

With that being said, I didn’t care much for this contest, even though it involved one of my personal favorites, Bray. I’m not sure if the finish to this match was about creating a Wyatts-Dudleys feud or if it was just an opportunity for Bray to look strong.

Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch/Paige Promo

Honestly, this match felt like a breath of fresh air. Even though I’ve seen these two wrestle multiple times in NXT, this was probably one of the best things that could happen for this show. These two women put forth a good match. It wasn’t anything like their previous encounter, as the finish had to be full of drama. Hopefully this can set up for something between the NXT alumni, as most of us know they have amazing chemistry in the ring and on the mic.

I’m glad the Paige-Charlotte feud is one they’ve decided to continue. Had they finished it last night, I think the division would be quite lost. Also, Paige’s promo was executed very well.

The New Day Jamboree

Once I saw what they had planned for this segment, I knew they couldn’t go wrong. The New Day delivered, as they normally do. I wish they toned down on the amount of singing, but they still got the point across. The best line of this promo was Kofi “coming out of character” to let the crowd know how much he hates country music.

If a three way feud is what they’re planning for the tag titles, I’m excited. Since we’re headed for TLC, this will definitely be a gimmick match. With these performers, there’s no way it can fail to entertain.

Mark Henry vs Neville

I can’t say I was expecting a match like this to be on the card, but it was interesting to say the least. The size difference alone made this a fun match to watch. I enjoyed this short match, and even the post match interaction between the two.

The Cosmic Wasteland vs Goldust & The Primetime Players

With this match and Neville vs Henry going back to back, it was a clear sign to how thin this roster currently is. If this is a way to reignite the Stardust-Goldust feud, I thought they could have went about it another way. I think Goldust appearing after a Stardust match would have been more effective to further their program.

State of Mexiamerica

With the state of the WWE being the way it is, I was really hoping they’d slowly drop this gimmick. I’ve highly enjoyed most of Del Rio’s work, and I know he can be used better than this. Cena did such a great job at elevating that US title, and now it’s become secondary to a fictitious country.

Paige vs Charlotte

After Paige cut her promo earlier on, I thought they’d save this for TLC. However with the uneventful second hour that was presented, I think they needed a match with some significance. I didn’t even care about the work rate, I just wanted to see something of importance. My only red flag while watching this match was how dominant Paige was. Thankfully, we weren’t given a Charlotte comeback at the end. I liked the finish, and it was a smart way to further Paige as an eligible contender.

Heath Slater/Ryback Segment

You know creative took the night off when this was a segment. Heath Slater was pretty funny, but this segment carried no meaning, other than letting the crowd no Ryback can take a guitar tovthe back.

Tyler Breeze & Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose & Dolph Ziggler

This might be a premature question, but with Breeze being in this match, is he considered an upper midcarder? I thought this match would be a great main event for Smackdown, but it didn’t need to be on this card. Instead I thought it would be better to see Owens and Ambrose’s reaction to their losses. The two looked as if they weren’t even faded by those big losses. While I normally love watching these competitors, I just couldn’t focus on this match.

Roman Reigns vs Rusev

By the time this match finally came around, my brain was fried. I was simply hoping this Raw would just end. Other than Sheamus being ring side, the two competitors had no business being in the main event, as they don’t have any type of feud. They actually wrestled a decent match, but from a fan’s perspective, there wasn’t any interest. It was nice to see how over Reigns was with this Nashville crowd, it actually put a smile on my face after reading all the negative things about him online.


This show was just plain bad. Other than the New Day segment and Paige vs Charlotte, the entire show was the low point. The WWE should be giving fans free tickets for putting up with what they presented. Overall this show deserves a 3.5/10.

One thought on “The Raw Rollup – “Who looks stupid now?” Edition (Nov.24)

  1. It was bad indeed. Rushed matches, no story whatsoever besides the main event. We are being sucked into the black hole I’ve been warning about.

    I’m really not looking forward for Smackdown this week, ready for some NxT!


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