The Casual Smart Radio – Survivor Series 2015 (Nov.23)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

I hope everybody had an awesome weekend and enjoyed the PPV. Myself and my sister, Monika Sidhu, have teamed up to deliver in depth analysis on this year’s Survivor Series. We’re hoping to make this a weekly thing so all of the readers on this site can here our thoughts on the wrestling business.

For those that prefer my written thoughts, do not fear, I have them included them below. I’d love to here your feedback on the show, so please don’t hesitate to comment.

Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio

This was the right pick for the opening match. Not just because it pertains to the tournament, but because it’s an exciting way to get the fans into the show. I was guessing their chemistry would be good, but that wasn’t the case early on. However, the two progressively got better with each other. Also, I’m extremely happy this didn’t turn into a match where Roman had to turn it around at the end. The spot of the match was Del Rio countering Roman’s spear, simply because I did not see that coming. Before it was countered, I honestly thought the match was over. Overall, this contest got my heart beating fast, meaning it was awesome.


Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens

Honestly, I thought this match would go on slightly later, but in terms of giving the finalists some rest it made sense. These to clicked right away, and they showcased how well their styles blend. For the most part, it was quite explosive and entertaining. I actually don’t mind watching Ambrose compete in a match where he has to make a comeback, because it suits his character much more. Since he’s a smaller wrestler, he can pull it off with larger competitors. The spot of this match was wens counter on the suicide dive. For a show that didn’t have much going for it, it started off great. With two back to back good matches, this show was on its way to deliver big time.


Five-on-Five Elimination Match

Why wasn’t this promoted earlier in the week? No need to worry though, the New Day did an amazing job at making up a feud out of nowhere. There’s not much to say about this match, as it was only there for novelty purposes. The spot of the match goes to Ryback and his splash to the outside. He definitely left his comfort zone for that spot, and I applaud his effort. I found Sheamus’ role in this match interesting. At one point he looked like a clown in his entrance, then soon after I was cheering to see him overcome a 3 on 1 attack.


Paige vs Charlotte

While this match wasn’t as exciting as the first two, it was a solid testament to how much this division has improved. As much as I’ve disliked Charlotte’s character, she proved how strong her in ring ability can be. Paige also brought her A game, as her selling and in ring theatrics were great. She’s played a heel in the past, but she was even better throughout this contest. The match was good for the most part, I just hated the spot where Flair speared Paige of the barricade. It looked sloppy and made no impact. The finish to this match was lackluster, and I believe the booking team made the wrong decision.


Tyler Breeze vs Dolph Ziggler

I was very much looking forward to this match, as the two have carried a decent program. Also, this was Breeze’s PPV debut, so it would tell the fan base what the company thinks of him. These two had amazing chemistry, and I hope this isn’t their last match with each other. Both of their fast pace styles translated well in the ring which meant the match was entertaining. I expected Breeze to get the cheap win, but was even happier with the clean pin.


The Wyatt Family vs The Brothers of Destruction

I absolutely loved Taker’s entrance. It was simple yet paid tribute to his illustrious career. Also, it never fails to give me the chills.

Initially I found it strange how Luke Harper started the match with Bray, but I figured it would change later. It was obvious that Taker himself was extremely motivated to bring his best, because his performance was great. All men is this match deserve credit because the drama never fell flat. They made every moment feel important. A few weeks ago, the Wyatt Family was dusted by the Brothers of Destruction, but that wasn’t the case in this match. In fact, the two teams at times were equivalent in strength. The spot of the match, if not the show, was the double chokeslam to Strowman. It was the first time he was man handled with ease, and I marked out like a little kid. Overall, this was a brilliant match and a perfect way to celebrate Taker’s anniversary.


Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose

Roman looked like a heel when he first started this match, especially with the way he went after Ambrose. The boos suited Reigns’ attitude .Eventually I drove myself insane thinking who would turn by looking at the flow of the match. It’s not a healthy way to watch wrestling. I enjoyed how this felt more like a fight than it did a wrestling match .Was anybody else shocked with how quickly this match moved? I guess it ended fast, because they had planned on ending the show with a swerve, and I can’t say I was happy about it. Not only was it insulting a this two week long tournament, but they could have used this as a way to turn either Roman or Ambrose. Sheamus lacks something needed to give this main event the jolt it needs.



For the most part, I did enjoy this show, and I can honestly say it was a good way to end my weekend. The in ring action was brilliant, but they might have made some bad booking decisions. While I’ll be watching Raw tomorrow, my expectations for the next month and a half aren’t very high. The low point of the show was the finish, while the high point was seeing the Undertaker. This show receives a 6.5/10.


7 thoughts on “The Casual Smart Radio – Survivor Series 2015 (Nov.23)

  1. The tournament matches performed lower than I expected, besides Roman vs. Alberto. They surprised me a lot.

    I didn’t see anything special on Taker/Kane vs. The Wyatts besides the awesome Undertaker entrance. Besides the tournament, we all witnessed the black hole that is still present. We’ll be sucked in starting in RAW. I didn’t feel like Tyler and Dolph really clicked on this match, it was sub par to what you normally see from both.

    The 5 on 5 match with 3 tag team contenders in the match along with the champions but no story line to back it up. Huge missed opportunity.

    I agree, Paige should have won that one. Charlotte will keep dragging the division down for another month.

    PPV was about average, it could have been better if WWE creative worked a bit on the side story lines.

    Nice radio episode, but please don’t drop the written version.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s very interesting, this is probably the most split our reviews have ever been. Now I noticed you touched up on everything but the finish? What did you think of Sheamus? What would you have rather seen?

      Don’t worry, the written part will stay, I have too much fun reviewing while watching 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The finish was the right move after having Reigns win the title. I bet you noticed he was welcomed with boos from the fans. They tried playing him the victim, I guess pity is next. Not sure if he’ll ever win the fans over. Sheamus has been too far away from the title to actually believe this would last long. He an do it, but he has been portrayed as a joke not a serious opponent. This should change now that he is the champion. With injuries everywhere (we lost Cesaro as well) this won’t be smooth sailing towards Wrestlemania.


      2. I don’t think anyone does. My big question is how Ambrose and Bray will bounce back. They were the bigger losers of Survivor Series.


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