On to the NXT One – “Little Dorks” Edition (Nov.19)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

Since all of the commotion has been happening on the main roster, I see NXT as place for wrestling fans to simply the product without overly judging it. This week may not have been their best work, but they delivered with one simple match.

Carmella vs Nia Jax

Before this match could even start, the outcome was quite predictable, and I felt bad for Carmella. Within the past few months, the princess of Staten Island has really become her own character, and has created an identity apart from Enzo & Cass. At least she wasn’t squashed as badly as Nia’s previous opponents. With Jax moving past Carmella, its obvious they’re pushing her for a title feud sooner than later, and I don’t mind. I understand she’s not as polished as Bayley or Alexa, but she brings something different to this women’s division. If used properly, she can make the title picture quite entertaining.

Gable & Jordan vs the Ascension

I find it hilarious that I couldn’t care less about the Ascension’s match on Raw, but I was actually happy to see them back in NXT. I’m glad Viktor and Konnor still have a place where they can feel special, because as performers, they need that crowd excitement to fuel their passion. While this wasn’t as action packed as Gable & Jordan’s last match, I think this contest still delivered. It didn’t feel formulaic as other tag matches, and it simply pushed a young tag team. Someone please give Gable & Jordan a tag title shot, they deserve it more than anybody else.

Emma vs Mary Kate

Mary Kate? They couldn’t come up with any other name for her? It didn’t even take the announcers that long to make an Olsen Twins related joke. With Emma being pushed as Asuka’s next opponent, I thought this type of match was rather appropriate. We need to believe that she poses a threat to Asuka.

Dana’s backstage promo with Asuka left me hooked. I legitimately thought we were going to get a rematch between the two next week. I love when the small moments like this in any type of fiction can get the crowd excited.

Dash & Dawson vs Corey Hollis & John Skylar

I didn’t think this match would last long, and by this point, I had seen enough squash matches in one night. What made this even more difficult to watch was listening to how bored the announce team sounded.

Alexa Bliss vs Bayley

It’s matches like this which make weekly NXT programming fun to watch. A lot of these main events are promoted the week before, so it’s easy to tune in and look forward to one particular match. I don’t often compare NXT to Raw, but this is a tactic they can use on the main roster to increase television ratings. With Bayley and Alexa carrying a nasty feud over the past few weeks, the two did a great job at conveying it in the ring. We haven’t seen Alexa in a lot of action since her heel turn earlier this year, but I absolutely loved how she changed her move set to suit her personality. She came across as more aggressive and confident. It’s usually larger heels that carry an aggressive move set, but I thought it suited Bliss. This contest wasn’t too short, and it wasn’t too long, but it was just perfect. It allowed for the contender to look strong, while proving way Bayley is the champion. Overall, solid main event.

I didn’t expect for Eva Marie to make any kind of appearance, but it made the ending of this episode eventful. I haven’t been Eva’s number one fan since she’s been on this NXT roster, but I enjoyed her promo. She didn’t seem to break while the crowd was booing her, and she held her composure well. Apart from the fun swerve, is Eva really the right person to pair with Bayley? There’s a good chance all of this ends next week in their match, but I can’t see this being a well thought program into the next Takeover. I was hoping Bayley would continue her program with Bliss.


Had the main event not been as enjoyable as it was, I think this would be considered another filler episode. Sometimes a match is good enough to make up for the rest of the shows faults, and that is what happened in this edition. The low point was definitely the Dash & Dawson tag match, while the high point was the main event. Without Bayley vs Alexa, this show would sit at a 5/10, but I’ll give it a 7/10.

3 thoughts on “On to the NXT One – “Little Dorks” Edition (Nov.19)

  1. As soon as I saw Eva challenging for the belt I was dying to see your comments. I had to contain myself until I wrote my own review.

    I completely agree, our scores were pretty similar. Besides the tag team squash is was a solid show. As long as Eva doesn’t walk away with the belt, this can be a huge opportunity for her. But I know it feels rushed. Eva haven’t faced other contenders yet or if she have they didn’t end up well for her. Alexa Bliss, Emma and Dana Brooks are names that come to mind right out of the bat, without mentioning new comers Azuka and Nia Jax.

    Eva should be about the same ranking than Nia Jax and we know how that one would end. I love everything about Eva, her character ,charisma and looks. She has improved a lot on the microphone and in the ring recently but she’s not quite there.

    Rushing her might be a disaster like Reigns first attempt, one that’s really hard to recover from.

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    1. Exactly! I’m glad to see that someone agrees with me. Only thing I could find last night were negative criticisms to her promo. That was probably the best we’ve seen Eva, ever.

      I’m guessing Bayley might humble her on next weeks episode, but if she can keep up this type of attitude, I don’t mind seeing her at the top.

      You’re right on her needing to go through more people. She just had a few squash matches, and needs a proper program, maybe after next week? I’d love to see her clash with a babyface Dana Brooke. What do you see happening in the match next week?

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