On to the NXT One – AYE WE WANT SOME BAYLEY! Edition (Nov.12)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

Since last Wednesday, quite a bit has happened in the land of the main roster. With Rollins suffering a huge injury and the tournament being announced, I had completely forgotten about NXT. With this being said, NXT showed us tonight why they should never be forgotten about.

Tye Dillinger vs Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin is slowly sneaking into my list of favorite wrestlers on NXT. Along with being a solid in ring presence with a killer attitude, he has truly gotten over with me from Breaking Ground. It almost feels like he’s playing an exaggerated version of his real life personality.

I can’t say I was pumped to see Dillinger wrestle Corbin in a squash match, so I’m glad Crews made the save. Apollo was finally given something more than just being the guy that’s happy to be in NXT. The rage that was shown in his face while attacking Corbin gave his character another dimension.

The Hyped Bros & Bayley vs Blake, Murphy, & Alexa Bliss

Wow, I couldn’t believe how over Bayley was with this crowd. I’m aware that she’s a huge fan favorite, but I wasn’t expecting the crowd to go this crazy for her during a six man tag match. Sometimes the Full Sail crowd can be annoying, but last night they were just plain fun, at least for this contest. The different personalities on each team allowed for this match to click. Even though the flow remained formulaic, it was easy to get behind the babyface team. I guess I just find Rawley and Ryder to be extremely likable, and they definitely deserved the win.

At first I rolled my eyes when Alexa stole Bayley’s title, but it actually lead up to a fun moment backstage. It looked like Nia Jaxx was ready to be paired with Eva, but from the looks of this, they’re teasing a potential title shot for her. I can easily get behind this program.

Deonna vs Nia Jaxx

Deonna must have the worst music on the NXT roster; it was extremely underwhelming. There wasn’t anything special about the match, so I won’t discuss it. I was more intrigued with her interactions backstage. In one night, she aligned with Eva, while setting up a potential feud with Bayley and Bliss. Jaxx was definitely one of the standouts of this episode.

The Vaudevillians vs Dash & Dawson                                                

Leading up to Takeover: Brooklyn, I was a huge mark for the Vaudevillians, as they felt important. Ever since they won the tag titles, their entire reign has felt like a complete waste. I think Blake & Murphy may have had a more eventful run with the titles. Due to their lack of creative booking, I wasn’t particularly excited to watch this match, but I was hoping for a title change. I can’t stress how much I didn’t care for the champs during this contest, because at one point I just zoned out. Dash & Dawson have been hungry within the past few weeks, and it shows that their working hard for their characters to come across as threats.

It’s time for the Vaudevillians to move on from NXT. The pair has become so comfortable there that they don’t even feel special. If used right, I think they can entertain the casual fans on the main roster. If Dash & Dawson continue their streak of aggression, we might be in for a fun tag team reign.

Samoa Joe Promo

Ever since his debut in NXT, we haven’t heard Joe cut many promos, but this was a solid reminder of how smooth he is on the mic. His wording was on point, and reasoning for attacking Balor made a lot of sense. Title programs are always great when the feud is simple. Did anybody else think Balor’s threats toward Joe were said in the nicest way possible? I couldn’t stop laughing at how calmly he was shouting at Joe. Overall, great way to end the show and kick start this feud.


For the most part, last night’s show was very fun to watch. The NXT roster once again did a great job at displaying the significance of the show, even though ti was meant to be simpler than last week’s. The low point of the show was the tag title match, while the high point was the six person tag match. Overall, I give this episode of NXT a simple 7/10.

3 thoughts on “On to the NXT One – AYE WE WANT SOME BAYLEY! Edition (Nov.12)

  1. I scored a bit less due to my hate of squash matches. Besides that it was fun to watch and well done. Really enjoyed the 6-man match. It’s really impressive the fan support The Hype Bros and Bayley have. I’ve been always a supporter of Zack and consider him underrated, but his enjoying success on NxT. Why they are not in the tag team title picture beats me.


    1. Specially when you see the huge mistake done with the Vaudevillains. They had a brief push mostly centered on Alexa and Blue Pants on my opinion.


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