Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – Roman Reigns and Stuff (Nov.11)


Whether you loved or hated Monday’s Raw, it seemed to have garnered a lot of emotion for Roman Reigns. Some seemed to be pleased with his progress, while others are quickly turning against him like they did at this year’s Royal Rumble. While there are polarizing opinions of him, this is the WWE’s opportunity to try something new with the Roman Reigns project, and by that I mean turning him heel. If history tells us anything, this might be the best option to get him over.

Along with this I’d like to address the most ridiculous thing I read online. There were fans typing away all over the internet on how much of a travesty it would be for Roman to “bury’ Cesaro. This might top my list for most idiotic complaints.

Turning Roman Heel

Before discussing Roman’s potential turn, I’d like to look at a few other all-time greats that have taken this path. The Rock, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Edge, and CM Punk (just to name a few) all had brilliant heels runs before they became overly popular with the majority of the fan base. The Rock and Cena particularly started off as despicable heels, to only become the faces of WWE, and neither man ever looked back. Jericho, Edge, and Punk took the option of playing a heel for the most memorable part of their careers, but that’s because they were the best at it.

Who’s to say Rock or Cena would have panned out if they were kept babyfaces? In fact both of neither of them hit their stride until the crossed over to the dark side. For all we know, Roman’s charisma is just waiting to burst out the moment he turns into a hated villain. Despite what his detractors have to say about him, the man does have a presence when he comes into the ring. The only thing he needs is some dialogue to have fun with. As of now many of his promos are heavily scripted and formulaic, which has done nothing but bring in more doubters from the hardcore fans. He’s had no issues getting certain crowds to boo him, so why not make something of it?

I believe the execution of this heel turn is rather simple, and can be done without making him look stupid. Of course, we all know that he’ll make it to the finals of the tournament, and he’ll probably be joined by his former Shield member, Dean Ambrose. Reigns can simply be put in a position where he can’t seem to beat his friend unless he uses heel tactics. This would then make Reigns what Hunter needed him to be, someone that’s willing to do anything to be the “man”. Frankly, Roman would probably make a better corporate champion than anybody else on the current roster, simply because that’s what the WWE has wanted for him. All he has to do now is shove it everybody’s face.

Roman Going Over Cesaro

On a less important note, I had read about multiple complaints throughout the internet about Roman going over Cesaro. I’d first like to mention, the two will probably wrestle an amazing match, which will leave both looking strong. I highly doubt Cesaro will get squashed. Most fans can probably figure this much out, but I hope most know that Cesaro losing isn’t a big deal. The man has lost clean multiple times since he was forced to compete as a singles competitors. It’s not like he only gets beaten by the top tier stars, he’s been pinned clean by wrestlers lower on the food chain than Roman. Why weren’t there any complaints when Rusev or Kevin Owens pinned him clean?

Don’t get wrong, I love Cesaro just as much as the next guy, but there was no way he’s going to beat Roman. He hasn’t been built as big, and he hasn’t been in enough good programs leading into a championship reign.


There’s a lot going on with Roman Reigns at the moment, and I believe if handled right, he can become the star they want him to be. The key is to just let the man be himself and have some fun. Give this man something different, because if they do it’s a sign that the company is willing to make drastic changes to build their roster.

Also, fellow wrestling fans, lets calm down on the idea of our favorites losing. It really does sound ridiculous when there’s no reason for it.


Bracket Predictions

As a bonus for this week’s Wednesday Wrap Around, I’ll be releasing predictions for the rest of the tournament up to the semifinals. Fellow blogger, Javy Dreamer, has challenged me, and we plan on comparing our picks. My picks are in bold.


Stardust vs Alberto Del Rio

Ryback vs Kalisto

Neville vs Barrett

Quarter Finals:

Cesaro vs Roman Reigns

Alberto Del Rio vs Ryback

Kevin Owens vs King Barrett

Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose


Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio

Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Roman Reigns and Stuff (Nov.11)

      1. I don’t think I mentioned what I saw on the spoilers on the other post. I also avoid spoilers as much as possible. It takes away so much out of the excitement!


      2. Sorry, it wasn’t you. Some other reader came and posted some spoilers from Smackdown. I had deleted his comments asap. I’m assuming others might not want unexpected spoilers on the blog.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I agree with most of the people. Cesaro is better suited for the belt than Roman Reigns and I believe he’s buried, not by Roman, but by WWE creative. In my predictions I see more feasible Ambrose going heel and winning at the end, but Roman winning and Lesnar winning the Rumble would also make a good Wrestlemania match.

    We were pretty close. I think I have Neville over since I believe is a better match up against Owens.


      1. Just him winning would be a surprise moment. That would lead up to Ambrose/Roman friendship turning into jealousy or something on that sort ending in a feud. If they stayed face, maybe Roman winning the Rumble would get them into a friendly collision course for WM 32.

        If Ambrose won and turned heel, there would be plenty of contenders, the main one being Roman Reigns due to the treason on my scenario.

        This would make Roman winning on WM 32 as big as it could be with some many obstacles and treasons along the way.

        I guess I expected that to stretch until WM 32. But feuds with Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens should be good options I guess.

        Those scenarios could happen even if Reigns won, but I believe it’ll benefit Roman more if Ambrose win. It still feels like the fans are not 100% behind Roman for a title run quite yet. And I understand, I too consider Cesaro a better option that Roman.


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