On to the NXT One – “They Say One Ab is Better Than Six” Edition (Nov.5)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

Ever since the last Takeover, I feel the workers of NXT have done everything to tell a story on each episode. There was a point in the summer where we’d be given throwaway episodes, but not anymore. Even though the next Takeover special isn’t until December 16th, it doesn’t look like the plot will die down anytime soon.

Asuka vs Cameron

Hey, I’m aware Cameron isn’t the most intriguing talent on the roster, but I was oddly excited to see her in this contest. I absolutely loved how the announcers built up Asuka’s strength before the match. Even though we knew she’d win quickly, this slightly enhanced her credibility. Askua’s mocking of Cameron was brilliant, and it goes to show that she has many ways of communicating with her new audience. It doesn’t seem like Cameron has greatly improved since taking a break, but this match was done simply to enhance Asuka.

Jordan & Gable Backstage Promo

This promo was pure gold, there’s nothing else to say. They’ve proven their in ring chemistry, and this showed us they have immense promo chemistry.

Bull Dempsey vs Angelo Dawkins

It’s been some time since we’ve seen Bull or Angelo, so I wasn’t pumped to see them wrestle. I’m sure the bookers knew fans at home would have also thought this, but I loved how the announcers continued to put both men over. The consistent reminder of Bull Fit actually got me into this match and had me pulling for Dempsey. I’m glad he went over as it was a smart way to give the crowd a feel good moment.

Eva Marie vs Marley

I like how Eva seems to be working off the heat she’s getting from the crowd. If she can’t get over as a face, why not let her use that hatred as a heel? This was probably the least impressive match on the card, but nobody should have expected a lot to begin with. For what it’s worth, Marie looks like she’s moving faster in the ring.

Finn Balor vs Apollo Crews

The pre-match was amazing, and I hope it’s something they do for all future NXT Championship matches. While the crowd was already in mark out mode, I think that moment made them even more excited. With both men having agile and fast move sets, their in ring chemistry was immediately evident. Even though there was a slight size advantage for Apollo, his ability to work with Finn didn’t quite show it. Both men were evenly matched up. Since they both know the strengths of their styles, it seemed to me that’s all they showed, as it hardly slowed down. The spot of the match was Balor’s top rope enzigiri followed by his over the top rope senton. It was a beautiful combination. A close second to this was Crews’ big boot followed by Balor’s pele kick. That also had me marking out like a little kid.

I for one truly enjoyed the finish to this match. Both men were looking too strong to be pinned clean. Not only did the main competitors look good, but so did Corbin. Going into tonight’s show, I was 99.99% convinced that Finn was going to make a heel turn, because it just felt right. However, Samoa Joe taking the top heel spot was fine in my books. For weeks I pondered on how this feud would be resolved, but derailing it into a Finn-Joe program was quite smart. This way Crews can now gain some more momentum in a program with Baron Corbin. The lone wolf has had it out for former indy workers, and I couldn’t think of a better feud for him.


Another great show for the crew at Full Sail, and it looks like they don’t plan on slowing down. They once again used this show to set up matches for the upcoming weeks, and that’s been their strength as of late. The low point of the show was Eva’s match, while the high point was the main event. By creating two top end feuds from the main event, I was highly impressed. Overall, this show deserves an 8.7/10.



5 thoughts on “On to the NXT One – “They Say One Ab is Better Than Six” Edition (Nov.5)

  1. Besides the main event that was executed perfectly, the rest of the show was mediocre to say the least. In-ring performance was really low, but not surprising taking into account the involved performers. Azuka did the most out of a weak opponent like Cameron.

    I’ll be looking forward to how this main event unfolds. Main roster would love to have something like this going on. The sad part is that they could if they looked outside of the main eventers.


      1. I like the Hyped Bros. I’ve always liked Zack Ryder. He proved he can play with the big guys with the brief pushes he had with Cena. They do indeed have similar gimmick! They could Wo wo wo you and give you a hug ;).

        Cena is out and Nikki is out with injuries. Seth might be able to keep working, but he needs the rest soon.

        Dolph would be such a wrestler to do a heel turn and have an impact like this. Not right now, but he could even join Tyler Breeze. That would be interesting.


      2. Looks to me as if Rollins will be out for 6-9 months. Thats a huge blow to the main roster. I’m hoping this will encourage them to call up someone from NXT sooner than later. I’m hoping someone like Balor, once he’s done with Samoa Joe

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      3. They should be fine if they do a tournament of some sort. Will be an interesting PPV that way. Not sure if calling people from nxt is the right move. They could have survivor series matches until one man is standing.


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