Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – The Importance of Survivor Series (Nov.4)


Within the past several years, wrestling fans have become conditioned for this time of year to be a slow period for the WWE. Maybe it was just the excitement of being a young wrestling fan, but I feel at one point in time the fall was an exciting time for WWE. With the ratings always taking a plunge during the NFL season, it seems to me they have become comfortable with staying in cruise control until the Royal Rumble.

The History

As much as some fans hate the idea of a gimmick PPV, this was one of the very first shows that was based around a particular match. Of course times have changed, and I couldn’t stand watching a PPV full of elimination tag matches. Either way, it grew into something fans looked forward come November. It was usually the last big show of the year. There was a time where Survivor Series was considered a “cool” event, where important things actually happened. The Undertaker defeating Hogan, the Montreal Screw Job, debut of the Elimination Chamber, WWF vs WCW, just to name a few. The November classic has given the fans some moments that has shaped the landscape of the WWE. It’s important for the WWE to market the history of this event, because it shows newer and younger fans how important it can be. We know how much the WWE loves using their history to sell an event, and this is an easy sell for viewers.

Building the credibility

Other than two Survivor Series PPVs, most of them in the past 10 years are easily forgettable. As of late, it’s booked similar to a throwaway PPV such as HIAC or TLC. Last year the only story fans could have cared about was the Cena vs Authority one, and the year before that was Orton vs Big Show. Orton vs Big Show! I actually had to google that year’s main event because I had completely forgotten about it. We refer to this as one of the big four, but is it really? Think back to any Wrestlemania, Summerslam, or Royal Rumble, and I’m sure most of you can remember the big stories going in. I’m aware the debuts of the Shield and Sting have occurred within the past four years, but they may easily be the biggest highlights for Survivor Series from the past decade.

With a new look roster, I truly believe the company can build this event to be at the level of the Royal Rumble or Summerslam. These statements are much easier said than done though. What I love about this year’s build is that the fans are being given more than one meaningful match. Love or hate Reigns, his year long pursuit of the title concluding at Survivor Series would make it quite the memorable moment. This also shows that the WWE wants the future to be given the spotlight. They may have done this with Rollins at Mania, but not giving it to someone such as Cena is a sign of confidence in the new generation .Same thing can also be said for Wyatt Family’s feud with Taker and Kane. The Family are selling that program just as much as the Brothers of Destruction, and that shows me how far the new talent has come. It just doesn’t just end here though, this build needs to be done consistently from year to year. This can be the big event before the company heads into the holiday season, where every form of entertainment (excluding movies) come to a halt. You can even compare it to a midseason finale if handled right.


Usually I enjoy sharing a much stronger opinion piece, but my excitement for the upcoming PPV just made me want to discuss its potential. The event is placed around such a special time of the year, with Thanksgiving and Christmas surrounding it, why can’t it be special? There should be no reason Survivor Series lacks big moments, and with a new roster I see hope for what was once an amazing show.


One thought on “Wednesday Wrap Around – The Importance of Survivor Series (Nov.4)

  1. Reblogged this on Wrestling Dreams and commented:
    I agree. I remember the excitement of the Survivor Series elimination matches and all the buzz behind the team formation etc. We saw proof on RAW of that still being effective. On the other side, once I saw the match was on RAW and not on the PPV itself, I knew that was not going to happen on the PPV at all. With so many people in the roster we could have some interesting match ups. Survivor Series was also the source of many feuds, as teams broke and formed within those alliances or were destroyed by treason. That part we are missing for sure. We could make it into some kind of tournament for that shot at a lesser championship for example or a tag team title type of tournament. It is a great chance for mid carders to see the light of day for the first time in months in some cases.


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