The Raw Rollup – “That’s a Great Selfie” (Nov.3)


After the success of last week’s Raw, the pressure was on the WWE to deliver once again. Based on the two big feuds headed into Survivor Series, something is telling me they’re taking this PPV seriously again.

Opening Segment

Now that the two are fully locked into a proper feud, their on screen chemistry is much better. Before I felt they didn’t mesh as well, but that was because they never had a proper program. It was wise of them to let Rollins carry the promo, as it allowed for Roman to look like the strong silent type. We all know that’s where Reigns looks the best. Triple H’s jab at Colorado’s marijuana laws cracked me up, I absolutely loved the joke. This was a simple yet effective promo as it set up the show and furthered the rivalry.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens

These two have wrestled before, and I was glad to see them wrestle again. The two have an awesome heel-babyface dynamic. What I found odd was how the cut to commercial when Breeze made his way out. Could they not wait? Apart from this, I did enjoy how Ziggler tried to attack Tyler. That at least sells the hatred between the two. Even though they botched his entrance, Breeze was booked as a serious threat. So far, he’s looked great on screen .The only thing that left confused was how this match did nothing for Owens. I understand there’s a few weeks until Survivor Series, but it’s essential for the IC champion to be in a proper feud.

Cesaro vs The Miz

I really wish I was one of the fans sitting in the Stardust section, just to see if they stay in character for the entire match. Why don’t Cesaro and Miz just enter a program together? They have such opposite personalities that a feud would work well between the two. I was honestly expecting some sort of interference, but I was shocked with the win. When was the last time Cesaro looked great and picked up a clean win?

Bray Wyatt Promo

I really did enjoy this promo, and liked how supernatural it felt. This is a program that’s not supposed to be booked as realistic, and the writers did a solid job at using their imagination. Wyatt looks like he’s having a lot more fun with this program than his previous one with Taker.

Lucha Dragons vs King Barrett & Sheamus

Sheamus is really starting to scare me with his briefcase. They’ve kept him away from the spotlight, and I feel that’s being done to shock fans when he chooses to cash in. Based on their wrestling ability, I thought the two teams meshed very well. I find Sheamus and Barrett to be agile enough to keep up with the dragons. While I thought the match went on a bit too long, the ending was brilliant. Kalisto truly stole the show, and it only showed me why the Lucha Dragons should be given a tag title shot.

Alberto Del Rio vs R-Truth

I really do like R-Truth, and it pained me to see him get jobbed out in seconds last Thursday. Even though Del Rio was going to win, I was happy to see Truth with some more ring time. This wasn’t anything spectacular, but a great way to make Alberto look strong and relevant.

Divas Fatal Four Way

Based on how the last fatal four way we saw on Raw, I was excited to see if the divas could deliver as well. Brie looked very out of place next to her opponents, as she couldn’t keep up. At one point she was standing in the corner while Sasha and Becky wrestled; it looked awkward to say the least. Aside from that, these women did a great job. I thought it was ambitious for them to execute the powerbomb-superplex, but they did it with ease. This match accomplished a lot more than finding a number one contender. Sasha and Becky looked like complete work horses, as they carried the match. Along with this Paige left looking strong with a clean win, which she needed.

5-on-5 Elimination Match

From the second they announced this matched, I was amped. It’s a simple but fun stipulation that progressed the Roman-Seth feud. I had predicted the Dudleys to join Team Reigns, but I was pleasantly surprised with the return of the Usos. The tag team brought a lot of excitement to the match. I loved how Xavier Woods was the most adamant on starting the match only to get eliminated within seconds. That gave me a good laugh. The spot of the match was undoubtedly KO’s elimination on Jimmy Uso. He just came across as very smart and calculated. The only man that felt out of place was Ryback, and that’s because he was the least over superstar in this match. With no momentum, I thought his presence fell flat. There wasn’t really a dull moment in the ring, and the last four men delivered big time. Rollins was golden when he tried to run away from Ambrose and Reigns. What made it better than normal was that he attempted to leave multiple times.


Similar to last week’s show, this felt like it was written well in advance, without any changes made on the fly. The WWE gave us two big matches to look forward to, with building one over the course of the show. The low point of the show was probably the failure of building any mid card feuds, while the high point was the main event. Overall, I give this fun show an 8.2/10.

One thought on “The Raw Rollup – “That’s a Great Selfie” (Nov.3)

  1. Agreed in everything but the score. It was a great show minus the Cesaro/Miz and R-Truth/del Rio matches. After the awful match in Smackdown they shouldn’t face again, specially for that kind of match. Del Rio is losing steam.

    I also expected more from Miz/Cesaro.

    Divas was a great match and was refreshing not to see Nikki involved.


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