Black and Blue – Watch the pumpkins! It’s Halloween,man! (Oct.30)


It was a Halloween themed Smackdown, but it was done slightly different from the previous years. First of all, there wasn’t a divas costume battle royal, which shows how much the division is changed. Secondly, they positioned the theme to further a few storylines, to a capacity.

Opening Segments

Bray Wyatt

I’ve been enjoying how Wyatt’s promos have been more direct this week. The last time he feuded with Taker, I felt his script was slightly cryptic, but now he has a motive that the fans can understand. Bray simply feeds off the souls of Kane and Taker. Considering this was the Halloween edition of Smackdown, have the Wyatt Family open the show with a vignette was a nice touch.

Roman Reigns

Since the two were the last men standing in Monday’s fatal four way, I thought their back and forth was brilliant. The two may feud on small occasions like this, but this is a great rivalry waiting to happen. Their career paths have been polar opposites, and it comes across well on screen. Owens will always be able to hold his own on the mic, but I thought Reigns was given the right script to go against the Quebec native. Oddly enough, there’s no better way to get a crowd amped than actually having the heel confront the babyface face to face.

Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns

I can’t be the only one that thought they’d save this for the main event. Either way, it was a smart way to hook the audience from the start. Before the commercial break I was waiting for Owens to grab his title and just leave, but instead his character was given some credibility by competing. I’m glad their chemistry can translate well into a one on one match, because this won’t be their last encounter. While Roman did have the advantage for a majority of the match, there was no hiding the fact that Owens had a hand in him looking great. The spot of the match was the superman punch, mainly because how it was sold by Owens. I’m sure there’s some KO fans out that didn’t like the result, but I thought a count out loss for him was the best way to end this. I understand Reigns needs to look strong, but having him pin Owens clean on an episode of Smackdown wouldn’t be smart booking. Overall, this opening was a pleasant surprise and it was a strong way to start the show.

Fatal Four Way Tag Team

Unless there’s something on the line, I’m not a huge fan of these types of matches. They feel more clustered than anything else. It also wasn’t until this match started that I noticed how slim the tag division truly is, because the Ascension had no business competing with the other teams. To my surprise the contest actually delivered, yet it was difficult to concentrate with the New Day’s version of announcing. They got so into calling the match that Rich had to stop them so he could properly do his job. It made no sense that the Dudleys didn’t care to win, and helped the Lucha Dragons instead. I guess not everything has to make sense, as the crowd loved what they were seeing.

Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz (Trick or Treat Streetfight)

It didn’t matter what the result was, this match was solely meant for fun. I always loved Halloween themed matches because it allowed for me to kick back and have a good laugh. It’s also the only show of the year where King’s puns are funnier than ever. There’s no denying that the spot of the match was the super kick to Miz’s pumpkin mask. After watching this, I wish I was there live, because this was highly entertaining. While a match like this is usually a throwaway, it was great to see Breeze get involved to further his program with Dolph.

Paige vs Natalya

Wow, Natty’s side promo during her entrance was horrific, and I don’t think she was trying to add to the Halloween theme. Nothing special about the match itself, but I loved the drama that occurred. It seems like Team BAD was behind the ambush to Natty, which will finally spark that secondary diva feud the division needs. My guess is that this will turn into Sasha vs Natalya, which would be great for the former NXT women’s champion. I’m glad this angle was executed last night, because it’s fresh and different from the main divas angle.

Alberto Del Rio vs R-Truth 

Mex-American Championship? What? Why can’t Del Rio just be himself? I don’t believe an added gimmick is needed to enhance his appeal. Hopefully the WWE can figure this out sooner than later.

The Wyatt Family vs Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, & Ryback

Why didn’t Dean Ambrose turn to Roman for help? Compared to how the Wyatt Family has been booked since Sunday, their two of their three opponents looked like easy pickings  .I was willing to put aside Ambrose’s choice in partners, because hey, it’s Halloween. Dean’s continued feud with the Wyatt’s only confirms that he will probably be the next person to join Taker and Kane. I’m aware fans have been upset with how he’s been neglected, but if you ask me, that’s a pretty big program to be inserted into. Along with this, the lunatic fringe was definitely the highlight of this contest. Not because he looked strong, but his in ring charisma was well showcased. Don’t get me wrong, Cesaro looked amazing here, but I find it ludicrous that he’s given the short end of the stick. Besides that, I absolutely enjoyed the chaos that occurred. It was a solid main event.


This Halloween edition of Smackdown delivered big, as they pushed the theme, but not too much. I love watching anything with a Halloween theme, and I think the WWE got it right last night. The low point of the show was Del Rio’s promo, while the high point was either the opening or main event. Overall, I give this show an 8/10.


One thought on “Black and Blue – Watch the pumpkins! It’s Halloween,man! (Oct.30)

  1. I also enjoyed the respect for the Divas this year.

    I scored two points lower than you, in big part due to the missed opportunity in Natalya vs. Paige match, I was hoping for more. Also R-Truth could have had a better match. Just think Alberto is having it way too easy.

    Was good to see him back on TV, just that if is going to be a squash is better to stay shelved IMO.


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