On to the NXT One – Invisible Man Edition (Oct.29)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

Sometimes we’re given NXT episodes where only the main event matters, and this was one of those shows. While this was the case going in, four superstars decided to change that and give us a second match that we should care about. Every now and then, us fans are given these gems on an average episode of NXT.

Emma vs Shaaza

I was lost for words when I initially saw Shaaza, mainly because her look was quite odd. Her ring wasn’t exactly the best choice for a debut, it just looked hideous. I think it was the baby blue that just didn’t flatter her. The match wasn’t anything break taking, but just a way to enhance Emma. GET SOME NEW GEAR, SHAAZA!

Finn Balor Video Package

This was pretty much the same video package they had used before his match in Tokyo, but I think the timing for it couldn’t be better. If they go ahead and turn Finn sometime soon, it’s better to have fans to be invested in him as a babyface to get the maximum impact.

Chad Gable & Jason Jordan vs Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa

The mat wrestling between Gable and Ciampa was very impressive as we don’t normally see anything like that often. If that wasn’t good enough, the chemistry between Jordan and Gargano was brilliant. The two teams meshed well and there was no hiding that. The spot of the match was Jordan’s hot tag, because the man looked like a beast. Right when I thought this was over, Gable broke the pin, and I completely marked out. .For a random match, they set the bar high for Joe and Breeze later on in the show. These four deserved to go as long as they did, and they arguably stole the show. While it was meant to be a throwaway, Gable & Jordan vs Ciampa & Gargano made sure fans were given their money’s worth.

Gable and Jordan have now been teaming together for a few months, and they deserve a tag title shot more than anybody else. As of now, they might be more over than Enzo & Cas .I’m aware the Full Sail crowd will create chants for any wrestler, but these two know how to back it up.

Kay Lee Ray vs Nia Jax

For the amount of background information the commentators had on Shaaza, they had almost nothing to say about Ray. Some may hate squash matches, but I think that’s what Nia needs for now. I believe it’s important for her size advantage to be showcased at this point, this way it means more when she climbs up the card to face top level women.

Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs Dash & Dawson

By simply attacking fan favorites like ruthless heels, I all of a sudden care about Dash & Dawson. These are two men I couldn’t care less about a few weeks ago, but their recent push is making them look better.

Samoa Joe vs Tyler Breeze

In terms of star power, this was a huge main event for a normal episode of NXT. Similar to last week, I thought it was smart to book this contest for last night’s show, as it’s a great way to get viewers to tune in. What made matters better was that their characters are polar opposites. Although their dispute began two weeks ago, I absolutely love how Joe expressed his anger in Breeze. Once they finally locked horns, the two competitors delivered. At no point was this match one sided, and it allowed for both men to look aggressive. The finishing sequence had me fooled twice. I thought it was over when Joe went for the muscle buster as well as when Breeze landed the super model kick. The kokina clutch came on a great reversal, and caught me by surprise. If Breeze does stick around in NXT for a few more weeks, I’d love for them to continue this rivalry.

Based on what they gave us, I think it’s apparent they could have done more, but this was perfect for a main event on a normal episode.


If I were to look at this card before watching the show, I’d put my money on Breeze vs Joe being the only worth while match. After watching the entire episode, that changed. It’s great to see a random match create more excitement than anticipated. Also the consistent promotion of Crews-Balor has me pumped for next week, meaning this show did it’s job. The low point of the show was the opening match while the high point was Gable & Jordan vs Ciampa & Gargano. Based on two solid matches, I give this show a 7.8/10.

3 thoughts on “On to the NXT One – Invisible Man Edition (Oct.29)

  1. I felt that comment about squash match haters was towards me 😦 j/k I do hate them, for me those are wasted amounts of time that could be better done with a backstage attack that is quicker and most times is more impactful than a squash. They need to get her on serious match ups or fans will lose interest as they did with Corbin.

    The Tag Team match was awesome, impressive what great talent can do with enough time allotted.


    1. Ha! Trust me Javy, in no way would I ever try to single out one persons opinion. At the end of the day, every fan has different views on pro wrestling, and that’s what makes it such a unique thing. Also if I was to ever do that, I’d right something about how Samoa Joe is the best wrestler on the planet and needs the WWE World Heavyweight Title :p .

      With Corbin they may have went overboard, I’m really hoping they don’t do the same with Jax.

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