Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – Expanding the Divas Division (Oct.28)


#Givedivasachance, and Divas Revolution have been thrown around quite a bit in 2015. These two terms have actually changed the division a lot more than some fans like to think. A year or two ago, this part of the roster wasn’t given nearly the amount of attention it’s receiving now, and that goes to show how much has truly been done. In previous years, the WWE usually disregards female talent and they were usually happy with models competing in terrible matches . Although growing this brand doesn’t just mean having one big feud, they need multiple.

Secondary Feuds

I feel the divas division has a ton of talent where they can now afford to have secondary feuds. Instead of having throwaway matches on Raw and Smackdown, those spots can be used to promote the other women on the roster. As much as we’d love to see all the fan favorite divas in the title picture, it’s just not plausible, because eventually that would become boring. When I say secondary feud, I don’t mean a Lana vs Summer type feud, I mean an actual feud that doesn’t push women’s wrestling back into the early 2000s. Let’s assume Charlotte and Paige are set to feud for the next month or two, what are they going to do with the Bellas or team BAD? Each of those teams still consist of talented women that know how to garner a reaction from the crowd.

Why They’re Important

Pushing the division into this territory is much more important than some may think, because it can make the rest of the product look better. At time where women’s sports is starting to receive mainstream attention, just about all talent should be used to diversify the WWE product. I understand that Total Divas has done a brilliant job at bringing in a new audience, but I don’t believe it’s the same as showcasing athletics.

Let’s put aside the fact that women in sports are making an impact, and look at how it would impact the show. As of now, the roster is made up of many male wrestlers that are completely lost in limbo. Instead of showcasing those wrestlers in random and pointless matches, the divas could make much better use of that. For example, I’d rather see a Nikki Bella-Sasha Banks program as opposed to a thoughtless Neville-Barrett program. Considering her hype before making a debut, this would be the perfect position for someone such a Becky Lynch .If booked properly, the WWE can easily get fans behind this concept. This way new number one contenders for the title are more familiar to fans and they can also go in with more momentum.

Similar to how I assessed the “Divas Revolution” this will come with time, but it should happen sooner than later. It’s clear that Paige and Charlotte will battle it out at Survivor Series, so this gives the WWE the perfect opportunity to give the others a traditional Survivor Series match. December tends to be a slow time for the company, so a legitimate one-on-one secondary feud would be something they can experiment with at TLC. The combinations are quite open, and they can’t possibly run out of feuds until the summer. By then I’m assuming more NXT divas would have made their way up.


Within the past few weeks I feel Charlotte has become the scapegoat for the divas division, and that’s solely because she’s had to manage two separate feuds on television. I’ll be the first to admit that I also criticized her performance based on this. Now that she’s moving on, hopefully the rest of the divas division can as well. With the championship feud set, hopefully the creative team can book something meaningful for the rest of them.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Expanding the Divas Division (Oct.28)

  1. Charlotte is sinking the division right now. I agree with you. Most of the issues are those damn teams they need to break already. Everyone by herself is the scenario we need. Secondary stories are also missing on the main roster. Is a creative issue imo.


      1. I saw her potential. In NxT I loved what I saw. She had a great feud with Natalya I enjoyed a lot. Is the same with Sasha and the Ascension, NxT success failed translation into main roster.


  2. A second feud or a concept that they can push down the track. I also see this needs to be done with either the IC title or US title pushing a competition to be the number 1 contender for the lower to mid card

    I still find it disappointing the needless heel turn of Naomi… Seriously what did it do, did she get a reasonable shot at the title, in hindsight it felt like a filler move to the raise of the NXT women and something that didn’t build characters as Nikki her was a heel champion? that I was never quite sure of.

    How to build on the Sasha Bank hype without putting her into the title picture straight away. Either a number one contender tournament into Survivor Series (might be to late) or But a Miss Money in the bank match (or Miss Wrestlemania) at Survivor series giving the winner a future shot at the title or Wrestlemania title shot match. This could be won by Becky Lynch giving her creditable now and lose the opportunity to the Boss. These would allow feud of meaning with Nikki Bella, Becky Lynch and Paige with Team BAD by her side and a feud with Naomi down the track. This may have the effect of building superstars into Wrestlemania giving creditable matches in the interim of the other ladies fighting between being the next or going after the now. This also could give the air needed to have Charlotte build her character as well. I could even see title changes (Charlottes character needs to be more than the title) and the wrestlemania contract moving between wrestlers between now and then

    But ultimately the team concept needs to die to allow the individuals to grow and use there extra time better including the veteran ladies like Natayla and Alicia Fox

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    1. Thanks for the comment Barry.

      I think you hit the nail right on the head. The divas need long term booking, as opposed to this month to month booking. Its obviously a proven formula that works with any other form of wrestling.

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    2. Excellent analysis. Sadly is not only an issue on the Divas, is also a plague on the male roster. Awful booking. I’ve been also yelling for dissolving those teams. But at the end, it’s poor and lazy booking the root of all this imo.


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