Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – Booking Balor vs Crews (Oct.21)


Since Finn Balor defeated Kevin Owens for the NXT Championship in July, he hasn’t had a feud outside of that. This means his next feud will be crucial to how entertaining the next few weeks of NXT television will be. Apollo Crews is a new comer to NXT and has only wrestled a handful of showcase matches along with a stellar contest against Tyler Breeze. Since his character hasn’t truly blossomed, booking this title program might be difficult for the creative team at NXT.

How to book the roles

There’s no hiding that Finn Balor’s charisma comes from his in ring work and his appearance, which basically means he needs someone strong on the mic to create a successful feud. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this as many other stars have relied on this (Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, Bryan, etc). With this being said, I’m not sure how well Crews can carry the role of being the mic anchor between the two. This means they shouldn’t have a feud where both men hate each other’s guts, and it should simply be booked as competitive. A babyface vs babyface type feud has worked in past, and I feel it would work very well between these two.

Just because this is good guy vs good guy match, doesn’t mean that it can’t lead to anything of significance. NXT is in need of a main heel and I think this the chance to give Balor that role. If anybody has ever seen him in NJPW as a villain, he does a pretty good job at playing the part. Along with this I think it would give his character more dimensions. The best way to go about this would be him cheating against Crews during their actual match. Not only does this give Balor something else to work with, I think it directly gives Apollo more momentum and fan support. The latest edition of NXT comes across as a likable person, I don’t see why the NXT fan base couldn’t get behind him.

When to book the match

This feud can definitely help both men in a way the fans see them, but it should not occur in December. If it works out, they can have a rematch at the December Takeover, but I do believe it should happen in mid-November. Having a babyface vs babyface feud isn’t exactly the most entertaining when it runs for long. Along with this, the main event for Takeover should always be dramatic, and should feel more than just number one contender vs champion. Usually NXT programming suffers when it’s far away from its next special, so this would keep things interesting in between. With the divas division slowing down, Finn Balor will need to be the main source of entertainment for the brand, and he should not become stale.


I know my piece wasn’t extremely long this week, but I felt the need to express my thoughts of where NXT will be heading for the next few weeks. I believe this program has a lot potential, and I’m excited to see where it goes because of the men involved. This feud is a lot more different from where the title picture was last year, and that thought alone has me thrilled.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Booking Balor vs Crews (Oct.21)

  1. I’m excited about Crews, but I also feel it might be too quick. But as you already know, I prefer this than a feud with Samoa Joe. I was really expecting Breeze winning the battle royal.

    I hope it works for both, specially Crews. I’m not a big Balor fan.

    Not too happy about the rumors of him going into the main roster. Nothing against Breeze, just don’t want him to get lost in limbo in the current state of things without minor titles and too crowded shows.

    We need the brand split!


    1. May I ask what deters you from being a Balor fan?

      Crews does have that it factor, but you’re right in the sense that it may be too quick. Maybe he does need more time to get acquainted to the NXT fan base.

      It’s funny that you mentioned that, because Breeze has already appeared on Smackdown. Other than hearing that, I didn’t look into what happened, but hopefully it’s good.

      If they were to do a brand split, I think it would be interesting to see Smackdown used as a platform for NXT workers to get used to the bigger stage. They could even compete at the big PPVs, but without the pressure of jobbing to top draws.

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      1. I might not have seen enough of Balor, but haven’t seen anything particularly special of his moves or skill set. I consider his a lame finisher. I don’t see him shinning in the WWE crowd if he’s pushed into the main roster. He is better in nxt. Take a look at Neville, I consider him a better performer.

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  2. His face paint I love and entrance, but after that he losses my attention. He has good matches, but he doesn’t stand out from the crowd in the ring, at least not for me. Apollo Crews is the opposite, no flashy entrance but he delivers. He moves in the ring like a cruiser weight but has a lot of strength.

    I have nothing against him, just don’t see him successful on the main roster if he ever made the jump. I think he acknowledges this as well as he has expressed his intent on staying on NxT.

    I tasked my blog’s co-author to write a post on him. Many fans, as myself, don’t know anything about him prior to NxT so I think it’ll be a good post.


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