Black and Blue – Summer Ref Edition (Oct.16)


Similar to the NXT episode this week, I found this show kept it simple. Without making things complicated, the stars of the WWE genuinely entertained me for the full two hours, and they had people missing from the overall roster.

Roman Reigns vs Bo Dallas

Why does Smackdown get opening pyro, but Raw doesn’t? I know it helps with creating excitement, but I think it should be on both shows.

I was hoping Bo would make some sort of brotherly reference in his pre match promo, but I thought he still did a great job. After the backlash Roman received from his promo on Monday, he needed this type of match to build his credibility. Along with this, Dallas did a phenomenal job at selling for his opponent. That handshake spot was great, as it made me laugh. Compared to most opening matches, I this was quite entertaining. By furthering the Roman-Bray feud at the end made this an effective segment.

Cesaro & Neville vs Bad News Barrett & Sheamus 

I know I spoke of Cesaro & Neville making a fun team, but so do Barrett & Sheamus. I enjoyed this match enough on Raw that I felt it could be a feud of some sort. I didn’t understand the use of the Cosmic Wasteland in this match. Is the Ascension with Stardust only on Smackdown? They don’t do a great job at making them seem like a cohesive unit. Oddly enough, this wasn’t the most comical part to the contest, instead it was the announcers talking about the prestige of KOTR. I don’t understand how they kept a straight face when they claimed that Barrett walks around with a new confidence since winning that tournament.

Kevin Owens vs Zack Ryder

What?! Zack Ryder was on Smackdown? This was quite the pleasant surprise. Going into HIAC, I think Owens needs to show the audience that he can run through most people on the roster, and I felt this delivered the message.

Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev (Summer Rae as Referee)

As sick as I’ve been with this feud, I was quite excited to see how this match would turn out. While the two haven’t had the best chesmitry, the addition of Summer as referee made everything much more entertaining. I even paid a lot more attention to the work rate because it clicked in this contest. Summer Rae was spectacular in her role as the official, as her in ring talking was great. This was one match I was fine with Rusev losing, because it actually added to the story line.

The Wyatt Family vs The Primetime Players

I didn’t expect much for the PTP , as it was an enhancement match for the Wyatt Family. Darren Young was the stand out, unfortunately his run didn’t last too long.

Alicia Fox vs Charlotte

Obviously Fox didn’t stand a chance against the champ, but this was the right match up for Charlotte’s feud. I was happy that they actually built on the Diva’s title match at HIAC, because it hasn’t been done well so far. The match itself wasn;t anything special, but it’s been the only thing to further this champion feud.

The New Day vs The Dudley Boyz & Dean Ambrose

Being in  Dean Ambrose’s home town, I absolutely loved how they put him front and centre for the entire show. I found his Payday promo to be hilarious earlier in the show and his personality fit perfectly with the Dudleys.

Even when the New Day keeps their promos short, they still find a way to make me laugh. Of course six man tag matches are typical for Smackdown, but I didn’t mind this one. Instead of seeing it as the New Day vs Dudleys again, I saw it as Dean Ambrose being in the main event. With this being said, the only moment I was waiting for was Ambrose’s hot tag and he definitely made the most of it. There’s nothing better than listening to a home crowd cheer for the hometown boy. It wasn’t special, but I thought the spot of the match was Dean’s missile drop kick because of how the crowd popped. While I’m always fine with the New Day standing tall, I didn’t expect for them to get the last laugh in this contest. Overall, solid main event for a solid Smackdown.


This Smackdown didn’t further storylines at all, but it kept me entertained. The backstage segments were great and so was the in ring action. This comes across as the show where performers are more relaxed, and have a good time. The low point of the show was wasting Cesaro & Neville vs Barrett & Sheamus, while the high point was the main event. Overall I give this episode of Smackdown a 7.5/10


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