Wednesday Wrap Around – Who’s Next in Line for the US Title? (Oct.14)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

As most of us know, John Cena will not be with the WWE for the next two months. Obviously he can’t hold onto the US Title during his time off (or can he?) so the WWE must crown a new champion by Hell in a Cell. Cena himself has done a superb job at building the credibility for that title, so it only leaves more questions about who can take it from him. The spot won’t be easy to fill, as the open challenges have been a staple for 2015 WWE programming. In this week’s edition I’d like to explore the potential suiters for the US Title.

Since John has yet to be scheduled for a match at HIAC, I’m betting he’ll host an open challenge, and I’ve based my picks off of that.


In my mind, this seems like the most obvious choice for a new champion. Rusev has history carrying the title successfully and he’s also due for a meaningful feud. Along with this they’re setting up for Lana & Rusev to reunite, so this tells me they’re looking to put his character back on track.

Not only would the Bulgarian Brute look good the the US gold around his waste, but he’ll finally be able to get his revenge on John Cena. For months now, many fans are saying he hasn’t fully recovered from his first feud of 2015, but this would change everything. A win over Cena would only sky rocket him onto the top of the card.

The New Day

After Rusev, this seems like the best choice to take Cena’s spot. I just realized it would take three men to replace the power of one. Jokes aside, these three are on an all time high, and the WWE needs to fully capitalize on this. Their momentum has been going strong as they’re one of the few big attractions on Raw.

If it were up to me, I’d have the New Day cheat their way out of a win against the Dudleys and then defeat Cena during his open challenge. The trio would look stronger than ever and would officially be more than just a comedy act.

Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler, more than anybody else on the roster, is in need of a change. The change shouldn’t just be giving him a title, but it means giving his character something new to work with, like a heel turn. He’s been a babyface for two years and he’s done the most that he can. The fans do love him, although I’m sure they’d like to see something more fresh. If Ziggler were to beat Cena and turn heel, he would become one of the more interesting characters on WWE television.


The reasons behind choosing Cesaro are quite evident. The man has a vast amount of fan support and he knows how to entertain them on a nightly basis. While his qualifications are there, this is where my list becomes more about wild cards than favorites. Cesaro is still seen in a different light by the WWE brass, as they don’t seem confident in his ability to draw. I’m going to get into their possible reasons, but all I know is this would be a great way to carry him into the new year.



Will Sheamus cash in his MITB briefcase for a shot at the US title? It seems like a waste of a cash in, but the WWE is in need of some fresh ideas. This would easily enhance the credibility of the title (even more) and keep Sheamus away from the main title picture. My only issue with the Celtic Warrior taking over Cena is that he’s feuded with a good amount of the midcard already. Who would he feud with heading into November and December?


I feel a heel beating Cena (clean or dirty) would be the best way to switch the title. This is why I predicted all heels to potentially dethrone the leader of the Cenation. That way his return story line would click better. Either way, we know he’ll be dropping the title come October 25th, and it will be a big moment.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Who’s Next in Line for the US Title? (Oct.14)

  1. I thought Dolph was the right choice and I was surprised to see them battle last Monday instead of HIAC.

    Rusev I don’t see happening unless Lana joins him following the awful soap opera scene we got Monday.

    Cesaro would be my pick, but WWE is kind of blind with him.

    Sheamus wouldn’t be a bad thing, but agree with your comments. He wouldn’t bring anything new.

    Neville would be interesting, even Kalisto. Would be a way of lowering the belt a bit to make it more available to mid carders. U.S. is way too high on Cena’s shoulders.


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