Black and Blue – Canada’s Finest Edition (Oct.2)


After a roller coaster type Raw, I was interested in seeing how they’d book Smackdown. After watching it, I can’t say it was any better. For the most part, it felt like the writers had some awesome ideas but decided to cut them short.

Opening Segment

I know this feud has its critics, but I truly love how they’re using Smackdown to build it as much as Raw. Rollins urgency on the issue was quite high, and it allowed us to see that he takes this situation seriously. I was fully expecting Kane to drop the personality disorder gimmick, but it was hilarious to see him wake out in crutches. What made it even funnier was how Kane tried to turn it around on Rollins. The only thing that turned me off this segment was that it went too long. There were a few moments where I believed they could have stopped and moved on. At one point their dialogue just started to feel repetitive.

Team Bella vs Team BAD

That’s right, Team BAD is still lurking around on the main roster. My guess is that they’re waiting for Sasha to be done with NXT, and only then will they make her a prominent figure in the division. While this may be the case, Sasha made the most of her time in this contest. In fact, both Naomi and Tamina looked quite good in this contest, and by that I mean they played to their strengths. Normally Tamina is better in short spurts, but she found a way to shine here. The only thing I had a problem with here was Naomi’s attempt to springboard on the ropes before Nikki landed an elbow. It just looked like she jumped on the apron. After watching this, I think without a doubt that Sasha has adapted the best to the main roster style than either Charlotte or Becky. For the most part, this turned out to be a solid opening match.

Kevin Owens vs Ryback

Wow, I’m surprised they even had this match on Smackdown, because I was expecting it to occur at Hell in a Cell. It could have at least been the main event, that way the title would be given a slight boost. Does anybody else know if they even advertised this match? The two kept me hooked for the entire match; their chemistry is growing as they feud. At first, Booker’s heel commentating threw me off, but he knows how to put over talent without sounding ridiculous. He continuously talked about Owens’ talent as opposed to talking about other nonsense. While Kevin did cheat to win the IC title, I love how he can go toe-to-toe with the big guy. It gives him much more credibility as a heel and a performer. Of course this title wasn’t going to switch hands here, and I was never given the feeling it would. That’s why a match of this caliber should at least be advertised a week in advance. Other than that, this was a solid performance.

Neville & The Lucha Dragons vs The Cosmic Wasteland

Why? It’s like they don’t know what else to do with Stardust and Neville, so they just keep them in limbo. At no point was I interested in what was happening in the ring, even with the Lucha Dragons wrestling. While this match went five minutes, it felt too long.

Bray Wyatt Promo

I’m really happy they followed up on Raw’s main event with this promo. Going into this show, it was one of the only things I was thinking about. It was even better that Wyatt recognized that match as a complete war. From what they’re presenting, it looks like this feud might carry into Survivor Series, so I’m fine with a Roman vs Bray match at Hell in a Cell. It’s even better if it takes place in the cell itself. The stare down was slightly too long though.

The New Day & Seth Rollins vs The Dudley Boyz

If Kane is upset with Seth Rollins, why would he book him in a 3 on 2 handicap match? Seems to me as if he’s doing the champ a favour. Since Seth knows how execute comedy, he fit in perfectly with the New Day, and I especially enjoyed their backstage segment earlier in the show. The spot out of this match, strictly because it gave me a laugh, was Seth’s suicide dive that accidentally hit Kane. It was also a great way to get the director of operations to the back. Along with this, Seth’s tantrum over Kane leaving, it gave us a reason to look forward to the finish of this contest. The actual in ring work was good, but since I’ve seen the Dudleys and the New Day wrestle several times, it wasn’t anything mind blowing. With the demon making his way into the ring, the Dudleys win was a complete after thought. He should have chased after Seth after the finish and then choke slammed the competitors.


This was a strange episode of Smackdown, because it had potential, but the execution was done oddly. While they kept feuds relevant, they didn’t feel special. Although the in ring work was pretty good .The low point of this show was the Neville-Stardust 6 man tag, while the high point was Owens-Ryback. Overall, I give this show a 6/10.

One thought on “Black and Blue – Canada’s Finest Edition (Oct.2)

  1. Although Ryback and Owens was a good match it was way below their previous encounter level. Match-wise it was superior to RAW, but it had almost no matches at all. Four in the two hours. I’m against recycling RAW matches in Smackdown, but I never meant not having matches at all. Use other talent. Strongman vs. Mark Henry, Ziggler vs. Harper, Zack Ryder vs. Rusev, etc. You can have a feud progress even if the involved parties are not facing each other, distractions, commentator in ringside, etc


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