Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – WWE at MSG, What’s the Point? (Sept.30)

141010_, New Lights are tested at Madison Square Garden, NY, NY, for Sunday, J.C.Rice

The WWE is now doing their second live house show on the Network and it has me thinking. For the amount of time they put into the Beast in the East special, this one doesn’t seem to be as important.

I hate to compare things like this, but it’s really been bothering me. First of all, I’ll start off with the lack of hype on this card, which is horrible. I don’t mind the Big Show vs Brock Lesnar match, but the rest of the card completely turns me off. Yes, I understand it’s considered a house show, but since it’ on the WWE network, it should be a special event. Lately the Network has been on fire in terms of giving us orginigal content, why not continue that pattern? I don’t think this should be as special as a PPV, but I do believe it should give non payers of the Network incentive to purchase. At the end of the day, one can purchase a PPV, but you can’t purchase this special unless you’re there live or have the Network.

We shouldn’t have to see the exact same matches they’ll showcase at Hell in Cell. The whole point of the Network should be to give fans something they wouldn’t see in other media outlet. I just went to the WWE house show in Toronto, where they gave us some similar matches, and I don’t believe that’s best for business. The idea of Seth Rollins wrestling John Cena again makes me yawn. At this point I don’t care if they wrestled in a hybrid of a Punjabi prison and inferno match, I still wouldn’t have any interest. A special such as this should be produced with 100% originality, which makes this different from any episode of Raw or Smackdown. I think even a tag team match featuring Rollins, Owens, Cena & Kane would have worked out. If not a match, a potential contract signing would give the fans in attendance and at home something to look forward to.

What made the Beast in the East special different was that the matches were different from what was on regular TV. Even if some of the matches were done at house shows, some of the contests had significant meaning to it. Brock’s match was something of its own, and so was Finn’s. Along with this, it was broadcasted at 5 AM eastern time, which automatically makes it more unique than any other show the WWE has produced .There’s no way I’m convinced that Owens is dropping the title to Jericho come Saturday, and same thing can be said with Cena vs Seth. Doesn’t anybody feel an open challenge would work out better? I feel the least the WWE could have done was build some sort of title match that had some significance. Other than Brock vs Big Show, I can’t say I’m looking forward to anything else on this show.

If done right, the WWE could have had the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic conclude at this show. This way Takeover would have a NXT Title match. If anything, they could have built a potential second main event for the next NXT live event, because right now the only contest on that card is Sasha Banks vs Bayley in the iron women match.

I understand the main purpose of this show is to promote Lesnar, but since it’s on the Network, they should use it to promote other feuds. If they choose not to promote other feuds, at least give fans original matches that wouldn’t occur on TV or at house shows. I’m just trying to say that the WWE missed a large opportunity in terms of promoting this live show.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – WWE at MSG, What’s the Point? (Sept.30)

  1. Completely agree. This show has nothing inviting to watch. Big Show vs. Lesnar is not enough. We know what will happen. There’s no way Lesnar is going to lose on his once in a red moon appearances and even less when getting ready to face Undertaker. The only thing that might be remotely interesting would be an Undertaker appearance. That owuld be the only way Show can get the win somehow. There was a lame RAW this week and I expect the same on this show.

    It’s another missed opportunity of showcasing different talent.

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