On to the NXT One – The Boo Boo Face Edition (Sept.24)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

Sometimes the fans completely forget that NXT can have an off week, and this was one of them. Sure, every now and then they have a dull show, but that doesn’t make terrible. This show is proof that even the most exciting wrestling product can produce a dreadful show.

Eva Marie vs Carmella

Based on the replay from 3 weeks ago, it seems like their running with Eva’s lack of ring awareness. To her credit, the big boot looked pretty good. What did get annoying was her consistent mockery of Carmella, because she kept yelling the same thing. As already mentioned, they’re running with Eva’s no kick out gimmick, that’s exactly why it was done here, and it was a success based on the fan reaction. If they book this angle properly, they might have something for Marie.

Bull Dempsey vs Tyler Breeze

Breeze has now been part of three consecutive episodes of NXT, and he’s been impactful on each one. I truly enjoy these two as rivals as well, because they know how to play to each other’s character. Surpringly, that chemistry isn’t found with everybody. Based on their work rate, I’d love to see these two continue this feud into Takeover, with a stipulation of some sort. I’m still not ruling out a potential partnership, which could be quite similar to Team Hell No. For the most part, I enjoyed how this match played out. Not only was the ring work steady, but it delivered in terms of drama.

What truly makes no sense is that Tyler breeze is set to wrestle Apollo Crews at Takeover. Why? Instead of having a program with Bull for three weeks, they could have spent that time pushing this match up.

Asuka Debut

Other than watching a few clips online, I don’t know that much about Asuka. Based on what I’ve seen, she looks solid in the ring, and she definitely has unique look. Her English isn’t the best, but similar to Hideo, that can be masked and improved over time.

I thought Dana Brooke was the perfect person to interrupt this segment. She’s done such a great job at developing a heel character that I was excited to see how this would turn out. I didn’t like how they got Asuka to leave the ring after being degraded by Emma and Dana. I understand they weren’t wearing any ring gear, but some sort of physical confrontation would have made this much more enjoyable. They would have been better off just having her debut for Takeover, in a match.

Blake & Murphy vs The Vaudevillians

Having to see these two teams compete again actually forced me to take small break before watching. Normally I look forward to wrestlers I haven’t seen in a while, but not Blake & Murphy. Also, have we even seen the tag champs since they won at Takeover: Brooklyn? Other than recaps from that show, I can’t remember the last time they were on NXT programming. Based on their little exposure, this title match wasn’t as nearly as exciting as it could have been. Even while they did wrestle a good match, I couldn’t find myself invested in this contest whatsoever. I’m glad the producers didn’t completely end the show with a Vaudevillians celebration.


This episode of NXT was absolutely brutal. There were moments when story lines were furthered, but even then the segments fell completely flat. Believe it or not, the most consistent part of the show was Eva Marie’s match, simply because they built her character. Even the Breeze-Bull match felt like a waste, just because Tyler is now set to wrestle Apollo at Takeover. This show felt as if the bookers and writers took the night off. The low point of the show was the main event, while the high point was Breeze vs Bull (they still looked good together). Overall, I give this show a 3/10.

One thought on “On to the NXT One – The Boo Boo Face Edition (Sept.24)

  1. Action was short, but the potential for next show with Azuka’s debut sounds promising. I would prefer them to keep working Azuka week after week vs. dropping a match out of nowhere for the PPV. I also enjoyed Eva’s match besides the end. It does the trick with the fans though.


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