Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – Kevin Owens Teaches Us Patience (Sept.23)


I’ve brought this up before and I’ll say it again, wrestling fans are extremely impatient, and this includes myself. We watch Raw every Monday night expecting story lines to make sense right away, instead of waiting for a big payoff. It’s fair to say we’ve done this with Kevin Owens.

Let’s keep in mind, Owens hasn’t even been with the company for a full year, yet a lot of us were ready to march down to WWE Headquarters with our pitchforks once he dropped his second match to Cena. After that second loss, the WWE still showcased him in a high role, yet it would only be good enough if he had been in the main event. Let’s take a step back, and think about how ridiculous that would have been. This man has only been on the main roster for two months, and he still has dues to pay within that group. It doesn’t matter how big he was on the indy circuit or how amazing he was for NXT, there are still many wrestlers ahead of him on the food chain on the main roster. Those men still need to be taken care of first considering they’ve done and attracted much more within the past year than Owens. After everything they’ve put into Rollins, would it be fair to just throw KO into that picture? Considering how they debuted him on the main roster, I’m sure there was a huge group of performers that were jealous of his opportunity.

Sometimes as fans we get caught up with emotions for our favorite wrestler, and forget that they need time to become relevant to the rest of the audience. I take a lot of my experiences from the casual fans I watch with and base WWE’s marketing plan off them. It wasn’t until the past month or so that these casual fans in my inner circle began to notice how awesome KO truly is. Before that they were more concerned for Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, John Cena, Bray Wyatt, etc. Based on first impressions, they weren’t initially taken away by the Quebec native. Keep in mind, he was a highly touted prospected, and is allegedly close with Triple H, how can that possibly be forgotten about? They have a plan for him, it’ just a matter of time they execute on that plan. It was the same case with the divas revolution, as they needed time to adjust to all fans. At this point I’m sure most fans have accepted Charlotte and are now hooked with the Paige heel turn. A push to stardom doesn’t occur overnight.

This all comes down to how impatient we are as fans. Usually when talent is great, the company notices. Yes, there have been instances where it takes a nudge from the majority of the fan base (Daniel Bryan), but they recognize talent. While some wrestlers have taken a huge dive after losing to John Cena, Kevin was not one of them. He was still booked well after those consecutive loses, and was consistently given a spot of TV. If you watch Smackdown, you’ll notice they have given him a ton of exposure. As of now, our internet darling, Kevin Owens, is in a great spot being the Intercontinental champ. I couldn’t think of a better spot for him, because this is the phase he makes an even bigger impression. I’m confident he’ll take advantage of this opportunity, because I can’t recall the last time that title has looked so good on somebody. Also, if anybody has been paying attention, the WWE put him front and centre for Montreal media this past weekend. This goes to show that they’re serious about him being an ambassador for the brand.

As fans we should remember that Cena, Rock, Austin, Orton, Punk, Edge, Angle, etc. weren’t built overnight. Building a superstar will always take time, and regardless of their background, they’ll always need to pay their dues. We’re now finally happy to see KO in a position that suits him, but keep in mind that even a pro wrestling veteran such as him still requires time.

One thought on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Kevin Owens Teaches Us Patience (Sept.23)

  1. I guess it depends on the type of fans you are talking about. Casuals want him to rise quick. Seasoned fans, like myself, appreciate his talent but are calling for Cesaro instead.

    I’ve been always criticizing the amount of talent in limbo. We need a brand split and a chance to showcase different talent. They have done this in recent weeks mostly on Smackdown and has worked great. Talent like Dolph, Lucha Dragons, Zack Ryder and others could do great if time is given to them and booking is backing them.

    Overusing talent gets them burned and injury prone besides the chance of fans getting bored of the same thing.

    I respect Cena as a performer and like his matches as of lately, but he was stale for a long time.

    Again, brand split and some more titles (Hardcore, Cruiser, European) can be used effectively for the low to mid card even if that happens on Main Event.

    Sometimes it just looks like WWE is hoarding talent to avoid competition from using them, but not all wrestlers are just happy with getting a check and doing house shows.


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