The Raw Rollup – Tricep Meat From Across the Pond Edition (Sept.22)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

Apart from my Sens losing a pair of split squad preseason games, I can confidently I was content with last night. Raw wasn’t extremely strong, but it had some great moments. While they took focus off the in ring work, they did an amazing job at creating drama.

Opening Segment

To be honest, I thought Roman’s first appearance on this show would be dedicated to him addressing the Jericho situation. I guess he’s okay with his terrible judge of character. Reigns’ reaction from the crowd was sign that he’s now starting to reach the level of where they want him to be. Even his promo was on point, because he kept short and sweet. There’s no need for him to beat around the bush, as he’s more affective when he just gets to the point. Most of the time I’m okay with a 15 minute opening promo, but I couldn’t complain about this all out brawl. It was brilliant, and summarizes the beauty of these two teams feuding. I’m glad they Orton has finally found a place in this feud, as he should have been the rightful third man.

Seth Rollins/Kane Backstage Promo

I don’t care what anybody says, once these two started talking, I couldn’t stop laughing. They could have easily had Kane go back to the “demon” verson of himself, but I’m fine with him playing both roles. It makes his character more unique, and allows for this feud to be more entertaining.

Neville & The Lucha Dragons vs The Cosmic Wasteland

We just watched this match the NoC pre-show, I don’t think it was worthy of a rematch right away. Also, after all the drama that happened between the opening segment and backstage segment, this was quite the drop. To make matters worse, the first commercial break occurred in the middle of this contest. After that break, I had lost all interest.

Ryback vs Bo Dallas

KO definitely looks better with the title, there’s just something about the way he carries it. He also has a different type of confidence when he holds a championship, and it brings out the best in his heel persona. I tried to focus on the match, but commentary was just too great for me to not write about. There’s no hiding that the Quebec native stole the spot light.

Charlotte Celebration

Charlotte has received a small amount of criticism for using Ric Flair’s mannerisms, but I thought it was smart for them to use Ric to anchor this segment. His promo alone felt genuine, and allowed for this to be a feel good moment. Both Charlotte and Ric may cry a lot, but the tears made this an affective promo.

That Paige heel turn was awesome, and probably her best yet. I thought she transitioned well from a good friend to a complete jerk. Her heel rant was on the level of AJ Lee’s rant about Total Divas. Along with this, I thought Nikki executed her words extremely well. This promo was easily the best moment of this whole revolution.

Charlotte vs Brie Bella

Charlotte went through quite a few emotions within the span of minutes, so I was glad her frustration and anger was shown. The start of the match was entertaining, but it slowly died off though. The performers did well, but the drama had disappeared. I’m glad Charlotte won, but this match was very anticlimactic.

Sheamus vs Mark Henry

Did Mark Henry lose weight? He was looking much slimmer since the last time we saw him. For the way they built him early in the match, did he really need to be jobbed out quickly? If this was the case I’d rather just watch a Sheamus promo.

The New Day & Rusev vs The Dudley Boyz & Dolph Ziggler

I guess this Rusev-Ziggler promo isn’t completely over yet. It was refreshing to see Dolph and Kofi start this match though, it’s been a while since they’ve competed. In fact I just realized a Dolph-New Day feud would be a great option after he’s done with Rusev. The four would be comedic gold. The highlight of this match was Xavier Woods playing Rusev’s theme song with trombone. What also helped with the enjoyment of this match was how the Rusev-Ziggler feud wasn’t mentioned that much. It’s a sign that both are entertaining when not tied to a terrible program. In terms of in ring work, this was the best we saw in the show.

Natalya vs Naomi

I for one was happy to see Natty back in action, and it didn’t look like she missed a beat. Her style goes well with Naomi’s, because she knows how to work around the acrobatic move set. I think Natty’s loss was smart, because it’s a great way to get her to join Paige in her movement.

Big Show vs Cesaro

Well this match left me with a sour taste last Thursday, so I left my expectations low. If they want to keep Show looking strong for Lesnar, why not just have him run through a ton of jobbers? That way he doesn’t hurt any star that’s built momentum. There’s absolutely no way both men left this match looking strong. Negative criticism aside, I did enjoy Big Show’s post match promo.

John Cena vs Seth Rollins

Based on the magic these two have created for the past month and a half, I didn’t mind a rematch. Also, they didn’t go very long, so that helped. I didn’t expect for the two to recreate the match from NoC, but they did well with the time that they had. I don’t normally enjoy pointing out physical features of wrestlers, but has Cena’s bald spot become larger? It was much more noticeable than it was at NoC. The spot of this contest for me was Rollins executing a STF which transitioned into a crossface. It wasn’t anything amazing, but I have a soft spot for heels stealing moves. Some might have a case for Rollins losing clean to Cena, but I was fine with it. Within two nights Cena has shown why the US title is almost as valuable as the WWEWHC, and has made the AA a credible finisher once again. Along with this, I loved that Kane showed up after the match was done. The big red machine didn’t interfere in a big match but yet he was properly booked to look like a monster afterwards.


Normally promos are a hit or a miss on Raw, but I can confidently say every star of the WWE delivered on their promos. I don’t remember the last time every wrestler delivered their lines that perfectly. With that being said, the show did have to suffer in another aspect and that was wrestling. There were a few too many matches that failed to grab my attention. The low point of the show was Show vs Cesaro while the high point was Paige’s heel turn .Overall, this show deserves a 7/10.

3 thoughts on “The Raw Rollup – Tricep Meat From Across the Pond Edition (Sept.22)

  1. Pretty close to my review. I write my own and then compare it with yours. Some minor differences but we think alike in many points. I would have some more Diva matches instead of some squash matches they had. Some awful booking decisions, sadly that’s the norm. But the show was really good.

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      1. It was awesome, I expected it to happen on Night of Champions and prevent Charlotte to win out of jealousy. Still was spot on and needed. I’ve been calling for the team breakups for a long time. Raw was awesome one that sense. Take a look at my review later today. I would love to see your comments.


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