The Casual Smart Review: Night of Champions 2015 (Sept.21)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

I hope everybody enjoyed their weekend, along with Night of Champions. It was a quiet weekend for myself, but this show definitely proved to be the highlight. It’s fair to say this PPV delivered, and it made me realize the WWE is serious about putting on a good show during the fall.

Ryback vs Kevin Owens

I’m glad they chose to open the show with this match, as the crowd immediately loved everything they did. The spot of contest occurred early on and it was Owens pushing Ryback into the ring post. It was a simple move, but it looked extremely painful. That spot alone gave Owens a target throughout the entire match, which was great for consistency. I knew they were going to do well, but not this well. These two went on to show amazing chemistry with each other. For two larger men, they really found a way to work a fast style while switching to a slow pace. I didn’t mind the finish, but I really thought it would have been better for Owens to execute his finisher after raking Ryback’s eyes. Either way, I’m just happy to see Kevin with the IC title.


Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev

JBL’s reasoning for disliking Dolph Ziggler was quite logical, and Michael Cole sounded ridiculous for trying to justify Ziggler’s reasoning. I wasn’t impressed with the two at Summerslam, and I wasn’t impressed here. They’re both solid performers, yet they could only work a slow pace, which only made the match boring. This match had no business going as long as it did, and Ziggler had no business winning.


The New Day vs Dudley Boyz

Once this match started I realized it carried a big match feel, which can’t be said for most tag team title matches within the past few years. While it did start slow, the New Day found a way to make it compelling through the use of their theatrics. I’m also happy they allowed for the Dudleys to own the momentum in the first half, just because it stepped away from the traditional tag team formula .The match was decent for the most part, but the ending was spectacular. It allowed for this feud to continue and it left the fans happy. My guess is that they’re saving all the action for an inevitable tables match at Hell in a Cell.


Nikki Bella vs Charlotte

Someone on the production crew botched hard, because Charlotte’s music was played slightly too early. I guess it’s better to have a small botch in production rather than a small botch in the ring. Initially I thought Charlotte legitimately injured her leg, and she did an amazing job at convincing us. After Nikki started to work the knee, it was clearly a work. In fact, Nikki did an amazing job at targeting the leg of Charlotte, it truly made her look like a despicable competitor. To Flair’s credit, she did just as well selling. I feel this match showcased what was so great about Charlotte in NXT. I’ll admit, I was seriously shocked that this match ended clean. My eyes were on Paige to make some sort of heel turn tonight, but looks like they’ll be saving it.


The Wyatt Family vs Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, & Chris Jericho

Believe it or not, my friends and I were just speaking about the recent string of fans running in/interfering with all former Shield members before the match started. I find it hilarious that a fan happened to show up. On a more serious note, nobody should ever do that for a few seconds of fame, it’s highly disrespectful and unsafe for the competitors in the ring.

For the most part I enjoyed this match, but they made the mistake of allowing Strowman to wrestle early on. His moment should have been a hot tag, as it would make his presence more impactful. By having him wrestle early on in the match his weaknesses were easily exposed. Jericho’s hot tag felt extremely meaningful, because they waited and he has history with the Wyatts. Even when Bray and Chris were wrestling, they displayed their hate for one another. I wasn’t too sure what to think of the finish, because it made Jericho look like a complete clown. Also, with the way they left everything, it seems like Roman and Dean will now feud with Jericho.


Seth Rollins vs John Cena

I thought the idea of Rollins wrestling back-to-back matches was brilliant, because it adds a lot more drama to the night. The slow pace at the start made complete sense for Rollins, and as a fan I thought it was part of his obvious strategy. Was it me or did Seth show some babyface tendencies? I’m specifically referring to his pointing out of the crowd’s wave. If anything, it completely confused me. Aside from that, I thought these two continued to impress fans. Their chemistry within the past month and a half has been very natural and it didn’t end here. With the way Rollins was wrestling towards the end, you’d never guess he’s wrestling a second match. Even though he mainly does it with Cena, the spot of the match was Seth’s double suplex. I was perfectly fine with the way this match ended, because of how well these two performed.


Seth Rollins vs Sting

This truly was Rollins’ night, because not many others can wrestle two consecutive singles matches. Not only did he have to steal the show with Cena, he had to carry Sting in the next match. While Seth was selling quite a bit, Sting still looked pretty good for a man his age. He wasn’t out of shape, and he was able to keep up with the champ. He didn’t just go through a table, but he delivered a cross body to Rollins outside of the ring. Seth’s resiliency was too obvious to ignore, and I‘m glad neither Cole nor King disputed this. In fact, half through this, most of the commentary was split down the middle, which is quite uncommon. I’m convinced that the roll up wasn’t maybe the planned ending because Sting did seem injured towards the end. Overall, I was pleased with this match, and the two men delivered big time.

The post match actually had me pulling my luscious locks of hair, as I was praying that Sheamus wouldn’t cash in. It was nice to see Kane make his return, because it was a complete swerve, and enjoyable. I was very happy with how this ended, because now we’ll finally get to see Rollins feud with the not so corporate Kane.



Other than the first match, my predictions for this show were completely off, but that goes to show that the product is not as predictable as we’d like to think. For the most part, I thought the entire show flowed very well, and it kept me hooked. Also, most of the work rate was superb. The low point of the show was Rusev vs Ziggler, while the high point was Cena vs Rollins. Overall, this show deserves a solid 7.5/10.

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