Night of Champions 2015 Predictions (Sept.19)

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With Night of Champions a night away, here are all of my predictions.

Ryback vs Kevin Owens

After thinking about it, I believe this would make an awesome opening match. It would be given a good amount of time to elevate the title and both superstars, while getting the crowd excited for the night. Ryback’s actually looked very good as champion, but I think his time is up, as Owens will beat the big guy clean. I’m also expecting some hard hitting spots.

The Wyatt Family vs Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, & Unknown

Ever since the emergence of Braun Strowman, this story line has become arguably the most compelling on WWE TV. Along with this, we’re in for a surprise of some sort with Reigns and Ambrose’s new partner. Since everybody is taking a guess, I predict they pick Cesaro. It wouldn’t make the most sense, but I’m not expecting them to give us someone like Finn Balor or Samoa Joe. In terms of match winner, expect the Wyatts to go over, because this won’t be the last match. I imagine they’ll keep the mystery partner in this feud, so it would make sense to extend it one more month.

Nikki Bella vs Charlotte

One thing I know for sure is that Charlotte is not winning the title tomorrow night. It seems to predictable, and I feel there’s a better story in her chasing as opposed to dominating right away. At the same time, Nikki won’t be winning clean, as I believe she will get assistance from Paige. If you’ve been listening to commentary during Paige’s matches, they’re truly hinting at her losing streak. This will lead her to becoming frustrated and turning on her fellow teammate.

Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev

I’m not sure if I’m being worked, but Ziggler has not been likable in this feud, so I’m hoping he can leave this feud after the match. Lately Rusev has been on the bad end of all these shenanigans from Ziggler, so I predict he wins in convincing fashion.

The New Day vs The Dudley Boyz

This match could easily steal the show tomorrow. It has all the right ingredients to keep the fans entertained such as good wrestling, potential table spots, and comedy. I just can’t picture the New Day dropping their titles after winning them at Summerslam. Also, the Dudleys should be used purely to make the younger team look good. I predict the New Day pulls out the win, but not cleanly.

Seth Rollins vs John Cena

Does anybody know if this match will be the main event? I imagine they’d want to showcase Sting at the end of the show as opposed to the beginning. As a Rollins fan, I’d love to see him keep the title, even if that meant another Jon Stewart run in, but my gut and heart are telling me he won’t. Expect Seth to drop the US title to Cena in this match, just so that his WWE title match will be more intense. There may also be a possibility of him tapping out in order to raise the tension for his bout with Sting.

Seth Rollins vs Sting

Here’s my bold prediction for this PPV, Sheamus cashes in his briefcase sometime during the match and makes it a triple threat. This allows Seth to get a cheap pin on Sheamus, and it also keeps Sting looking strong. I’m hoping this is their way of getting the briefcase away from Sheamus. There can be a million different ways to book this match, but this is the way it comes out well for most parties.

I’m not predicting this, but I feel like it would be amazing if Rollins kept both titles by winning both matches back to back. Similar to how Chris Jericho won at Vengeance 2001, meaning Seth would win due to interference and a ton of luck. His stock as a heel would sky rocket.


Feel free to leave your thoughts on my picks, but more importantly, leave your some of your bold predictions!

2 thoughts on “Night of Champions 2015 Predictions (Sept.19)

  1. I think is too early for Ryback/Owens feud to end. Is too good and too short of a build. Is the same feeling on most matches IMO. I agree about Cena winning and Seth retaining vs. Sting. Interesting theory for that match, but I believe Seth retains and Sheamus tries to cash in but Seth escapes.


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