Black and Blue – Broken Wood is No Good Edition (Sept. 18)


Raw was decent this week, but Smackdown truly found a way to sell the fans on NoC. From the Bellabration to Sheamus, they hit on every important detail. I hope the WWE continues to use Smackdown like this, because it works.

Opening Segment

I’m not sure if it was a sound effect or if was real, but I can’t recall the last time Seth was booed that much. If it was real, it’s a good sign that he’s getting under skin of many fans. He essentially sold both of his matches, and I thought it worked well. I imagine it’s tough to come across as a despicable heel when standing next to Rollins, because Sheamus spoke like a babyface. Other than screaming at the crowd, I was surprised to see Sheamus back to his old self, with his happy go lucky personality. I very much enjoyed this promo as the two men showed to have great chemistry on the mic.

Team BAD vs Team PCB

Does anybody else feel like we haven’t seen Becky in action for a while? Due to this, I was more excited to see her than any of the other women in the ring. For amount flack the divas normally receive, they’ve actually improved quite a bit in the ring. The finishes may be questionable, but the work rate has gotten progressively better within the past few weeks. This match impressed me quite a bit, as it was a well worked tag match. Sasha and Naomi especially looked like a well oiled machine. Since the commentators alluded to Paige’s recent losing streak, this match ended perfectly. Clearly this setting up for something bigger, which can happen soon.

Kofi Kingston vs D-Von Dudley

There was just something about Big E’s passion behind the petition that made me burst into laughter. I expected this to last much longer, but I’m a lot happier they were allowed to resort to shenanigans instead. While they’ve been given a lot of story line development, there’s never too much when the New Day is involved.

Cesaro vs The Big Show

I’m actually surprised they didn’t save this match for NoC. Normally a singles match with Big Show is quite boring, but I found the Swiss Superman found a way to make this contest look good. In fact, this match showcased how well Cesaro can perform, because his selling and offense were on point. After putting in so much hard work, I wasn’t a fan of this finish. Cesaro had no reason to lose clean, and I feel a DQ finish would have been better. This contest left me rather bitter.

Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler

Booker T has thrown me off with his new heel commentator gimmick, but he did a fantastic job at putting over Owens. He truly put him over as a legitimate threat to Ryback. Based on Ziggler’s ability to sell, he looks awesome in the ring with someone such as Kevin. Their two styles really did compliment each other, and I’d love to see them properly feud one day. I was enjoying this match until Ryback made his way out, because it made no sense. Why did Ryback need to interfere? The match was still going on, so a run in would only make sense after it was over.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins & Sheamus

For some reason Sheamus’ theme has been stuck in my head, and I was pumped to watch his entrance. I thought the opening of this match was superb, as they found a way to hit fun spots. Even though it slowed down, it was an amazing way to get the fans hooked. These four men lived up to the main event as neither of them looked bad. Initially I thought Sheamus would look out of place, but he found a way to make his presence known. While he is a heel, he made a compelling case for why he could easily cash in on Rollins. The highlight of this contest was when Reigns and Rollins got tagged because they just executed everything smoothly. In the past the two have lacked chemistry, but they looked great here. Overall, I absolutely loved this match. Not only did Roman and Dean look good, but it created meaningful tension between Rollins and Sheamus. This contest alone sold me on Sunday.


It seems as if the WWE treated Smackdown as the true go home show, because it was much more affective than Raw. It touched up on the main feuds and did a great job showcasing what Sheamus could do on Sunday. The low point of the show was the finish to Cesaro vs Show, while the high point was the main event. This show easily deserves an 8/10.




7 thoughts on “Black and Blue – Broken Wood is No Good Edition (Sept. 18)

  1. I get the reason for the Ryback run in….KO was, at that point, simply trying to injure Dolph. He was going for the ring apron power bomb that “injured” Sami Zayn. Ryback sees someone simply trying to hurt a good guy, he’s the sort to help out. Make him look good, gets a good pop from the fans, makes KO look like a mean spirited heel simply out to injure people….it worked for me.

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    1. I agree with you. On my mind this left both Dolph and Owens looking strong without a clean result. They had great chemistry together, a feud with them would be great for business.


  2. I too miss seeing more of Becky. She seems like the most complete of the new comers. Charlotte has the skills, but is hard to tell how much is due to his own doing or the Flair legacy. Sasha still doesn’t surprise me. She’s in the shadows of team BAD on the main roster, although I liked what I saw in Smackdown. Anyway, she seems to have way better success on NxT. Booking?

    Anyway, I seem to like Becky’s whole package better than the rest, including Paige. I never bought her stock


    1. I find Becky to be the second best, right behind Sasha being the best. Thats as an overall package though. In ring I found Becky to be the best when adapting to improtu moves. I think once they remove Sasha from team BAD we’ll see her emerge to the top.

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