On to the NXT One – “You’re a 4 at best” Edition (Sept. 17)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

I truly didn’t know what to expect from this show going in. All I knew was that the ironman match announcement would occur at some point. It actually turned out to be a very strange show, because I felt I didn’t have that much to say.

Tyler Breeze vs Adam Rose

It was a shame that Breeze and Bull couldn’t build a tag team together, because their personalities go so well together. Since I don’t read too much into spoilers, Rose’s new character threw me off. I actually thought they had booked a triple threat match when Bull’s music hit. Initially I was confused, but the three had an amazing back and forth on the mic. I was 100% happy with we were given in this segment, as NXT hardly ever uses the opening segment to further smaller feuds.

Tye Dillinger vs Danny Burch

The most entertaining part about this match was the commentary team, especially Graves. This was the match Dillinger should have had when he introduced his “perfect 10” character. It didn’t help when he switched but continued to job. This way the crowd was able to invest in his persona, and all the attention was on him. If they plan on growing his character, it would be wise to book him in these types of matches.

Apollo Crews vs Solomon Crowe

Crews looked absolutely brilliant in this match. After watching this, I know all of his NXT matches will be a treat, hopefully. At first I thought they brought Crowe into job to Crews within seconds, but instead they used it to hint a heel turn. While Crowe didn’t come out victorious, I thought he still won in a way. By giving him a change of heart, he might be poised for a push of some sort.

Don’t get me wrong, Apollo’s finisher is very visually appealing, but I don’t think it will be practical in the long run. I believe it would be smart to give him an alternate finisher that he can execute faster.

Rhyno & Baron Corbin vs Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano

Ciampa and Gargano are in need of a team name, because two men of their skill need something less generic. At the same time, they did just debut, so creative still has time. I didn’t think much about them last week, but they truly impressed me in this match. To me it seems as if they were more comfortable in their new environment. Once the match over, I thought it was great that Corbin was the one to stop the momentum of the new comers. His entire agenda has been about taking out wrestlers that have performed on the indy scene, so this adds to his character. I also thought it was neat how Corbin fought for this win, because it shows he’s becoming capable of wrestling more than just squash matches.

Bayley vs Sarah Dobson

Bayley’s intro was very heart warming, and it was a testament to how well she can connect with the crowd. I couldn’t help but smile through her entire entrance. While this was sweet, I don’t think they needed to have a match, because a promo would have sufficed. Their promo was long enough for it to close the show alone. In fact Sasha would have received more boos if she had appeared during Bayley’s opening celebration. It’s actually quite interesting how Bayley’s character exudes charisma, yet her promo skills aren’t fully there. Most people won’t realize it, because she’s great at masking it with her smile and emotion. It was great to hear the announcement of the ironman match, but it didn’t have a great affect simply because it was already heavily spoiled online.


I wouldn’t say last night’s show was anything special, but it wasn’t by any means bad. If anything, it’s safe to say this show felt very average. I still recommend watching this episode over a beer, because it had decent in ring work. The low point of this show was the Dillinger-Birch match, while the high point was Bayley’s intro. This extremely mediocre show deserves a 6/10.

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