Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – Sheamus & The Briefcase


Since the emergence of the Money in the Bank briefcase, it’s proven to become the most unpredictable element in WWE. Most of the times us fans are completely unaware of how and when the WWE will execute a cash in. While being the most unpredictable, it has also created the most excitement. As it currently stands, the MITB briefcase is with Sheamus, and there’s a good possibility his cash in won’t be received well from fans. With the WWE most likely knowing this, I’m almost certain they’ll give him the green light to cash in sooner than later.

There are fans out there that hate this idea of the WWE World Heavyweight title being carried by Sheamus, and I believe they have the right to be upset. Traditionally, September-December is weak period for the company, so would it really be smart to put the strap on an upper mid card talent? I do feel Sheamus is a solid wrestler, but he’s nowhere close to the level of Seth Rollins in terms of being captivating. The Celtic Warrior can generate a few boos to absolutely no reaction from crowd, and I wouldn’t take that as a good sign. Along with this, Sheamus is coming off a dull and winded feud with Orton, which hasn’t truly kept him fresh in the mind of fans. I think his interactions with Seth within the past few weeks have been the most his character has developed since returning in March. In fact, had he been booked in a proper feud for the summer, fans might be excited to see a potential cash in from the former champ.

Did the WWE book themselves into a corner by giving Sheamus the briefcase? I’m almost certain he won’t carry the title into Wrestlemania, or even next year’s Summerslam. To me, this seems like it was done just to swerve fans. Sometimes it’s not great to be too predictable, but every wrestling fan knows that swerves aren’t always the greatest idea either. I’m under the impression that either Rollins, Cena, Reigns, Ambrose, Wyatt, Lesnar, Sting, or Taker will be the ones to main event those two shows, so where exactly does Sheamus fit in? Chances are, if he cashes in before February, expect him to drop it at Fastlane.

While there’s enough arguments to not have Sheamus win the title, I also see the logic behind it. There’s times where I wonder if everything they did with Sheamus is a complete work, to build him as a larger heel. These days it’s difficult to get the most loyal of fans to despise heels, so why not push him in a way where he’s somehow hated? To an extent, this might be the best way to cause uproar through out the internet forums. We live in a time where kayfabe is nearly extinct, and the company needs to find creative ways of getting fans worked up .In a way, I can see how this would make sense. What if Sheamus happened to cash in on Rollins this Sunday, but dropped it to Roman Reigns come February? There’s no denying that the WWE would get the pop they they’ve always wanted for Reigns. Also, that way they can find a way to win over some of the internet fans.

*Side Note- There’s also a good chance the WWE does the same thing with the Bellas. While I understand some fans dislike them because of ability, or lack of, to wrestle, there’s no doubt they force them on fans so they can be hated. This is company knows when to keep their heels traditional, such as Rollins and Owens, but know when they need to tweak them.

If history has taught us anything about the MITB winner, it’s that he always suffers a few losses before cashing in. Based on Sheamus’ track record from the Raw after Summerslam to this week’s Raw, he’s been on a losing streak. If I was a betting man, I’d pick him to cash in on Sunday. At the same time, my gut is telling me that Seth won’t wrestle 3 matches.

Back in June I was convinced Roman Reigns would capture the MITB briefcase, but since Sheamus did, it’s thrown a wrench into all predictions. By having him hold that briefcase, fans are left to ask many questions about the title picture within the next few months. Since he hasn’t cashed in yet, we don’t know whether the outcome will be good or not, but chances are it won’t sit well with the fans. Who knows, maybe that’s what they want from us.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Sheamus & The Briefcase

  1. On my mind, Sheamus haven’t been used enough in the shows. I’m used to the many matches of the holder using it to hit opponents to get wins, etc. Haven’t seen that much. I share your concern about the fan feedback. I don’t think the fans would take it too good if he cashed in, but who says he needs to win when he cashes in? Stats show that most cash ins are successful, making him lose might be interesting and unexpected pushing Rollins even further. Your theory about Seth vs. Reigns for WM would be awesome as well, but I really don’t see Seth losing the belt until Wrestlemania, he’s too good for wrestling, the fans and for business to do that, specially to replace it with Sheamus. He might cash-in following the RAW rematch as it usually happens. He might try to cash in on the PPV but Rollins would run away.


  2. My dream for Sunday night, which I’m sure won’t happen, would be for Sting to pull off the win but be clearly winded/worn down. Sheamus would then come out to cash in so that the fans would think Sting had his moment of glory but was being used to transition the belt – only for Sting to then miraculously beat Sheamus. Boom! The cash in would be over. Sting would come out super strong as the new champion, and we would all be able to move on. Sting would then headline the next pay per view against the Undertaker and they would feud for months, with ‘Taker winning the championship 1 last time. Then Brock Lesner could challenge Undertaker for the championship at the next Wrestlemania? Sting and ‘Take could retire gracefully and we could go back to the Beast as champ.


    1. To an extent that is a very likely scenario. I can see them using Sheamus just for the audience to freak out for a few seconds. Part of me is starting to believe he’ll cash in right before Sting vs Rollins starts. That way if they want to keep the title on Seth, they can have him pin Sheamus and not Sting. This would keep the title on Rollins, and allows Sting to look strong. I don’t believe it would do any harm to Sheamus though.


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