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The Casual Thoughts – Charlotte vs Nikki Bella (Sept.14)


I hope everybody enjoyed their weekend. It was opening Sunday for the NFL, and even though I was watching a few games my mind was still on Raw. This particular topic I plan on discussing has been on my mind all week, as it might not be the brightest idea for the Divas division.

Now that we’ve gotten used to the NXT divas on the main roster, the WWE has finally started to work on a meaningful feud. I was willing to be patient on this “divas revolution” but I can’t say the same thing for other fans, and now many of them are demanding significant changes.

Yes, it would be exciting for Charlotte to capture the Divas Championship on Raw, but that excitement would last for one night. The reason I say this is because their feud has hardly been developed. Would it really mean anything if Flair won on Raw? She herself has only been built as an in ring threat and that’s it. I understand what they’re trying to accomplish, but as it stands I don’t feel there’s an emotional connection with her character. A great example of this can be found from last year, when Paige beat AJ Lee on her debut. It was exciting in the moment, but Paige didn’t truly hit her stride until months later. Before then she went through some rather dull stories. I would absolutely hate to see Charlotte suffer a similar fate, just for the sake of change.

Based on the current program, it would make more sense for Charlotte to build a legitimate feud with Nikki Bella. This scenario allows for her to receive more momentum and time for character development. Along with this, they can use that time to make the feud more about her and Nikki as opposed to Team PCB vs Team Bella. As of right now, I feel like I’m watching a team feud over one title. Both women have completely different personalities, and a singles feud can easily write itself.

As for Nikki Bella, I don’t believe it makes sense for her to drop the strap on Raw either. Only within the past two weeks has she truly bragged about beating AJ’s record, why not keep it going? The entire countdown clock gimmick is working for her and I’m convinced she can use it every week to generate some real heat. If she continues to annoy the fans with her title reign, once she drops the title it would mean much more. It would be a complete waste for them to book Nikki like this and just have her drop the title in 2 week old feud. I firmly believe fans enjoy watching history being made instead of just referring to past events all the time.


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