Black and Blue – New Day All Day! Edition (Sept.11)


We’re entering a very dull time of the year for pro wrestling, and it’s tough for every show to be good. Raw suffered from this seasonal illness, but I’m glad Smackdown gave us some hope. The key is about keeping the show consistent in terms of flow, and that’s what the WWE gave us last night.

Opening Segment

Aside from the attack on Randy Orton on Raw, we haven’t seen much of the Wyatt Family this week. To be honest, I didn’t care for what Bray had to say about Roman, but more about Randy Orton, and this promo suffered for not making that the first point. I normally enjoy Wyatt’s promos but this one was just terrible. His mention of Orton didn’t seem that significant, since Wyatt himself brought him up as an afterthought. My guess is that creative refused to progress this feud on this show.

The Miz vs Cesaro

Within the first minute, this contest was already more entertaining than their encounter on Raw. This was probably because of how soured I was over Wyatt’s promo. The Miz obviously wasn’t going to come out on top, but it was great that he was at least competitive. There was no better match to open the show than this one, as the two found a way to hit many emotions in the crowd. The crowd was allowed to boo and cheer, which is a sign of a good performance.

Paige v Sasha Banks

This matchup has the potential to amazing, but within the past week, the WWE has found a way to exhaust it. Was there no way Becky Lynch could have squared off with her fellow horse woman?

The two divas did a great job at getting the crowd hooked within the first two minutes. I wasn’t expecting them to compete that hard that quickly. After a few minutes in, I thought this match had already surpassed their work from Raw. I can’t even recall the last time I’ve seen a women’s contest move this fast on the main roster. I was also glad to hear their ring ability was able to generate a crowd chant. The finish though, was absolutely terrible. I’m aware it wouldn’t have been a great idea for a clean finish, but then why give the fans such an amazing match? While it wasn’t the most brilliant of finishes, I do like how they’re branching into a secondary divas feud.

The New Day vs Jimmy Uso, Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

Jimmy Uso was amazing in his hot tag, and it was refreshing to see him wrestle after a long absence. The fans were behind him and he also looked excited to be wrestling in front of a television crowd. I didn’t notice one bit of ring rust on him.

I enjoyed most of this match, there was one downfall, and that was the lack of Xavier Woods shouting. While the New Day is showcased as a cowardly heel stable, I enjoy how they can still be booked as legitimate threats. This allows the viewer to know that the three are still champs for a reason.  In this particular match, they did a solid job at making Roman Reigns look like gold after his hot tag. The spot of the match was undoubtedly Reigns’ superman punch to Woods.

Bray eventually made up for his terrible opening, as I loved the finish. Not because they took out a friend of Roman and Dean’s but because of his simple words spoken afterwards.

The Lucha Dragons vs The Ascension 

I don’t understand why the Ascension was allied with Stardust last night but not on Monday. After months, the Ascension finally got revenge are their NXT archrivals. I was genuinely happy to see the Ascension win, because this program seems to have tons of upside for them. Before I couldn’t stand the former NXT tag champs, but I can behind them if they’re in a feud that works.

Seth Rollins vs Ryback (Lumberjack Match)

Since the two aren’t feuding and they wrestled a great match on Raw, I was on board for a rematch. The early highlight of this contest was when Ryback got tossed out of the ring and only attacked by Bo Dallas. That honestly gave me a chuckle. Rollins and Ryback weren’t given as much time as they were on Raw, but it gave them the opportunity to work a faster pace. Due to their quick pacing, their wasn’t a dull moment. The addition of the lumberjacks also made this extremely entertaining. Normally I don’t care for these clustered matches, but this one fell together perfectly. Usually the lumberjacks don’t showcase their feuds, but I was surprised to see it here with Neville and Stardust. It was refreshing to see such a fun main event with a stipulation. The ending was perfect, as it gave Seth his win, and Owens his spotlight.


After that initial Bray promo, I was scared that this show would completely crumble. I was glad to see that the show insistently turned around and given a consistent flow. It’s fair to say this was better than Raw. The low point was obviously the opening, as the high point was the main event. Overall, I give this show a 6.9/10.


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