Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – Eva, She’s Just Not Ready (Sept.9)


Several days ago Dave Meltzer stated on Wrestling Observer Radio that the WWE is planning on putting the NXT Women’s Championship on Eva Marie in the distant future. Of course a rumor of this caliber caused a storm amongst the hardcore WWE fan base. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why fans are opposed to the red hair wonder. As of right now, she simply lacks the “it” factor that people can get behind.

There’s no doubt that Eva Marie is an attractive woman, and it’s one of the main reasons the company has put so much stock into her. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, because if this experiment goes in the WWE’s favor they’ll pulling in a ton of money. While many fans might not be behind her now, she can easily grow the way Trish Stratus did. Let’s keep in mind that the Hall of Famer Trish wasn’t exactly the best performer when they initially brought her in. The only difference between Eva and Stratus is that the latter was booked much better in her early days, although this doesn’t mean the Eva situation can’t be fixed. I always believed that Marie would benefit with starting in a simple role such as a valet/manager.

As the current situation sands, she should be nowhere close to dethroning Bayley anytime soon. Since 3 of the top 4 women in NXT have made the main roster jump, the next challenger should not be a rookie. Without knocking Marie, that title has been held by some prestigious prospects and it should continue that way. Also Paige, Charlotte, Sasha, and Bayley have done a miraculous job at giving that championship some meaning. This reason alone should make the WWE brass realize that things should stay this way. There are current women on the roster that are much more deserving of that top, and not just because of seniority, but because they can connect with the fans.

In a short amount of time we’ve seen how Alexa Bliss and Emma have improved their characters and in ring talent, I believe those two should be next in line for a feud with Bayley. On a smaller scale, Carmella and Dana Brooke have proven they can use their charisma to hide their lack of in ring skill. With Eva Marie, she has absolutely nothing to offer in either of those departments. Her promos have no charisma, and her wrestling ability looks robotic. These skills take wrestlers years to perfect, and it’s hardly ever done in a small amount of time. Someone that has been training for only 9 months should train another 9 months before entering a major story line. Unfortunately, her situation is far different from Roman Reigns’, because at least he was over to large segment of the fan base. Also, he’s still a decent in ring worker.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Total Divas, it was just revealed that Marie and the Rock share the same manager, which is proof her manager may carry a lot of leverage within the WWE. This is probably the reason, along with her look, that she’s receiving this kind of push. With fans now knowing this, it makes me wonder if the WWE cares about what their fans think of their product. At this point, Hunter and company have done an amazing job at making NXT one of the top brands amongst wrestling fans. Pushing Eva Marie in this kind of environment isn’t only damaging to her, but the image of NXT. We love NXT because it’s the alternative WWE gives us to the main roster, as in captures the true essence of a super indy. Never has it been about forcing fans to get used to a wrestler, but more about organically liking them. If some wrestlers aren’t received well at first, it’s okay because they have time to be developed. I’m pretty confident that if reports weren’t surfacing about the WWE strapping rockets to Eva, her backlash would be insignificant.

One day I hope fans look back and say they overreacted about Eva Marie, and that goes for myself. With the right amount of training and time spent in NXT, she can definitely build the skills to become a champion. If the WWE continues to blindly push her, I just can’t imagine it going well.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Eva, She’s Just Not Ready (Sept.9)

  1. I completely feel the same. Her amazing looks are undeniable. Her in-ring skills have improved a lot, but still feels robotic as you say. Even running thru the ring. Sliced Red is not as smooth as it should be. She just needs to spend a good time on NxT. Don’t push her too hard or it might ruin her career. I like her character, heel madame fatale. I’m not concerned with her ring skills, she’ll get it. Charisma is the department I’m more concerned about. That can’t be really taught.


    1. I honestly believe if she develops in NXT for another year or so, she’ll notice a huge difference in the way she wrestles and the way the fans view her. Everything about her screams heel, meaning she could have a future on the roster. In terms of charisma, she just needs to find something that clicks, doesn’t always have to be mic skills.

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      1. Agree. I saw her doing the title gestures lately, is too soon for that. The fans are booing her, but is for the lack of skills and botched matches. Once she’s over that she’ll shine.

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