Black and Blue – Use Those Shoes Kofi! Edition (Sept.4)



As fans we often complain about not the midcard feuds not being interesting, but if the WWE used Smackdown for this purpose it would make the entire product better. This is exactly what they did last night, and I thought it worked great.

Opening Segment

It’s been bothering me for quite some time now, why does Jimmy Uso still wear his face paint while on commentary?

I loved how the New Day can still find new examples for tables. This whole save the tables bit would have been butchered by any other tag team in the company, but only these three know how to make it look good. The best part of this segment was how the trio made sure the table was kept safe when the Dudleys approached them; it had me laughing quite hard. I enjoyed the promo up until the PTP interrupted the Dudleys. I can’t recall the last time Titus was schooled on the mic, but Bubba and Devon came across much stronger. This didn’t do anything for making the PTP credible.

Dudley Boyz vs Primetime Players

After hearing Titus’ promo crash and fall, I saw them as a jobber tag team compared to the Dudleys, even though the match was even. The highlight of this match was the New Day on commentary. I mean they were brilliant in every way. The champs could have been announcing for the entire show and I would have been fine with it. My only beef with them and the actual commentary team was how nobody even tried to put over the PTP, which made them look like complete after thoughts. The New Day barley even mentioned their past feud.

Stardust vs Neville

I was 100% against this match happening again, but I’m sure everybody felt this way before the new story was worked in. The Ascension is the perfect entourage for Stardust. They may not carry that whole galactic gimmick, but their look is odd enough to fit. I absolutely loved how they created this story on Smackdown, because it made the show feel much more special.

Sheamus vs Cesaro

Say what you want about Sheamus, but those boos fit his entrance perfectly. If I were watching wrestling for the first time I’d say he’s doing something right to anger fans. This is a feud I can actually get behind, because something tells me it could lead to something fulfilling for Cesaro.

Even after his two losses to Kevin  Owens, Cesaro finds a way to captivate the audience. In fact he’s had a terrible record over the past two months yet his popularity continues to grow. I’m starting to believe this man could be immune to losses. What made his performance special against Sheamus were his uppercuts, and ability to sell that rib injury. He let the viewer know that every offensive move hurt him just as much as the opponent. He sold it well enough for the crowd to react when Sheamus targeted his injury. Some may feel otherwise, but I happy with that finish. The finish was clean, but not clean enough and it was left wide open for a potential feud.

Miz TV

I don’t know why, but I was curious to see how this segment would turn out. Then it clicked in my head, it was the Miz that me look forward to this promo. I can confidently say he did not disappoint with his well timed reactions. Also, can someone explain to me how Summer’s promo work was better than Dolph’s? I’ve never been a big Summer fan, but her emotions and line delivery were great. If I learned anything from this promo, it’s that Rusev is a better boyfriend than Dolph.

Bo Dallas vs R-Truth

Bo clearly had a change of personality during the match, and the commentators sold it as him being scarred, which is something I can get behind. Rarely do we ever consider the mental state of jobbers, but I’m glad it was well showcased here. I’m not sure if this is going anywhere, but I think it can.

Charlotte vs Tamina

I didn’t care much for this match, and I’m glad it wasn’t very long. What I did like about this match was how Charlotte used her Natural Selection finisher as she did on Raw. It’s important that it becomes a consistent move in her arsenal, especially if she’s receiving a large push.

It also looks like Charlotte vs Nikki could take place sooner than later, which shows the WWE is listening to it’s most vocal fans.

Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns vs The New Day

Going into this show, I had no idea that the New Day would be showcased twice. This is what I’d call best for business. Along with this, I enjoy Reigns and Ambrose, so I got to see 5 of my favorite performers in a solid main event.

This is exactly the type of match Roman and Dean needed, because it gives them some time off from being involved with the Wyatts. While that feud has found new life, it’s essential it stays fresh. It was also evident that those two were having a blast during this contest. The in ring work was great from both teams, but the true highlight was Xavier Woods, as usual. It wasn’t just the trombone but the comments he was yelling. The spot of this match was Roman throwing Kofi and catching him with an upwards thrust. That spot had Kofi written all over it, because not many can sell a move like that in midair. Once everything was said and done, I was highly pleased with this match. It was easily my favorite part of the show.


I felt this was a very basic, but fun episode of Smackdown. It only progressed midcard story lines, but it made the best of the top performers on the show. If the WWE did this more often, I feel most programs would be much more balanced and entertaining. The low point of the show was Charlotte vs Naomi while the high point was the main event. Overall, this edition of Smackdown deserves a 7.8/10.

3 thoughts on “Black and Blue – Use Those Shoes Kofi! Edition (Sept.4)

  1. I prefer 100% having some work on the midcard on Smackdown than having the same people on RAW and SMackdown. The midcard need time as well. So many wrestlers in limbo I’m glad saw the arena lights.

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      1. Completely agree, I have been calling for the brand split for a long time. This show was proof there’s enough talent for having two great shows without one being just a recycling center of the other one.


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