Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – Sting’s Here, Let’s Enjoy Him (Sept.2)


Last night the internet was full of Sting boasting Hunter jokes, and for the most part they were pretty funny. Jokes aside, I thought it was quite the smart angle for this Rollins-Sting feud. I don’t believe it took away from the main competitors, but instead added to their program. Once this feud is all said and done, it will most likely be one of the top programs of 2015.

For anybody that was upset with Sting’s respect for Hunter, relax, it’s all part of the grand scheme. In a kayfabe sense, I took those comments as Sting getting in into the head of the champion, similar to how Stephanie explained it. For weeks on end, Seth has continuously bragged about becoming the greatest of all time, this was just the first time Triple H’s name had come up in the conversation. By playing mind games, not only do they accomplish Rollins’ hatred for his opponent, but it creates depth for the eventual Hunter-Seth feud. I’m convinced it will now be put on the back burner until the Raw after NoC. If it’s not pushed asided but instead continued next week, then Rollins has something to keep him busy until the next appearance from Sting. Even though Cena should be considered his weekly rival, a continuation of just them could turn out to be redundant. With this being said, the other mentions of the Game were not necessary. What happened in Sting’s promo was just enough, along with some subtle frustration from Rollins. Continuously throwing it back into the faces of the crowd during the closing segment made it slightly less natural. As I mentioned in the Raw Rollup from yesterday, Stephanie had no reason to defend her husband’s honor, as that line became an afterthought in the promo.

John Cena on the other hand was perfect with delivering his lines, and made them significant. Yes, he’s allowed to have his rematch, but the way he asked for it was booked smartly. Instead of cutting a generic promo on him being entitled for his rematch, his script allowed him to throw the Authority under the bus, thus creating more friction within the heel faction. We all know eventually Seth will depart from his parent figures, it was just a matter of doing it in a creative manner. I was just hoping they wouldn’t give him a similar story to Orton’s departure, and they didn’t. Seth’s departure from the Authority needs to be a lot more grand.

Moving away from the seeds that were planted last night, I’d like to focus on why Sting is the perfect candidate to wrestle Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. In hindsight, Sting should have beaten Hunter at Mania, and I believe that’s the one flaw holding fans from buying in. The past is the past, and we must look forward to how they build the main event for this PPV. At the end of the day, Sting is still Sting. He’s not just a mediocre wrestler that stuck around with WCW and refused to sign to WWE for years. Sting is still one of the largest attractions in wrestling’s history, which should be enough for him to enter any story line he chooses. I would understand if fans were disgruntled if they inserted Scott Steiner into this as opposed to Sting .Also lets consider this is his first run with WWE and final run in his career, why can’t we just enjoy his presence. Of course Sting would have been better used 5 years ago, but that’s not the case right now. Instead of complaining on how old or how late he is to the party, I wish more fans would suspend there disbelief and allow for a spectacle to take place. I see this the same way I get excited for when the Undertaker returns. Other than being a fresh face, Sting’s persona is large enough for to mesh well will Rollins’ large ego. In the end, we know they’re not booking the vigilante as their top guy, as he was in TNA.

What your thoughts on this feud? Do you believe it will be a success or failure? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Sting’s Here, Let’s Enjoy Him (Sept.2)

  1. As I have stated in my blog, I’m more concerned about Sting not being able to keep up the pace with Rollins. That’s my major concern on the feud. Sting has a lot of buzz, but not on my book. I guess I missed his prime time, but I assume is something similar to Hulk Hogan.

    His recent in-ring performances (really brief) include a Stinger Splash that barely lift off. I’m really concerned about him slowing the match or just bothing it.


    1. Well he’s 55, so his in ring will not be as good as it was 15 years ago. With an opponent such as Seth, I believe he can carry him to a decent match. Similar to how Punk did Taker at Mania 29. In terms of in ring, he was much more talented in the ring than Hogan. Promo was, Hogan would take the cake.


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