Black and Blue – I’ll Take the Ugly One Edition


There’s few times during the year when both Raw and Smackdown are great. This clearly turned out to be one of the times where both shows were extremely impressive. With simple feud progression and some good wrestling, I was entertained.

Opening Segment:

With the addition of Braun Stowman to the Wyatt Family, I’m sure most fans wanted to see how this feud would play out. I actually thought it was the perfect promo to open last night’s show. Bray’s promo explained a lot more than his backstage promo from Raw. He gave the fans a solid insight of Stowman and why he’s part of his stable. What I enjoyed most about this was how mysterious Sister Abagail’s identity became. I always thought he was referring to his actual sister, but after hearing this I started to wonder if she played another role in Wyatt’s life. Has anybody seen the fan video of Roman laughing over Dean’s internet nickname? Well it wasn’t until they came out that I noticed that video was taken right before their entrance, and because of that I had a hard time not laughing during their promo. This joke aside, this segment was simple and effective for their program.

For those that haven’t seen the video, here it is:

The Ascension vs The Dudley Boyz

It’s ironic how the Ascension prided themselves on mocking legandary tag teams and months after they finally had a chance of wrestling one. I’m glad this wasn’t a full out squash match because it gave us chance to enjoy the veteran tag team. By taking their time we got a chance to see them land all of their signature spots, and this made the contest enjoyable. The spot of the match was obviously the 3D, just because it’s always great to see them pull it off. They couldn’t have found a better match to open the show. The New Day’s appearance after the match showed us why they’ll benefit from this feud. For a moment they were becoming popular with the crowd, but with the return of the Dudleys, they now have their heel heat back.

Neville vs Kevin Owens

Jimmy Uso said it best, Kevin Owens always has beef. At one point he was feuding with several different superstars, they should go back to hat type of booking for him because it worked. From a technical and chemistry aspect, these two put on a great show. If they had went any longer, it would be deserving of the main event slot. The spot of the match was defintely Owens’ midair super kick. It was timed perfectly and sold perfectly. I didn’t mind this clean finish, because it’s good for them to book definitive winners for Smackdown. Also, Owens needs more momentum, and hopefully this win will help.

Charlotte & Becky Lynch vs The Bella Twins

Although it was a backstage segment, I thought these 4 women did a great job at selling me on this tag team match. The lines seemed more natural and less awkward then normal. With a use of a better promo, getting invested into a match is much easier. Sasha Banks was awesome as usual at commentary. Becky and Charlotte haven’t spoke about the title, but it was clever for Sasha to bring it up. Also, her reasoning behind receiving a title shot was legitimate. This match wasn’t anything spectacular, but it was much better than what we saw on Raw. The dislike between the two teams felt more real, and it helped that Team Bad was great on commentary.

Seth Rollins Promo

The placement of this segment was done just right. After seeing 3 consecutive matches it was the right time for a major promo. Rollins has shown us how great he is at being self centered and he continued to showcase this trait in this promo when he said A List celebrities would line up to play him in a movie. The entire promo was great though, just because how Seth expressed his anger with Sting. Usually major story lines don’t move forward on Smackdown, but this promo can be used to ignite this into a bigger feud.

Rusev & Big Show vs Ryback & Dolph Ziggler

I was torn for who to root for in this match. I love Rusev, but he was with Big Show. I also enjoy Ryback, but he was with Ziggler. Unfortunately Rusev and Ryback couldn’t team together. The resentment was properly show between Rusev and Show as neither of them could work together. It was important for them to show that, because it shows continuity from Raw. The mark in me really wanted to see Rusev crush Ziggler, but I was happy with how the finish happened. It furthered the small feud of Show and Rusev while furthering the larger feud of Rusev and Ziggler.

Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus

I know I complain about Sheamus, but seeing him wrestle Ambrose in the main event of Smackdown was fresh. The two have squared off several times this past year, but since they haven’t feuded it doesn’t feel stale. Plus their brawler-esque styles mesh well together. The spot of the match was Dean’s running elbow from the top of the table as it was in the height of the chaos. Not only do they brawl well together, but both men move fluidly in the ring with each other. This was proven when Ambrose transitioned himself out of the submission and was powerbombed by Sheamus. Before the interference, these two really impressed me in this match. I’ve said it before, but the WWE should really explore a feud between the two. I personally loved the post match antics. With the new Wyatt family addition, this segment did wonders for the feud. I can’ recall a better moment in their program. I guess it’s much more entertaining when the babyfaces have to work to outsmart the heels.


I’m not sure if the locker room is going off the high from Monday, but this show was booked well. Every segment was placed at the right time, and everything that was shown was meaningful. Normally Smackdown is great for matches, but this week it was amazing for both matches and feuds. I don’t feel there was a low point on this show, but the high point was easily the post match brawl with Reigns and the Wyatts. Overall, I give this edition of Smackdown a 8.9/10.




5 thoughts on “Black and Blue – I’ll Take the Ugly One Edition

  1. Agree this was a great week of events. Still there is so much talent in limbo that it’s ridiculous. Seeing the same wrestlers over and over again gets old quick. Dudleys and the black sheep bring something new, but for how long.

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    1. Thats probably why it was better than normal, because we got to see some fresh yet familiar faces on TV. At the same time, they made an awesome transition into new feuds for certain characters, which should make things compelling until NoC. I know what you mean about limbo, what do you think happens for Ryback, Rusev, Owens, Cesaro, and Ziggler?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ryback could have a potentially awesome feud with Kevin Owens. His last feud with Miz and Show was a train wreck since day one. Rusev will have a match with Dolph for sure. Maybe a mixed tag team? Lana and Summer have been teasing a lot for a match but it would stand on their own. Cesaro I’m not quite sure. He might be involved with Sting to stay close to the title picture or be added to Ryback and Owens feud. That would be a great triple threat!

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      2. 100% agree about Ryback and Owens. Those two looked great together on Monday. Their characters alone would havr brilliant mic chemistry. It would be even better if KO could steal the IC title and build its importance. I have a feeling Cesaro could join Ambrose and Reigns.

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