Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – #GiveDivasSomeTime (Aug.26)


For quite some time now we WWE fans have been begging for a change in the women’s division. Instead using their segments/matches as bathroom breaks, we want them to be meaningful. It hasn’t helped the main roster hat NXT continues to deliver some of the best women’s wrestling in the company’s history. With great reason, fans have not been pleased with what the divas division currently is. Well I’m here to say, change takes time, a lot of it.

Firstly, I’d like to start off with Nikki Bella and the status of the Divas Championship. Since I’m a fan of Total Divas, I’m completely fine with her holding the title. She is currently the most relevant woman on the roster and the most popular outside the regular fan base. With her decent in ring skills and popularity, she’s probably the most deserving of that title. Within the past few months I’ve noticed some of the more hardcore fans express concern over her breaking AJ Lee’s record, and I don’t understand why. Yes, she’s not as talented as AJ Lee, but at this point it would make no sense to have her drop the belt. Putting aside the marketability on Bella, there would be no major difference if Paige or Naomi were champ. It would be even worse to put it on one of the 3 newer women, because most of the casual fan base is still warming up to them .Her long reign will now play a huge role in the “revolution” because when she finally does drop it to one of the newer divas, it will be a huge deal. In that sense Nikki’s booking has been solid (apart from the face/heel turns every week).

Secondly, we need to stop comparing the current situation of the WWE women’s roster to what’s happening in NXT. The hype around the NXT women’s roster is what sparked this entire “revolution”, so with due time, we’ll begin to see the major changes. Let’s keep in mind though, NXT’s women’s division wasn’t built overnight. In fact it just gained traction within the past year, which goes to show that rebuilding talent isn’t a simple task. By just calling up these three women and giving them much more TV time is step up from where the women were a year ago on the main roster. These NXT style storylines will come soon enough, once they can receive more time in front of fans. The fans of NXT loved the feuds because they were given a chance to watch these performers grow into who they currently are. We haven’t always loved Sasha, Bayley, Becky, and Charlotte. As of now, the fans of the main roster are not familiar with the call ups and they will need to watch them grow on the big stage. In my personal experiences, I find most casual fans view these women as just other divas, even when I reiterate how special they are. Us hardcore fans tend forget about how many casual fans are actually watching the WWE. Back in February of this year I got a chance to see a house show where Banks made an appearance. To my surprise, there were very few fans that recognized her.

I can see how fans are upset with the current state of the divas division, this past Monday didn’t help the WWE whatsoever. Keep in mind that Night of Champions is being advertised to showcase all championships being defended, including the Divas Championship. In order for them to take the “revolution” to the next level, this needs to be a singles feud. At most a triple threat. They would only be harming themselves if it turns into a battle royal. Even if Bella comes out victorious, it’s only about giving the fans a chance to emotionally invest themselves into individual divas, not teams. It would probably be wise to have a match including Bella, Banks, and Charlotte. That way each faction is represented. By December we should be getting into secondary feuds, similar to Charlotte-Dana Brooke and Emma-Bayley. If done properly, these can take over some of the useless men’s feuds. Also, can someone give these women a better script to work with? Other than Sasha and Nikki, I feel the rest of them are just terrible at delivering their lines .It’s too late to complain about what happened two months ago, it’s now a matter of them treating each new diva with care and making the majority of fans care about them.

Before we walk over to WWE Headquarters with pitchforks and torches, lets take a step back and see how everything plays out. While we may not believe it, the company does listen to how vocal the internet community is, and it’s been proven in the past. The fact that Rollins is holding two titles and Reigns isn’t is a sign they respect our opinion. True talent always finds a way to break through.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the entire Divas Revolution. What do you think they should do? What have you disagreed with? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – #GiveDivasSomeTime (Aug.26)

  1. I guess it was probably just some NXT ‘fans’ who were around for the weekend and who compare everything to NXT, that started it, trying to be clever/funny. It’s the major side-effect of having the NXT event the same weekend and in the same city, it means NXT smarks will be around who will will always hate on Raw stuff because it’s not NXT. This is where NXT is in danger of becoming its own worst enemy.

    Paige has a point. We all wanted things to change and they (sort) of finally have due to fan power but the fans at Raw crapping on it isn’t gonna help at all. The only way things change is when fans get behind them. The more that happens, the more WWE will be encouraged to keep doing stuff. Take NXT – the Divas were liked so WWE did more with them which lead to more people liking what they saw which lead to more and more as things got better. It takes time and is a learning process. The same can happen on the main roster but it needs people to support it, not hate on it. Crapping on it all the time only discourages WWE from trying to make things better.
    Admittedly WWE have only themselves to blame. They over hyped the ‘revolution’ far too much and were relying purely on internet fans who were always going to compare it to NXT. There was no plan other than “Debut” and “Hashtags”. They basically assumed it would fix things instantly. ‘Give Divas a Chance’ should have been when the changed started, with existing divas that the fans were familiar with to help it along, then the NXT call ups would have had a better divas division to join.
    WWE will now probably react in some kind of stupid way as usual, more hashtags, more promises and will probably rush more call ups.

    WWE half-arsing the revolution doesn’t help either, so it’s no surprise the novelty has worn off for some. There has been no real storyline, random teams, matches for matches sake, burying of all the main roster divas and the same 9 divas involved in all matches all the time. Summerslam was a waste of time – it had nothing at stake and a ‘payoff’ match designed to protect most of the people in it from losing. Did PCB win it/the revolution? If so why were they losing to the Bellas? (Stephanie taking over the whole thing doesn’t help either.)

    It seems the Divas have changed but WWE’s attitude towards them hasn’t.

    Whatever your opinions on them, you have to feel sorry for the Divas. It’s not the first time the crowd has abused them recently either. They are doing the best they can with what WWE gives them. Don’t hate on them, hate on WWE. How would you feel if it was you in that situation? With people hating on you for reasons beyond your control.

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    1. I definitely feel bad for the gals in the ring. They’re just working with how they’re being booked, its not their fault.

      You’re 100% they need to abandon the hashtags and labeling and focus on making this meaningful. It doesn’t help that they refer to it as a revolution when tue only difference is 3 more divas.

      Great point on Paige’s tweet. There needs to be more support for the women now, especially since they’re being given more time. At the same time its up to the WWE to build characters out of these wrestlers. As of now, the only ones with any personality are Nikki, Paige, and Sasha.


  2. I used to LOVE diva matches,up untill about the time Mickie James left wwe. Since then it seems like bsides maybe 2 divas the rest suck on the mic,arent good wrestlers,and are boring to watch for more than 4 minutes a week.

    FYI: that divas match on raw was freakin BRUTAL to watch

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