The Raw Rollup – Seth Rollins: Hustle, Loyalty, Respect Edition (Aug.25)


After the most controversial PPV of 2015, the WWE had many questions to answer. There might have been a few angry fans out there, but I hope nobody was pretending to not be excited for this Raw. I think it’s fair to say that the WWE properly answered their critics and put on one hell of a show.

Opening Segment

I knew Seth receiving a statue would be comical, but this was much better than I thought it would be. While I only expected it to be comedic, they gave it a serious undertone. The only thing keeping this moment from being perfect was Rollins not being at the end of the opening credits.

Every episode of Raw that opens with Heyman and Lesnar automatically makes it a big night. The swerve last night was done solely to build excitement for this promo, and it’s fair to say they delivered. A Paul Heyman rant is why that angle was completely worth it, and spun it into an amazing story. In reality he just recapped the PPV, but he found a way to make it intriguing. The way he called out Taker afterwards was extremely intense. By shutting down the rematch happening at one of the other big four PPVs, for a moment I thought they were crazy enough to have the rematch on Raw. Bo Dallas was perfect for breaking the tension, and it actually gave me a solid chuckle.

The New Day vs The Lucha Dragons

My face lit up when that crowd popped hard for the New Day. It’s just great to see how far they’ve come. I had no doubt the two teams would work a good match, but the best part about this was the promo/song. I’m glad they kept the match short and focused mainly on the trio. The fans didn’t care for a match as they strictly wanted New Day. Honestly, I initially thought the pyro was part of New Day celebration, but it suddenly turned into a mark out moment as soon as I saw it was the Dudleys. I couldn’t think how the WWE would top themselves for this show, as it felt like such an epic moment.  This is exactly the program the New Day needed.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper

When this match first began, I was worried about it putting myself and the live crowd to sleep. I thought it was odd for them to have the rematch, but this turned out to be a great contest. The wrestling was crisp, and the chemistry was better than it was at Summerslam. I thought the spot of the match was Dean’s tornado ddt to Harper because the two worked it so fluidly. The in ring work was solid, but it was finish that made this match worth watching. I’m starting to think this is how the match should have ended at Summerslam. I have no idea who Braun Stowman is, but this made a stale feud (and match) into a must watch program.

Miz TV

For the most part I’ve enjoyed this “Divas Revolution” but it’s about time someone starts caring about that Divas Title. With the lack of urgency towards chasing Bella’s belt, this revolution will begin to feel stale. The mic work here from PCB was lazy, and there was nothing I haven’t heard before. It’s safe to say the Miz carried this promo. Also, Nikki Bella’s promo carried much more substance than the rest of the women. I liked how she at least put importance on the title she was carrying.

Team PCB vs Team Bella

I couldn’t have been more annoyed with PCB from the prior segment, so the mark in me was heavily cheering for the Bellas to steal the victory. Essentially this was a rematch from Summerslam, and I didn’t care to see it. There was nothing of importance coming from whoever won, so I kind of zoned out for most of it. I’m not one of those fans that expects every wrestler to put on a 5 star performance every night, but they need to at least deliver some compelling storylines. The sour crowd was evident they needed this to end as soon as possible.

Stardust vs Neville

I didn’t see that Stardust-Barrett swerve coming, but I’m assuming that’s the last of their friendship. There was no purpose to this match, why couldn’t receive some more time to wrestle? It’s fair to say the second hour of Raw was slacking.

Jon Stewart Promo

While I wasn’t a huge fan of the Stewart swerve from Summerslam, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to hear what he had to say. His reasoning was absolutely brilliant. It turns out Stewart is just a big mark for Ric Flair, and there’s nothing wrong with that. After Flair explained himself, I couldn’t stop laughing at Jon’s heartbroken facial reaction. I find it so hard to cheer against Cena, because he was excellent in promo. With the use of anger his promo came across great. His reasoning was legitimate and his emotion felt real. Before this segment the second hour was looking grim, but the show got back on track afterwards. Also, Stewart sold the AA like a champ.

8 Man Tag Match

To me this screamed “we didn’t know what to do with these guy’s tonight”. Jokes aside, it probably made sense to book this match, because if each feud was done separately the show would feel too busy. My main strife with this contest was the commercial break. I had to sit through 8 different entrances and about 3-4 minutes later they cut to commercial. This was a terrible call from the production crew. The spot of the match was Sheamus’ Irish curse backbreaker, because he caught Dolph with such force it looked incredibly painful. Out of all the matchups, I thought Owens and Ryback looked great together. It would be awesome if the two could feud over the IC title sometime soon. The best part happened after match was over, and it was watching Rusev and Owens work together to take out the Big Show. The WWE capitalized on the fans dislike of Big Show and gave them exactly what they wanted to see.

Seth Rollins Celebration Ceremony

When singing happy birthday, everybody was out of sync, but it was a sweet moment. Seth was on point with everything tonight. With his all black color scheme he came across as Bond villain, and it suited him extremely well. By prolonging his promo, Seth knew exactly how to build the tension .I had a feeling the statue would be replaced by Cena, but my jaw dropped when it turned out to be Sting. I’m not exactly sure where this is going, or if it’s going anywhere, but it was an awesome way to close out the show and WWE’s weekend in Brooklyn.


The show wasn’t a roller coaster ride, but instead it just took a detour for a few minutes. I thought the majority of the show was booked well to keep fans from all over excited and happy. For the most part, the WWE found a way to create/continue all the major stories in the perfect way. The low point was the entire divas promo/match, while there were 5 different high points which include the opening promo, Dudleys return, Braun Stowman debut, Cena-Stewart, and the closing segment. Overall, this show receives an 8/10.

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