Summerslam 2015 Predictions

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While I’m not quite excited for 4 full hours of coverage, I’m convinced it will be a great show. Apart from the Rumble, the WWE usually makes their signature PPVs special. At least with the extra hour, the matches will receive more time, and it can be harnessed to add more drama.

Four Way Tag Title Match

The New Day has spent all summer chasing the tag titles, and I predict they will finally win. This contest will be nothing short of a spot fest. I don’t think it will be bad, because if they work it properly, it can make for an amazing curtain jerker.

Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev

The only thing keeping me interested in this feud is Rusev. This man has single handedly carried it, while others involved failed to keep the crowd engaged. Just for that particular reason, he deserves to go over. It would also make his promo on Raw much more entertaining.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus

I’m not a fan of this feud, but I said that before Battleground and they found a way to put on a great match. Luckily for us fans, they’ve toned down the feud on television, so I’m slightly more excited to see them brawl on Sunday. Orton won last month, and I’m predicting Sheamus to win this match. Also, I’m highly confident that Sheamus will not cash in.

Stardust & King Barrett vs Neville & Stephen Amell

The celebrity always wins, so the outcome is rather predictable. While that may be the case, I feel this will be a very fun match. Amell comes across as a genuine fan, so it will make his presence much more appealing. Also Stardust has put a lot of effort into making this feud watchable, and expect him to follow through with a great performance.

Divas Triple Tag Elimination Match

I know this match will receive a lot of ring time, but I’m finding it hard to emotionally invest in one particular team. It’s not the same as rooting for your favorite tag team or singles competitor. Since Sasha’s been the stand out from the three newer divas, I predict Team BAD will go over. I also expect them to pin Team Bella clean.

Kevin Owens vs Cesaro

I’ve already predicted Owens to lose his match against Balor on the night prior, so I’m confident he gets the clean win against Cesaro. The Swiss Superman has gained a lot of momentum, but I don’t think he’ll lose any of it in a loss to Owens. Also, they’ll end up exchanging wins as Cesaro will go over at Night of Champions.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs The Wyatt Family

This will be another case of exchanging pins, and since Bray won last month, I predict Roman and Dean will emerge victorious at Summerslam. Similar to the tag match, if this match is complete chaos, it will be fun to watch. As I’ve mentioned before, all four of them thrive on wrestling a chaotic style. I’m actually shocked they didn’t announce this as a tornado tag. For those that think Ambrose or Reigns will turn heel, you might be disappointed, because I feel they’ll take this feud into Night of Champions.

Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker

This match carries a big feel, and I’m convinced they’ll send the fans home happy. I just don’t how they’ll make this happen, and I guess that’s part of the beauty. Having a main event that is unpredictable will definitely have most people on the edge of their seats. If I’m predicting a clean win, I predict that Lesnar pulls out the victory. Part of me still thinks that Sting will interfere to cost Taker the match, but could that possibly ruin a good main event? We did just see the last PPV finish in a DQ.

John Cena vs Seth Rollins

Some have Cesaro and Owens pegged to steal the show, but I think this contest will. A few weeks ago these two put on an unbelievable match and I think they’ll find way to surpass that. Similar to the Lesnar-Taker match, this one is also quite unpredictable. What happens to the loser of this match? Of course there will be a rematch, but I imagine the results will be the same as this one. Cena has been dynamite with the US title, and I would hate to see that run end. Rollins is finally starting to get a feel of being the “guy”, so it might be harmful to have him drop the title. Overall I’m torn between my pick, but my gut’s telling me to go for Rollins


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