Black and Blue – Dragon Ball Z Edition (Aug.21)


There’s just some shows I wish I was able to attend live, and I can confidently say last night was one of them. There weren’t any spectacular matches, but there were some great spots and a hot crowd. Simple things such as those can make any wrestling show much more entertaining. The only down part to last night’s episode was that it barely left me wanting more for Sunday.

Ryback vs Big Show

We’re so used to seeing a promo open the show, it was nice to see them change it up here. I didn’t expect the match to deliver, but they worked it well enough to keep me excited. The hot crowd also helped with this contest. I didn’t agree with how the commentators build up the small counter from Big Show. They made it sound like the match should have ended on that small shoulder bump. However their reaction was appropriate for the finish. The barricade spot was a smart was to end this match as it made both competitors look resilient heading into Sunday.

The New Day vs Los Matadores

At first I was looking forward to this match, because we’ve seen it too many times within the past month, but Xavier Woods changed my mind when he decided to attack El Torito right away. With this being said, the main attraction here would be Torito’s altercations with the New Day. The Matadores didn’t add much for me to care about. I think this massive tag team feud just involves too many teams, and it becomes difficult to connect to all of them. The actual match was worked well by both teams, and I really did enjoy the finish. There’s just something hilarious about 3 grown men beating up on Torito.

Lana/Ziggler/Rusev/Rae Promo

It was fun on Monday night, but that excitment for Ziggler’s return died down very quickly. The terrible chemistry was back between Ziggler and Lana, and they were more unlikable than ever. Rusev definitely saved this segment from being absolute garbage. I really do hope Rusev goes over at Summerslam, he truly deserves it for putting up with this feud.

Neville vs Bo Dallas

Does anybody remember when these two had a feud of importance back in NXT? It’s interesting to see where their careers have gone since. Bo didn’t last longer than a minute, but a squash match for Neville isn’t a bad idea before his big Summerslam match. If anything it gives him much more credibility among Stephen Amell fans. Also, there’s nothing wrong with getting the red arrow on the show.

Divas Promo

I couldn’t tell if Nikki was trying to be a face or a heel, all I know is that the babyface persona does not suit her. It also made no sense that Nikki barely brought up the loss she had on Monday. Most heels have an excuse, she completely ignored it. Like the Ziggler-Lana promo, this one was saved by other wrestlers. Naomi was properly used, but Sasha was used perfectly. This promo would have been better if Brie was able to match Banks on the mic.

Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks vs Brie Bella

Was it just me, or did they take an odd commercial break? It came out of nowhere. With the use of Lynch on Raw and last night, I’m glad to see her getting shine. In fact, she looked like the stand out in this contest, as she was given most of the major spots. Overall, I was pleased with the finish (classic heel move) and I felt everything flowed well for the most part. Team Bella needed a win going into Summerslam.

Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, & Cesaro vs Kevin Owens, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, & Sheamus

The intros alone took 6 minutes, I’m not complaining, I was just surprised it took that long. This would have been a neat main event two weeks ago or even next week, but at this point, I thought each feud could have been given it’s own segment. Orton-Sheamus and Owens-Cesaro could have at least used their own separate promos as they didn’t receive much on Raw. This match also didn’t make the feuds for Summerslam anymore important, it actually took away from the PPV. The spot of the match was Ambrose being held back by ref when trying to go after Owens. It showed me that his character cared about this contest and that it wasn’t a write off. I zoned out for most of the match, because it was too long, especially for an 8 man tag. What finally grabbed my attention was Roman’s hot tag. Say what you want about Reigns, but that man knows how to the best out of a hot tag. With the crowd becoming extremely hot for him, it was tough to not watch. The last 4 minutes were complete chaos, but in a good way. I found it hard not to mark out when everybody was just landing their finishers on each other. For a match that didn’t sound great at first, it had me on the edge of my seat by the end. I can only imagine this being much better for the live crowd.


Could it have been better? Of course, but I can say that about any show. After I was done watching this, I realized it was built in a way to look better for the live audience than the home audience. I was hoping they would find a way to cap off some of the programs before Summerslam, but instead they focused on having fun. The low point of last night was the Bellas promo while the high point was the finish of the main event. Since there were no major developments this show was slightly above average, meaning it receives a 6/10.


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