Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – Aye We Want Some New Day! (Aug.9)


In the past few weeks I’ve decided to discuss some deeper topics for wrestling fans. This particular week I’ve decided to write an appreciation piece on the New Day. I hope readers enjoy this article, and feel free to leave some feedback.

The New Day has gone through quite the transformation in the span of a few months. A team that was meant to win over fans with a babyface gimmick failed miserably, but has now won the audience over with their heel persona. They are now one of the must see attractions for the WWE .There’s a good chance these men have used the power of positivity to make this gimmick work for them. Since they hinted their heel turn back in March, I’ve been a proud supporter of this team, and I still can’t believe how likeable they’ve turned out to be. With all of this being taken into consideration, I believe the New Day is one of the most entertaining and well used stables within the past decade or so.

The New Day clicks because they carry a slight amount of star power. It’s helped that the audience is familiar with all 3 of these workers. Along with this, they’re each entertaining in their own unique way. This why these men don’t have to carry the tag titles to feel important, because their personalities are larger than the tag division. While they don’t consistently roll through every tag team, they still have the aura of being the team to beat. The reason they don’t need the titles is because they can push themselves without it, while teams like the PTP are irrelevant without them.

This may sound extreme, but I highly believe this 3 man group might be the most effective and entertaining group since the Shield. While comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges, I’d rank the New Day second best 3 man team after the Shield, within the past decade. I know many people may argue the Wyatt family deserves to be second best after the Shield, but they just had too many feuds where the booking was controversial. I personally didn’t mind the way the Wyatts were booked, but it didn’t help their cause when most wrestling fans believed they look weak in some feuds. The beauty of the New Day is that they don’t have to worry about looking weak, because it’s all part of the act. Most of the time they cost themselves matches because of their stupidity, but it adds to their heel persona. When they do pull out the win though, they look like geniuses. As a team, they know how to sell every victory as if they won the Stanley Cup, and they know how to treat every loss as a lesson. Not every character in pro wrestling can get away with not caring for losses. I can’t recall the last time two consecutive PPV losses translated into more popularity.

I would have been completely fine if Raw went off the air like this. 

What allows me to enjoy the New Day more than any other tag team in pro wrestling is their use of current day humor. If any of my readers are up to date on the current memes shown on Reddit or Instagram, you’ll know that they use this in subtle but effective way. It’s a smart way to connect with a younger audience and give them a genuine laugh without doing much. By using “What are those?!” and “Got Eeem!” during matches or promos makes it easier to relate. Details such as this let me know that the 3 men have a grasp on what’s actually popular outside of wrestling. Many of us fans know the WWE enjoys recycling old jokes within their programming, but it hasn’t affected the trio. By organically getting over with most of the WWE universe, I think it’s fair to say they’ll be making a babyface turn in the near future. If the WWE doesn’t interfere with their chemistry too much, they might have something special in terms of moving merchandise.

Also, if anybody has had the chance to listen to their interview with Chris Jericho, it’s easy to tell they’re having a blast. Even without hearing their thoughts on the gimmick, it’s evident they’re enjoying themselves more and more. That is what ultimately allows a fan to become invested, when the actual wrestler is invested in the character. If done right, this stable will continue to entertain us with online memes, dancing, and good matches. There is no doubt in my mind they are one of the acts for the WWE.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Aye We Want Some New Day! (Aug.9)

  1. They kind of remind me of Chris Jericho ‘lion heart’ version in WCW. He came out with an annoying character more or less preaching some form of positivity while acting like they are gods gift to wrestling. I could literally see Dr. Woods unravel a long scroll of papers listing off 1004 of Kofi or Big E’s moves. Lol.

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