The Raw Rollup – WHAT ARE THOSE?! Edition (Aug.4)


The video package the WWE put together for Roddy Piper was amazing and I would like to send my condolences to his family.

After airing such great programming last week, the WWE had the bar set high for the start of this week. Unfortunately they didn’t reach the level of last week’s show, but it was still a fun watch. A show such as this shouldn’t be presented so close to Summerslam because of the lack of story line development. This being said, they did an amazing job at paying tribute to Roddy Piper.

Opening Segment

Since we had a long weekend here in Canada, I was completely drained and had a tough time getting up to turn the TV on. Believe it or not, I was completely energized once they played the Raw opening theme with the video. There’s no better way to make Seth look like a jerk than having him brag about breaking Cena’s nose. The look on his face when talking about Cena’s nose was priceless, he genuinely looked disgusted. I felt this promo was executed extremely well. Rollins captivated me throughout the entire segment because he never rambled on. The substance was all meaningful towards his feud with Cena. I’m glad they didn’t actually bring El Torito out, because that would have caused this segment to go south.

Seth Rollins vs Neville

These two put on a show a few months ago, so I didn’t expect anything less from this match. They even started the match on fire. I was pretty upset with the commercial break, because they just had one before the match started. It’s worth noting that I was highly amused by JBL’s support of El Torito possibly accepting the open challenge .The spot of the match was Neville’s german suplex reverse combo with Rollins. Everything about it was just fluid. Did that near fall make anybody else’s heart skip a beat? I legitimately thought we had a title switch on Raw. The rope break spot was also quite shocking, because I didn’t even see Seth’s foot on the rope. That was one of the more creative finishes I’ve seen in a while. All of that drama just made this match much better. Overall, this was an awesome opening to the show.

The Lucha Dragons & Los Matadores vs The New Day & The Ascension

We saw this match on Smackdown, so I can’t say I was excited to see this again. Not that it was bad on Smackdown, it’s just something I didn’t want to see twice within the span of 4 days. The highlight of this match happened right before the commercial break as Big E pointed to one of the Matadores and shouted “What are those?” For those that don’t understand the joke, it’s a reference to an internet vine. I found that match didn’t actually become entertaining until the end, similar to their match on Thursday. The New Day needed this win, and it made for a better confrontation between them and PTP.

Charlotte & Becky Lynch vs The Bella Twins

After seeing Paige get pinned/submit back to back, she is truly looking like the weak link in the group. We haven’t seen this matchup since the women from NXT came up, so I was excited to see how it would play out. I really did enjoy watching the Bellas utilize different double team moves. Since they looked coordinated and in sync, it made them look like a stronger team. The newer divas couldn’t be pinned clean, but neither could Nikki. Having Brie take another clean loss would just make her and her team look terrible. Booking the finish to this match wasn’t going to be easy. This being said, I was legitimately shocked when Nikki tapped. They’ve done a pretty good job at keeping Bella protected, but this must mean they have a lot in store for Charlotte.

Miz TV

Miz’s comments about Piper’s Pit was a solid way of paying tribute to Piper. I loved how he made his comments out of character, and just as smoothly went back into character. The support between heels is always hilarious when done right, and it was done perfectly between Owens and Miz. I found this segment to be really effective for the Cesaro-Owens feud. The reasoning for their mutual dislike was explained, and it was simple. All these two needs is a simple reason to feud .While the two did a great job on the mic, the best part of this was Miz’s face in hopes of a brawl.

Rusev vs Mark Henry

These two did feud last summer, but I don’t remember anything great from their matches, meaning I would probably forget about this match. I thought Henry would at least tap out to the accolade, but hopefully they use this as an opportunity to elevate Rusev’s kick.

Bray Wyatt Promo

This segment was enjoyable for one reason, Sheamus joining Wyatt while he was cutting his signature promo. In kayfabe, how did these two even discuss everything or plan this promo out? I just thought it was slightly comedic.

Zack Ryder vs King Barrett

King Barrett is slowly being rehabbed, so it seems. They’ve given him a chance to shine without doing anything important, which hopefully will fix his character. A couple of squash matches should give him some momentum.

Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar Promo

They over did it on the two video packages. Luckily for the WWE, Paul Heyman can work around this, but either way, it still waters down the segment. I completely forgot about this when Brock came out and Heyman went off. Paul just knows how to flip that switch where his words sounds so intense that he just captures the attention of everybody watching. My only problem here was that Brock just stood there, and nothing really came out of this promo. In fairness, with two part timers, it’s difficult to have something for them.

Paige vs Naomi

I thought these to put on a solid contest, but I found the first divas match of the night to be much more entertaining. There just seemed to be more drama in the first one. That being said, the wrestling in the ring was slightly more fluid. Paige really needed that win, more than Naomi. She’s been on the losing end, and needed to look strong.

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, & Sheamus

Believe me, I was excited to see this match, from the second it was announced. For some reason though, this match just screamed middle of the show. Since this feud hasn’t closed out a show yet, I was expecting something else for the end, but I guess it’s good to mix things up. After a few seconds I realized what’s been turning me off from this match, and it was the Orton-Sheamus feud being inserted. I didn’t want to see it at the start, why would I want it in the main event? Oddly enough, my favorite moment was watching Orton get the hot tag. He just knows how to elevate the energy in a match. This entire contest got the crowd excited, but I felt it didn’t further the feud between Reigns & Ambrose and Wyatt & Harper. It had that fun house show feel, but they still needed to find a way to push the feud.


I feel pretty neutral on last night’s episode, as I enjoyed it, but there wasn’t much that came from it. We were given some good wrestling (as usual), but the main story lines weren’t pushed. In reality, last week’s show should have been this week, because of how story lines were advanced. The low point of the show was the lack of plot from the entire show, while the high point was the opening match. I still had fun watching this episode and because of that, I give this show a 6.5/10.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and keep an eye out for the Wednesday Wrap Around where I’ll be discussing the Dana White tweet from the weekend.

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