Black and Blue – Sin Cara is Hideous, Hence the Mask! (July 31)


For any wrestling fans out there that skip Smackdown, I highly recommend you watch this week’s episode. I continuously talk about how consistent the show has been in 2015, but this episode was by far one of the best. There was everything from good wrestling to good promos. This was just more evidence that two hour shows can be just as good as three hours.

Opening Segment

While the crowd was chanting the three words “you tapped out” Rollins was apparently hearing 2 words. I liked the angle he used in his promo, by the question “so what?”, he remarkably showed the fans why he wasn’t effected by his loss. Although he still managed to get across his frustration. Seth completely avoided repetition in this promo but instead gave us the hilarious comparisons of him and Picasso. What I absolutely love about Smackdown is the different interactions we’re given. Cesaro would never cut a promo with Seth on Raw, but we would see it on Smackdown. I believe it gives the performers a chance to build chemistry with others they wouldn’t normally interact with. This was easily one of my favorite Smackdown openers in quite some time.

Seth Rollins vs Cesaro

With Owens sitting ringside, it was obvious he would find his way into this match, it was just a matter of time. A few weeks ago, Owens felt watered down on commentary, but he let was able to let loose, which is what they need him to do. Cesaro and Rollins were able to put on a clinic, even though it was for a short time. Their moves were done in a timely and smooth fashion. The spot of this match was Owens convincing Rollins to help him attack Cesaro once the DQ was called. They just looked like so slimey. Overall, this was a fun opening match and it was even better since it smoothly transitioned from the promo.

The New Day & The Ascension vs The Los Matadores & The Lucha Dragons

The New Day was so funny in their pre-match promo, that even Titus couldn’t help himself from laughing. I don’t believe he was laughing in character either. With Titus being on commentary and Woods being ringside, I knew it would be tough to focus on the actual match. The standouts, as usual, were the Lucha Dragons. The luchadors  had their work cut out for them because they had to captivate the crowd and compete with the comedy routine of Xavier.  This contest didn’t peak until Kalisto and Big E were tagged in. They have the best chemistry with each other and carry explosive move sets. Other than that, the in ring action was mediocre, but the drama involved outside was great.

Rusev vs Jack Swagger

I’m not sure if anybody else caught this, but Rusev said when he finishes with his opponent that he’ll take the dog and Summer out for a nice walk. Rusev has somehow become a beloved character even though he’s a raging misogynist that treats women like his property.

A year ago, Jack Swagger and Rusev were involved in a heated feud. It was fair to say back then they were at the same level on the WWE hierarchy, but now they’re worlds apart. In fact, Rusev completely dominated Swagger in the first half. I felt this was effective for showcasing his character’s growth. For large guys, these two moved quite fast with each other. I found most of the match highly entertaining because they were able to move around so much. I’m glad this wasn’t a squash match, because the two have such an great back and forth. Overall, I found this contest to be quite telling for Rusev’s character and fun to watch.

R-Truth vs Stardust

Remember when these two had a stale feud and dead end fued back in April or May? Well I do, but I didn’t mind seeing them lock horns. Actually, the only thing I could think of when I saw Truth was how he was telling Brock Lesnar to calm down after the brawl with Undertaker. There was nothing spectacular about the match but it’s worth noting that Stardust is getting better at portraying his character during matches. I thought the post match antics were funny. I couldn’t hold back my laughter when Stardust was trying to put a mask onto a resisting Truth.

Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins vs Cesaro & Dean Ambrose

To be honest, I watched this show on Wednesday night directly after NXT (Canada gets Smackdown on Wednesday) so the bar was set pretty low for a main event tag team match. Luckily for me, these four put on a much better show.

Maybe it’s because I was tired, but I had no idea who Cesaro was going to select as his partner in this match. I was genuinely surprised when I heard Ambrose’s music. This goes back to my point of Smackdown utilizing wrestlers with different opponents. If we’re using the “first time ever” theme, this was Dean’s first time in the ring with Owens on WWE programming. Also, his addition to last night’s main event made in fun for the fans in attendance. Kevin and Seth made an awesome team, especially because their characters are considered “selfish jerks”. It was great to see them work together and not just have them run out on each other. Even if the match was going to be slow, we could expect an exciting show from Rollins and Ambrose, because it’s never a dull moment with those two. The spot of this match was no doubt Owens’ hook suplex from the top rope. After that spot, I was surprised Ambrose was able to execute a superplex onto Seth. I was hoping Owens would execute a pop up powerbomb onto Dean and follow up with the clean win, but I was happy with Cesaro picking up the pin. The Swiss Superman has lost his fair share of matches within the past weeks, and he deserved this. Overall, this was a beautiful main event. It had everything from in ring work to drama, there wasn’t much to scrutinize.


This week’s edition of Smackdown included a lot more humor than normal. I’m not sure if it was intentional or on purpose, but it was funny in a positive way. The show was formatted in a logical way, where it was entertaining from start to finish. If I had to change one thing, it might have been adding a divas match. The low point of the show was the Truth vs Stardust (just because it was the shortest match) while the high point was the main event and opening segment. Overall, I give this week’s edition of Smackdown an 8/10.

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