On to the NXT One – Keep it 100 Edition (July 30)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

Creating filler episodes can be a hit or miss. The past few weeks have generally been a hit, but we were bound to get a miss in this long road to Takeover. A miss doesn’t necessarily mean it was a bad week, it just means the episode wasn’t as eventful. If you still haven’t viewed last night’s NXT, it’s worth a watch.

Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs Dawson & Wilder

There’s been a lot of talk about Enzo and Cass ever since they made an appearance on the Smackdown dark match. I for one am excited about the possibility of them being called up to the main roster. Corey Graves continues to out heel himself with his comments. I laughed out loud when he said he hopes Enzo would go bankrupt one day. The spot of this match was the assisted flying knee from Enzo and Cass. When it comes to wrestling the formulated tag match (corner one man until he gets the hot tag), it works well for Amore, because he’s usually the smallest man in the ring. This was apparent in this contest and done well. I was shocked with finish, because I would never think Enzo and Cass could lose clean to a set of jobbers. I hope there’s something that follows for Dawson and Wilder, because it makes no sense to have one of NXTs most popular acts lose.

Baron Corbin vs Jesse Sornson

This match surprisingly went longer than last week’s match with Mr. 450, but by 2 seconds. While I enjoy Corbin squashing opponents, I hope he’s working on his in ring ability. I enjoy his new character, and just hope he’s able to put on full matches when put on the spot.

Jason Jordan & Chad Gable vs Elias Samson & Levis Valenzuela

I didn’t care who Jordan and Gable were wrestling, I just wanted to see them get in the ring. Their push is just beginning, and it’s being built as something special for the tag division in NXT. The match wasn’t anything special, as it peaked in the last 30 seconds, where they showcased how well Jordan and Gable work together.

Dana Brooke vs Charlotte

They could have saved this match for Takeover as there’s been a long build for the feud. I believe the bookers of NXT have done a decent job at making this too dislike one another, and it would make sense for them to have the blow off at a special. Unless they have something else planned for Dana and Charlotte at that event. For a wrestler that was extremely green in her debut, she’s vastly improved. With that being said, we only received a minute or so of watching Dana wrestle, because this match ended quick. I liked how Charlotte was booked in this contest, because it shows the audience how strong she is. We can’t just expect Flair to job, and I think Dana needs to work for it until she’s worthy.

Kevin Owens vs Danny Burch

There was no way Burch was going to last in this contest against Owens. I’m actually glad they fed Owens a jobber, because he needed it. Within the past few weeks, he’s either been pinned or walked out. It’s important to remind the fans that he is an unstoppable force. His powerbomb on the ring apron was very much needed and I was happy to see him utilize it.

The Vaudevillians vs Blake & Murphy

Is it weird that only people I cared for in this match were the Vaudevillians and Alexa Bliss? The only way the champs were over was through a chant the crowd created for them. I also realized that there wasn’t much build to this match other than the announcers mentioning it within the past few weeks. For what it’s worth, I liked how they put importance on the tag division by putting the competitors in the main event .Found most of the opening was rather uneventful, and for some reason I just wasn’t invested in the work rate being shown. The spot of the match was Aiden English throwing both Blake and Murphy on top of each other outside the ring. There wasn’t anything remarkable about it, but that routine spot was able to generate a massive crowd pop. That was the only entertaining moment, as the finish was absolute garbage. I had a feeling that Alexa was going to get involved, but all she did was grab English’s foot. He didn’t even trip because her foot grab was so weak. For match I didn’t care about, I still expected much more from the finish. I was left with a sour taste.


Within the past few weeks, NXT has been giving us quality shows. Whether they focus more on storyline or work great matches, they’ve found a way to keep me happy. This show was a small mix of both, and wasn’t as great as the previous episodes. There wasn’t a sense of importance on last night other than some of the backstage interviews. The low point of the show was the main event while the high point was Charlotte’s victory. This average edition of NXT was easily a 5.5/10.

Side note: Keep in mind, I’ve changed the way I use the scale. This doesn’t mean last night’s episode was completely terrible.

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