Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – Wrestling Fans Are Just Different (July 29)


After reading much of the backlash on the internet yesterday about Seth Rollins losing clean, I was inspired to write a piece on wrestling fans. I’m positive there are pieces out there similar to the one you’re just about to read, but I’d like to share my thoughts with my readers. We’re just different, and there’s nobody else like us. Whether it be fans of sports or other TV shows/Movies, none of them carry the traits of a hardcore pro wrestling fan. Our reactions to events are different, meaning in the way we celebrate this form of entertainment along with the way we despise it at times .I’m no different than the rest of the fans, everything in this article includes me just as much as anybody else that consumes countless hours of pro wrestling.

On Monday night we witnessed John Cena lock in the STF on Seth Rollins right after Seth missed the phoenix splash, and he tapped within a matter of seconds. Right after I finished typing my review, I went on the internet to see the reaction of others to the entire show (as I normally do). It’s fair to say a large amount of fans did not enjoy that piece of booking from the WWE. In all of these cases, no fans are ever wrong. They have the right to be upset, because they invest their time and money into this product. Once I finished reading the many different reactions, I thought to myself, people should wait to see what happens next, because that finish could build an amazing feud. I’ll admit, there were many times I wished everybody would relax about the booking or results, since there’s always more to come. Then I also remembered the times where I internally freaked out. It’s what makes us different from the rest. I’m sure all of my readers have read my rants against certain booking decisions. You would never hear this in a discussion about Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, etc. Fans of those shows accept the fate of their characters and stories while keeping their judgement mild. When was the last time you heard people being mad because Robb Stark was buried after being built to look strong? We get consumed in anger when the Undertaker swerves the main event of a PPV, but jump for absolute joy when him and Brock are trying to kill each other the next night. There’s moments where we even make more out of a certain scenario than what is actually there. Chances are, this is the case with being “buried” on Raw. I highly believe wrestling fans carry a certain level of impulsive anger. It’s rare that angry wrestling fans reserve their judgement until the next chapter of the story is told. Instead we want to know where the story is going from the moment we’re not satisfied with a particular result.

When it comes to absorbing knowledge, we love spoilers. When it comes to other shows, I do my best to not hear any spoilers, in fact I avoid the internet if I haven’t seen the latest episode to my favorite TV drama. Right when my mind switches to pro wrestling, I need to know everything that is happening in terms of potential stories and matches that are being setup. An awesome example of this is how much I read into Taker and Sting returning for Summerslam. I have no idea why we do this. Along with reading spoilers and rumors, we look at backstage politics and wonder how they will affect the on screen product. Yes, some people enjoy celebrity gossip, but that’s the extent of it, because backstage gossip for The Walking Dead won’t affect the product fans are given. Wrestling fans want to hear the gossip and figure out ways this will play out in the ring.

As a big hockey fan, I don’t care how my Sens win a game, as long as they win. It can be an ugly 7-6 game, or a defensive 2-1 game, I just want to see them put one up in the win column. I don’t necessarily think this goes for pro wrestling. Of course, we want our favorites to win, but how they win is just as important. Anybody that appreciates great in ring work probably loves Rollins, but watching all of his matches end in DQ or interference from Kane can become boring. At that point as a fan, you just want to see the match end differently. Right now I’d consider myself a bigger Seth mark than a Cena mark, but after their match on Raw, I was happy with the result because it was an excellent match. No fan wants to watch an ugly wrestling match, even if it means their favorite superstar going over. Along with this, the feud needs to be right, fans need to be emotionally invested. When the Sens win a regular season game against any team in the NHL I’m extremely happy, but if my favorite wrestler just wins a simple squash match, I couldn’t care less. This can almost be seen with how people consume other television shows. Let’s take Joffrey from Game of Thrones for example. Most fans wanted him dead, it didn’t matter how he died, they just wanted him to stop terrorizing the protagonists of the show. In the case of pro wrestling, major heel shouldn’t just drop his title, and the fans want it to happen at the right time and place.

Pro wrestling truly is a different form of entertainment, and it allows for its fans to act like no other. From the way we complain, all the way to how we prefer story lines/matches, we’re unlike any other type of fan base . Only can fans like us dictate and judge a product they way we do. I hope my readers were able to relate and get a good laugh from this, because I know did.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for the latest edition of On to the NXT One.





4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Wrestling Fans Are Just Different (July 29)

  1. What feud? Cena made Seth TAP, there, he’s the REAL champion, he proved his point, Seth is a cowardly idiot who has no right to the top title and being the face of the company.
    And it’s Cena who we’re talking about, the guy who stomps over all the new talent because he’s the only star Vince sees.


    1. Granted I understand what you mean. And it was vital to finish the match, in turn it did help Cena, but does he really need help? An early defeat by submission which has been built up to be more humiliating than a pin. It’s also why Owens has been “buried”, once everyone goes through Cena, they’re in midcard hell, this is a lot more than a booking issue.


      1. Well this program between Rollins and Cena is far from over. In fact there’s 3 weeks left until Summerslam, meaning we this could just be the catalyst for a big Rollins win. Also he’s been WWE Champ for almost 5 months, I’m certaim they still see him as a star. Now the way the handled Owens was odd, and I believe having tap to Cena might be detrimental.


      2. I wish I had your optimism for Rollin, but I highly doubt they’ll allow him to beat Cena after he’s admitted defeat. From a storyline perspective Cena persevered over Rollin’s weak spirit, the way to go now is to make Rollins a sympathetic character, but he’s also a heel champ. The finish was just inappropriate for storytelling, so I can’t quite see what they can do with it.

        Owens is direction less now, at least they’re still giving him the spotlight, but I see how they are augmenting his character, becoming weaker instead of backing up his shit.


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