The Casual Thoughts

The Casual Thoughts (July 27)


Welcome to the first edition of the Casual Thoughts. Instead of doing Raw Predictions, I plan on using this as a chance to share some quick thoughts on recent news.

Hulk Hogan Fired

By all means, the WWE made a smart decision to fire Hogan. As a company, they don’t want their name next to negative headlines. In fact it looks better that they did fire him. We all know it was completely wrong for him to make those types of remarks, but part of me believes he was in a dark state around 2012. Hogan himself admitted to having a few demons around the time that tape was recorded. Dennis Rodman, and Virgil have gone out of their way to express their belief in Hulk not being racist. If those two, who have know him much better than the general population, can support him then I don’t believe he truly is a terrible guy. I find it tough to dislike him because he has African-American friends that are willing to defend his reputation .What he said was incredibly ignorant, but at the same time many people say things they don’t mean.

Regardless of what was happening in his personal life, I don’t think that the WWE had a choice. We should at least acknowledge that he didn’t go on any racist rants while employed by the WWE. Since Hogan resigned with the company in 2014, he’s actually kept his image outside of the WWE clean. The most negative publicity he received since resigning was after he referred to the Super Dome as the Silver Dome. Although that was more of a botch than direct insult .I give it 3-5 years until he’s affiliated with the organization once again.

Daniel Bryan Return?

The biggest news coming out of last week was definitely Hogan’s, and I feel it overshadowed some positive news in the pro wrestling world. Daniel Bryan has now been cleared by his own doctor to compete. Like every injured WWE wrestler, he still needs to be cleared by company doctors. That might take longer, but it means he’s closer to returning than not. I just hope he’s feeling better than ever before his next return, because I’d hate for him to be put back on the IR. The second I heard this news, the inner booker in me couldn’t stop thinking of ways he can be brought back. While it would be great to see him feud with Rollins, Owens, Cena, Lesnar, or Cesaro, I believe he’ll be inserted into a babyface vs babyface program with Ryback, just to regain his IC title. This would work out perfectly, because it then gives creative more options to play with, especially in the main event picture. Within the past fews months, the top part of the card has been built around Rollins, Reigns, and Lesnar. By inserting Bryan into this picture, it automatically becomes fresh.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on last weeks top stories.

Also, I would really like to write an article on Total Divas. Is there any particular aspect to the show some would like to see me review?

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