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Monday Mark Out – Owens Will Rebound (July 20)


In the past 24 hours the internet has been enraged with the result of Cena vs Owens from Battleground. For anybody that watches the WWE product closely and is excited at the idea of change, you have a right to be mad. At the same time you also have to hope that last night was just another chapter in the Cena-Owens chapter.

Let me just first state, Kevins Owens tapping out after taking a top rope Attitude Adjustment was terrible from a booking standpoint. There hasn’t been a single wrestler in the history of WWE to kick out of the top rope AA, so why not just add Owens to that list? It didn’t make him look any stornger when he tapped out seconds later. I’m not sure who decided this should be the finish, but they should stay away from booking any PPV.

With that being said, I think KO losing was the only logical decision for WWE. This is simple because he’ll be wrestling Finm Balor for the NXT Championship in August. Since Owens has already signed a main roster contract, he will not be winning the NXT title. In fact that would be backwards booking. Had Owens beat Cena last night, he would have to lose to Balor. This brings us to the question of which title is more valuable? That debate can go on for hours, so it was smart for the WWE to just stay away from it.

How they handle the Kevin from this point on is very crucial. He can either follow the long route of rehabbing his character or they can build him into something bigger. Ryback has been sidelined once again, and there’s a chance his Intercontinental title might be up for grabs. If so, have Owens win it on Raw. For Summerslam he can have his final encounter with Cena to unify both titles. Obviously this would be the match Owens would win and it would catapult him into another level.

If the WWE is smart when it comes to building new talent, they’ll leave Cena in this program and have him pass the torch onto Owens in some shape or form. There was no point to build Owens this big to only have no angle for the company’s second largest PPV.

Feel free to leave a comment on what you believe should happen with Owens.

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